Twisted cake with cinnamon

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Twisted cake with cinnamon


sugar 40 g
milk 150 g
premium wheat flour 80 g
pressed yeast 20 g
dough all
butter soft 150 g
premium wheat flour 570 BC
egg C0 3 (190 g. B / s)
sugar 90 g
vanilla taste
salt 2/3 tsp
cinnamon 15 g
butter 80-100 g.
sugar 160 BC
-------- -----
form 1 liter 4 things.
powdered sugar

Cooking method

  • Twisted cake with cinnamon
    Twisted cake with cinnamonHeat the milk slightly. Dissolve yeast in it, add sugar and flour. Stir. Cover and leave until the mass doubles (30 to 60 minutes).
    Twisted cake with cinnamonBeat soft butter with sugar, salt and vanilla. Add eggs.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonStir until smooth.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonPour in the dough and add flour.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonKnead a soft dough.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonPut the dough on the table. Round off.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonReturn to the bowl. Cover and leave to ferment.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonThe dough should increase 2-2.5 times. Approximately 120 minutes.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonKnead the dough and divide into the required number of parts. I divided by 4.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonMix cinnamon with sugar.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonRoll each piece of dough thinly into a rectangle.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonLubricate with mild oil.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonSprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Leave the edge free.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonRoll up and pinch the edge.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonCut in half lengthways and unfold with a cut up.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonWeave together.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonCollapse in a spiral. Hide the tip underneath.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonPlace baking paper on the bottom of the dish. Grease the sides with butter and sprinkle with flour. Add dough. Cover, let rise 2-2.5 times.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonPlace in a cold oven. Turn on the temperature 180 degrees. Bake 40-45 minutes from the start. Cover with foil if the baked goods begin to brown a lot on top.
    Twisted cake with cinnamonCheck the readiness of the cake with a wooden skewer. Take out. Let stand for 10 minutes. Loosen the sides with a knife and release them from the mold. Cool on a wire rack. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
    Twisted cake with cinnamon
  • Delicious Easter for you!


I saw the recipe on the "So tasty" channel. The recipe itself and the baking method had to be slightly adjusted.
It is very, very tasty! Aromatic, sweet and moist. Recommend!

ang-kay, I thought. Looking at your recipe, you will have to change your traditional cake.
Sveta, Thank you. So delicious. But I generally love cinnamon baked goods. Try it. The portion is small.
Angela, as always gorgeous! Delicious and very beautiful!
ang-kay, Angela, yesterday I couldn't buy pressed yeast, won't I spoil the result on dry yeast?
Myrtle, Natalia, Thank you)
Quote: Wildebeest
on dry I will not spoil the result?
Of course the pecks. Reduce the amount by 3 times. In a dry yeast source.
ang-kay, reassured, persuaded, went to dough.
Good afternoon! Kulichik -
Angela, tell me please, will the bread maker cope with such a dough? I don't have a kneader ...
Natalia., Thank you. Of course it will cope)
ang-kay, Angela, you somehow recommended to bake cakes from a cold oven somewhere. Should I do the same?
Quote: ang-kay
Place in a cold oven. Turn on the temperature 180 degrees. Bake 40-45 minutes from the start. Cover with foil if the baked goods begin to brown a lot on top.
Why did I come here ,,, Angela how beautiful they are, and I myself love all the folding pastries like that, as always, without changing myself - a masterpiece !! You are smart !!
Quote: zvezda
as always, without changing yourself, a masterpiece !!
It's also delicious.
My people respect cinnamon, it seems to me that today my Easter cakes will run out. True, I'll give the fourth in good hands.
zvezda, Olyushka, and I already have the dough for proofing, now I’ll go to the cinnamon and sugar mood.
zvezda, thank you may love)
Angela, as always, is beauty, tell me if you can do something other than cinnamon, my husband and daughter don't like cinnamon
Hope, Thank you. You can put raisins, nuts, cocoa.
ang-kay, Angela, how much to stir before baking? Something they are weakly rising from me. The dough rose normally after two hours.
I have it too. Everything is fine.
ang-kay, is the proofing also two hours before baking?
More or less like this. Look. Maybe 1.5 is enough. It is necessary that the dough rises straight well.
ang-kay, Angela !!!! Just look at your-my unearthly beautyTwisted cake with cinnamon
The birthmarks are cooling down. After turning on the oven, they rose well.
I like baking bread from a cold oven.
Angela, and a smack.
Great recipe !!! Just a miracle !!! : girl_lov
Right now I will start to implement!
Angela, thanks for another masterpiece! I've already baked it too. I did half of the portion to sample. Husband and son walked in circles, begged one to try. We tried to persuade one more, but I'm flint, let them wait for Sunday. Such a tender cake turned out. I will definitely bake, and already a full portion. The photo is not very dark already. So far, no powdered sugar. I did not have time to photograph the section.
Twisted cake with cinnamon
Quote: Wildebeest
The birthmarks are cooling
Sveta, shikardos! Yes, they are beautiful and they don't need jewelry. Powder a little sprinkle and Mustache)
Hope you like the taste too: girl_haha: Sorry for the tautology.

