Onion rings like Burger King

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Onion rings like Burger King


onion 150 g
flour 50g
salt 1 tsp without slide

Cooking method

  • The whole family is very fond of all these harmful sweets cooked in deep fat, but we very rarely allow ourselves. Every few months. More often it is harmful, and, to be honest, it is completely reluctant to wash the deep fryer afterwards. We plan for earlier. Everyone is in anticipation, whetting their appetite. We call it the Day of Deep Fat and Fast Food. We cook everything and a lot. Onion rings, cheese balls, chicken wings, nuggets, fries, sometimes pizza and burgers. The main condition is that it would be like in Burger King or like in McDonald's.
  • Previously, I just cut the onion into rings and dipped it in batter, floorit didn't happen at all then. The children said: "We want it like Burger King!" I have been looking for the "correct" recipe for onion rings for a very long time and finally found it. I share with you.
  • We take 150 g of onion. We clean, cut and punch the blender with the foot until it is absolutely pasty. Add 50 g of flour, a teaspoon without top salt and mix everything thoroughly with a whisk. We shift the whole mass into a pastry bag, it is possible in a simple bag. We wrap the cutting board with cling film. We will place our rings on it. We cut off the tip of the bag and begin to squeeze our onion mass into the form of rings onto the board. You need to try to make them thicker.
  • Onion rings like Burger King
  • And put it in the freezer until it solidifies.
  • When it's time to fry, we don't get the rings out of the freezer in advance. We prepare three plates. In the first we pour flour, in the second - a scrambled egg (I add a little water), in the third - bread crumbs. I fry in a deep fryer, but you can also just in a deep saucepan with a lot of oil. The main thing is that the oil completely covers our rings. Then we must act quickly. We usually do this with four hands. My husband gives me rings from the freezer, not all at once, ideally one at a time. And I panic them. First, I roll it in flour, then dip it into the egg mixture and then into the bread crumbs. I put it in a deep fat net and do the same with the next ring. They can be put on top of each other in the net, nothing sticks together. You need to bury the rings very quickly and carefully. They are very fragile, they can break, and if he hesitates, they begin to melt right in the hands.
  • Phew! All rings were breaded. Dip the net into deep fat and fry at 190 degrees for just a couple of minutes. Before browning. We spread it on paper napkins, let the oil drain and serve. Bon Appetit!
  • Onion rings like Burger King


Onion rings like Burger King
This is delicious!

Natasha I'm sure he'll appreciate it a little, he loves this.
caprice23, as soon as I manage to lose weight, I will cook. Where's the recipe for cheese balls and other goodies? I also want to put a piggy bank.
Tatyanawill definitely appreciate it! My kids love very much

Quote: Lyi
Where's the recipe for cheese balls and other goodies?
All will be!
The rings are very appetizing. Thanks for the recipe! You should definitely try.
September, Olga, try it. A bit confusing, but worth it. Especially if you are a fan of burgerkings.
You can add spices to the breadcrumbs, I do not add. We like it anyway. Just dip in cheese sauce.
Thanks, we will try! We just love recipes with a burgering twist, but homemade.
Natasha, GORGEOUS! We haven't been to fast food for 100 years, but here recently there was force majeure and the heat was wild.We stumbled into a Turkish cafe, and there is no conder, we decided to drive a little to Burger King

for some reason, we have very few of them, unlike McDonald's

and soooo so cool! and such deliciousness! well it seemed to me so
well, relatively cheap.
and I took for myself these very rings, very tasty!
Thank you very much for the recipe!
I already wanted to sell Delongey's deep fryer for 5 kopecks, but I won't buy it now. Sometimes we will eat harm.
Quote: Mirabel
and such deliciousness! well it seemed to me so
And so it seems to me too
Quote: Mirabel
well, relatively cheap
That's for sure!
Quote: Mirabel
Sometimes we will eat harm.
Sometimes you can
Enjoy cooking! I hope they will not disappoint)

I wonder if they taste the same in Belgium?

Natashawhat rings are wonderful! I haven't tried them anywhere (because we don't have such places in a small town). Somehow I'll get together and do it. For now, I'll bookmark it)
What a good recipe - thanks !!!!! Let's do it!
Yarinka, Irina, not at all! I'm sure you will like it
Will definitely like it - especially for those who really love onions !!!
Irina, my children don't like onions at all. They pick out everywhere. And for onion rings they will fight
And all thanks to mom's imagination and golden hands
Irina, embarrassed. Thank you!

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