Pumpkin waffles soft

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Pumpkin waffles soft


pumpkin puree 250 gr.
sugar 150 gr.
refined vegetable oil 100 ml.
natural yogurt or yogurt 200 ml.
chicken egg 4 things.
wheat flour 270 gr.
salt pinch
soda 1 tsp
vanillin pinch

Cooking method

  • Beat the pumpkin puree, sugar and eggs until smooth, add half the flour and yogurt, mix, then add the remaining ingredients, mix gently so that there are no lumps, bake in a liquid waffle iron.
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

24 pcs.

Time for preparing:

40 minutes

Cooking program:

waffle iron


The waffles are soft, suitable for making cakes or simply eaten with sauce, condensed milk, jam.
If you add more sugar, the waffles begin to crunch slightly at the edges, but do not lose their softness.

Tina the freezer is full of pumpkin puree, so I stole your waffles
Tatyana, Tanyusha, I will be glad if you like this version of waffles I have a pumpkin that has not yet been opened and in the freezer two pieces of 5 kilograms are frozen, so we practically only eat pumpkin now))
Quote: V-tina
that's why we practically only eat pumpkin now
The same story, I shove it everywhere well, although mine do not refuse And the waffles look very appetizing, I will definitely try
Quote: Tatyana1103
well, at least mine don't refuse
Mine, too, however, do not always say that there is a pumpkin. The waffles have a subtle aftertaste, of course, but pleasant
Thank you very much for the recipe! I used pumpkin puree (candied fruits from linadoc did not work, the pumpkin was overripe, mashed potatoes instead of cubes, I added pectin, a little sugar and preserved in jars for the winter, with cinnamon, vanilla, zest, very aromatic), added 4 tbsp. l. flour, I was afraid that it would be liquid. Delicious! Nobody suspected the pumpkin, mine don't really like it, the waffles turned out to be medium, without a lid with crispy edges, soft under the lid, I liked both options
... Exit: 24 pieces, gobbled up in two days.

Larissa, hurray, I'm very glad that it came in handy and liked the recipe

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