Quote: June
I will begin to translate!
June, good luck. I'm waiting with impressions)
Quote: O_lush_ka
I have already baked too
Olgawhat handsome tanned men. It's great that the family liked it. I hope that the hostess too)
Will it work with dry yeast? I'll go to my mother, 1000 km away, there are no damp ones.
Tatyana, Yes.
Angela, my beauties are standing at the proofer. Everything else will depend on the oven. She is unpredictable for me.
The dough is wonderful. The bread maker did a great job. 20 minutes. on "dumplings", then into a huge salad bowl. I thought she would run away. For 1.5 hours it has grown more than 2 times.
Angela, can you bake ordinary cakes from this dough? She praised her friend, but she does not like all sorts of different freaks.
Natalia., great! Of course, you can also ordinary ones. Let the raisins and candied fruits lay. It will not be as sweet as in this version.
All! I sent it to the oven. Smells tasty. So I think, after how long you can look ... There is no trust in the oven!

My Easter cakes are crawling out of their forms. It was necessary to divide into 6 parts, only I have 4 molds. But beautiful!

Oh! It seems to be ready. The stick is dry. Despite the hooligan dough, the Easter cakes are beautiful. I went to get it out of the oven.
Bring it on!
Angel, I don't have the opportunity to photograph. They'll give me a smartphone, then I'll brag. So you have to take your word for it.
Thank you for the recipe!
Angela, Thank you.
Twisted cake with cinnamon
She divided it into three parts, curled two, put one part into the mold.
Anzhelochka, Thank you too! I took a chance, I almost ran out of the bowl ... And I overlooked the Easter cakes that the forms were per liter ... I had 8, but small ones. There was a lot of dough left, I stuffed paper cupcake molds, and they poured them in the oven. Huge rolls were baked, but delicious! I will still do it, I am all the same with yeast! ... What are your great recipes! Happy holiday, health, all the best and good luck!
Quote: Taramara
Divided into three parts, curled two, just threw one part into a mold
Tamara, very beautiful turned out. It's a lovely sight. I hope that they will please you with the taste.
Quote: strawberry
Thank you !!
Natasha, it's great that I made up my mind and I'm glad that I'm happy with the result.
Quote: strawberry
upcoming holiday
Thank you for your kind words and a happy holiday. Best wishes!
ang-kay, and I came to say thank you, only I made shangi out of this dough, with cottage cheese and bird cherry.
Firstly, everything is verified to the gram, neither subtract nor add.
Secondly, the dough is not heavy, but nevertheless it tastes juicy and sweet.
The photo is only in the phone, I forgot to take a picture on the iPad, I have to take a word
Ira, I am very glad that you liked it.And I used here the cinnamon that you presented to me. Good. For a long time we just can't buy this in the store. They sell some kind of surrogate. It's good in online stores, but in retail ... cry at least.
Quote: Lerele
verified to the gram
This is what I try.

Girls, is everything okay for everyone? Write. This question is interesting not only to me. Maybe someone will come in handy)
Quote: Lerele
The photo is only in the phone,
Can't you transfer it from the phone to the computer? I believe, of course, but I really want to see what you have baked so interesting.
ang-kay, this is still without sour cream
Twisted cake with cinnamon
Ir, is it such a cake? More sour cream? Interesting!
Angela, I came to say that everyone liked the Easter cakes. A bit unusual for older people, but not only tasty. but also very beautiful. For myself, I decided that next. once I will spread more butter on layers and more sugar.
Thanks again for the recipe and detailed description.
Natalia., well, that's great. Of course he is unusual. But sometimes you need to break stereotypes)
And taking into account the fact that for the first time I baked cakes in molds in the oven ... So a complete breakdown of stereotypes.
ang-kay, I call this shanga, an open pie, one with bird cherry, the other with cottage cheese, on top, as it cools down with whipped sour cream, it is smeared, where the filling is
Angela, I'm sorry that belatedly I bring you a big thank you for the delicious Easter cakes. Since my cakes are very fond of pastries with cinnamon, the Easter cakes did not stand for a day

Twisted cake with cinnamon

He baked in two small and one large form, put two pigtails in a large one, it turned out such a handsome man

Twisted cake with cinnamon

And this little one cut across, everything that she managed
Tatyana, and here is a beauty! It turned out great. And what is delicious - no doubt
ang-kay,Angela, I also baked this "creation" for Radonitsa, the cakes are delicious, the recipe is in my favorites the first time, thanks for the recipe!
Twisted cake with cinnamon
Olya, So beautiful! Super easy. Well done. I'm glad we liked it. Prepare and please loved ones!
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
With a medal!

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