Milk sausages

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Milk sausages


Beef meat 500 g
pork meat 500 g
Nitrite salt 10 g
Salt 10 g
Phosphates 1.5 g
Sausage mix 8 g
Garlic 1-2 cloves
Ground coriander seeds 0.3 tsp
Black pepper 0.3 tsp
Hot red pepper 0.3 tsp
Nutmeg 0.3 tsp
Ice water 250 ml.
Milk powder 40 g
Ground allspice 0.25 tsp
Pork belly

Cooking method

  • You can take any meat and in any proportions. Beef without fat and films. Semi-fat pork. The meat was cut into pieces for a meat grinder and salted with a mixture of sodium chloride and nitrite salt. A day later, I put it in the freezer for 40 minutes and passed it through the meat grinder three times. Twice through a regular wire mesh and once through a fine wire. In between, I put it in the freezer. The meat was ground separately. Then she put the beef in the bowl of the processor and added all the spices, some of the water and scrolled. Then I added pork and the rest of the water. If you do not have a mixture for sausages, then put all the spices in 0.5 teaspoons and add 2 grams of sugar. Instead of pure phosphate, you can use GOSTFS 1 sachet. After receiving the emulsion, I took it out of the bowl, added milk powder and mixed everything. I stuffed everything into a pork belly not very tightly. Then she twisted the sausages to fit and tied them with twine. I cooked in the oven on a wire rack like sausage. Heating only bottom and convection. I inserted a probe from an external thermometer into one sausage.
  • Drying at 60 gr to 45 inside.
  • Roasting at 85 gr to 60 inside
  • Cooking at 80g with steam up to 70 inside. She put a baking sheet with boiling water on the bottom of the oven.
  • After that, if you will not eat right away, do a shock chill. If possible, smoke it with cold smoke for 40 minutes.
  • Cook for health. Bon Appetit.

The dish is designed for

10 pieces

Time for preparing:

3 hours

Cooking program:

Meat grinder, processor, stove, sausage syringe.


Lubricate the sausage syringe with sunflower oil inside. I do not put the Schwartenblock, because I get it with an unpleasant taste and smell. In the photo, frozen from the freezer. Warm up at room temperature for 3 hours before heat treatment

Gayane, phosphates - what's this? Apatite, phosphate rock, red phosphorus, double superphosphate?
Quote: Amasar
Apatite, phosphate rock, red phosphorus, double superphosphate?
Andrei, do not be mischievous. You may be just off topic, but by typing "Food Phosphates" in the search engine, you will get a lot of information. It is possible that even more than you want to know about it.
Gayane, expensive! You know that I am your loyal fan
I don't think I will cook sausages at home, but I never miss your recipes.
Although, who knows where the curve will take, I also did not intend to cook cheese at home, but come on, I'm trying ...
Maybe this will come to sausages
Gayane Atabekova
SvetaI, Sveta . of course cook. The main desire. It's so delicious it's worth the pain.

Amasar, Andrey, you probably really are not in the subject. We have a good topic. Sausage shop in the home kitchen. And also look at the Internet shop. There are many video recipes and video tutorials. If, of course, you are interested in this topic. Doesn't let me write the title in parts. EAT. QTY. BASS. KI. Everything is spelled together.
Gayane, I've been waiting for your sausages for a long time! Thank you! Temporarily I don’t cook sausages and I don’t cook cheeses - not up to this thoughtful and painstaking process, but I wanted so much homemade sausages that maybe I’ll find time!
I make sausages using a completely different technology and a different meat composition. I have never made only pork + chicken with beef.I cook in water at a temperature of 80 * to 70-73 * inside the sausage. I add citrate to the minced meat (for sausages I bought it in Em .....), the sausages / sausages are elastic as store-bought, without voids and looseness when cut. We must try to make sausages with beef and heat treatment in the oven. Thanks for the recipe!Milk sausages
Gayane Atabekova
Girls, thank you all for your attention to the recipe. Cook, you won't regret it.
Gayane, thanks for the recipe, I took it to the piggy bank, I want to start cooking homemade sausages / sausages for my grandchildren.
It seems that we are all hooked by Paul. I sometimes misfired with the citrate mixture. Now I use cream instead of water. I cook in sous vidnitsa, but in the oven they are more beautiful.
I always add only cream to the minced meat, not milk and even water. I also did something with a Schwartenblock, too, the sausages turned out to be cool, but I don't want to prepare it in advance. Easier to add citrate mixture. I bought a multicooker / pressure cooker specially with the Su Vid mode for cooking sausages, ham in a large diameter blueberry, and meat delicacies. I haven't cooked sausages in it yet, but I'm going to make it with beef according to the recipe Gayane having boiled not to the end of degrees to 47-50 in the center of the sausage, then smoked in the Unit smokehouse / pressure cooker until cooked.
Gayane Atabekova
Girls, thanks for stopping by. How much percentage cream do you put in? And then 32% are expensive. Of course it will be tastier with cream. I'll try next time. Heat treatment can be carried out by the method of two boiling water for 20 minutes. This is how I do kupaty. Then fry over high heat.
I take 10%. On the website, Pavel explained that cream is an emulsion and it does not lead to edema. It is good to add chicken breast sausages instead of fat.
Gayane Atabekova
veterok, Thanks for the answer.
Gayane, I do this for sausages, I spied on the method from Pavel Kolbaskin. And I also boil chicken sausages in a steam basket in a slow cooker. This is when the sausages are wrapped in plastic wrap in several layers like candy. I remove the film, grease it with sunflower oil and fry them in an air fryer until golden brown.
"2 boiling water" I have 100% edema, always. This applies to thin sausages, so I make sausages. Small sausages weighing up to kg. I cook in an air fryer, first for 40 minutes 20, and then until tender. They turn out pretty, but they lose more in weight, dry out.
Gayane Atabekova
veterok, No weight is lost in the oven.
Yes, I put water with a boiler in the oven, I make steam. What can you not imagine ..

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