Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)

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Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)


Savoyardi cookies 300-350 grams
Cream 33% 300 ml
Mascarpone cheese 200 grams
Peaches or nectarines (or oranges) 4 pieces (pulp with 4 pieces)

Cooking method

  • Peaches or other fruits, peel, cut into small cubes. Boil on the stove until thick. Cool down.
  • Whip the cream until the peaks, add the mascarpone, beat well again.
  • You will get such a silky cream.
  • Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)
  • Cover the rectangular shape with foil. Lay out the bottom and sides with cookies.
  • Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked) If the cookies are higher than the shape, then trim.
  • Place half of the cream on top of the cookies.
  • Flatten. Lay a layer of cookies on top.
  • Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)
  • Put all the jam on the cookies.
  • A layer of cookies on the jam.
  • Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)
  • The remainder of the cream on the cookies.
  • On the cream, the last layer of cookies.
  • Cover everything with foil and put in the refrigerator for a day.
  • Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)
  • Lay out the side and transverse cookies in even rows, this will facilitate cutting.

The dish is designed for

I got it for 7 servings

Time for preparing:

about an hour + cooling

Cooking program:

stove, mixer, refrigerator, handles.


Made for the daughter-in-law's birthday.
The girl endured a lot, she wanted to please.
And I succeeded
The cake is very delicate, airy.
Decorated the festive table.
Convenient, which can be done in advance.
Here's a cutter, help yourself
Savoyardi dessert cake (no baked)

Lenus, very nice cake! What a handsome gentleman!
Here is a cake right for me in all respects: both delicate and beautiful, and with a minimum of ingredients.
The beauty!
Lenus, thanks for the recipe!
Quote: Podmoskvichka
Here's a cutter, help yourself
I will help myself with great pleasure, but I don’t see the cutter.
Ritusik, the cutter is ready
There is no Internet on the phone.
Ritus, thanks for paying attention, I will be glad if the recipe comes in handy

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