Scrambled eggs with zucchini

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Scrambled eggs with zucchini


Zucchini (small) 3 pcs
Egg 3 pcs
Salt (coarse) 1 tsp
Vegetable oil for frying 1-2 tbsp. l

Cooking method

  • For frying the zucchini must be prepared in advance. Do not remove the skin from the young. Cut each lengthwise into 4 slices, then crosswise into rather thin slices - cubes. Fold in a bowl, mix the zucchini with salt, press down with a flat plate and leave for 30-40 minutes. After that, drain the resulting juice, pressing the zucchini well with a plate or hands. Heat a frying pan with butter and add the wrung-out slices. Fry until golden brown, turning over with a spatula. Beat in eggs, continue frying until eggs are tender.

Cooking program:



A very simple and tasty dish, I recommend trying it! Zucchini in this way is obtained precisely fried, and not stewed.

I love zucchini with an egg, just never squeezed. Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely try.
Yuliya K
Olga, I will be glad if you like the result!
I love and often cook scrambled eggs with zucchini. Only I add garlic and a lot of herbs.
Yuliya K
Alim, a matter of taste! It's very tasty for me even without spices! Fried zucchini tastes and smells great on their own!
An excellent dish! Simple and very, very tasty. Thank you very much for the recipe.
Yuliya K
Quote: posetitell
Simple and very, very tasty
Nikka, I am very glad that I liked the recipe!
Quote: Alim

I love and often cook scrambled eggs with zucchini. Only I add garlic and a lot of herbs.
and I also add carrots, and I also never squeeze. I just fry the carrots, then add the zucchini, fry everything a little and fill it with an egg and milk. and of course basil! There is nowhere in our family without him
Here we are all different))) To whom is garlic, who is basil, and who has a pure taste

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