Processed cheese (substandard disposal)

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Processed cheese (substandard disposal)


Hard cheese or mixture 1 kg / 500 g
Water or milk 550 ml / 275 ml
Butter 200 g / 100 g
Melting salt:
Soda 34 g / 17 g
Lemon acid 26g / 13g
Water 330 ml / 165 ml
Additives (optional): fried mushrooms, ham, garlic, dill, favorite herbs, etc.)

Cooking method

  • We have a lot of cheese makers on the forum, both experienced and beginners. There are times when it turns out not quite what you expect. I used to throw away such cheeses, but thanks to sveltwqq Svetlana and Margit Rita, who suggested their recipes for the disposal of such cheeses, now this does not happen. For which many thanks to them!
  • I have already cooked it several times and the result has pleased me, so I want to share with you my version, so to speak, a composite from the works of Sveta and Rita).
  • The first step is to grate the cheese. I had 500g of hard cheese and 2pcs of 250g of hardened, but not bitter Camembert heads (which did not want to soften during ripening for reasons I do not understand). I took off the mold coat from them and simply broke them into pieces into a total cheese mass.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • Next, we prepare the melting salt:
  • We take a wide container, pour water into it for the melting salt and heat it until the first bubbles appear.
  • Add citric acid, stir well.
  • Pour in soda. Stir until the reaction is over.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • Pour the prepared cheese with the resulting solution, add 50% water or milk, mix and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • At this time, we will prepare a water bath.
  • In 10 minutes. we set our mass on it and begin to heat up with constant stirring.
  • Heat up to 40C and add butter at room temperature. We continue to knead.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • When the mass becomes liquid, we look: are there any lumps left? Then remove from heat and break them with a hand blender.
  • Then we return to the water bath.
  • After the mass becomes homogeneous, add the remaining liquid and continue to cook for 20-30 minutes, bringing the temperature to 75-80C.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • If you want cheese with additives, add them in 5 minutes. until ready.
  • It can be fried mushrooms, ham, dill, garlic, and more. I added some Italian herbs.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • Pour the cheese into prepared containers and immediately cover with cling film, and it should fit snugly to the cheese. This is to prevent the cheese from crusting over.
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
  • When the cheese has cooled down, remove the film, cover it with lids and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, then you can eat!
  • Processed cheese (substandard disposal)

The dish is designed for

1 kg / 500 g cheese

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Tanya, thanks! Thank you very much for the wonderful and detailed recipe.
Very wonderful and wonderful everything is told and painted.
Our processed cheese is always in great use, and all sorts of different leftovers and even more.
I will definitely try.
Thank you, Tanya!
Rituslya, Ritochka, I will be glad if it comes in handy!
Thanks for attention!
Tatka1, Tanyusha is an excellent solution, you can simply attach boring leftovers
Thanks for sharing
Rita, Rituel, of course! Only if it is a store cheese, it would be nice if it turned out to be cheese, and not some kind of non-melting garbage!
Thanks for stopping by!
Tanya, it's great that you can add different cheese leftovers! It happens that you buy an unsuccessful cheese, and it hangs in the refrigerator, as if not ordered. Now you can try to add it to your advantage. I'll take a note of your recipe!
Nelya, you can safely freeze the pieces to collect the desired weight. I did so today: I defrosted the hard ones, and I "sentenced" Camembert

Thank you for your attention!
Tatka1, Tanya, I just adore your recipes
you are a very responsible person with us, you scrupulously hone all the nuances and generously share them
Thank you for that
Imagine, I have never made melted cheese myself, but now I will definitely try and even find some cheese for an experiment

I bought two types of cheese in the monastery for testing: semi-hard and suluguni
The first one turned out to be bitter

do you think it is worth bothering with him or will the bitterness remain?
Lidochka, I also cooked for the first time with cheese, which was bitter. Added some good and fried porcini mushrooms. It turned out very well. But the bitterness was not so pronounced. So look, if it's too bitter, maybe you don't need to

Thanks for the nice words!
Tanya, thanks for the recipe! I have not had a case of throwing cheese, but it does happen. We must try to cook melted according to your recipe. Took it in bookmarks, until a convenient opportunity.
Tan, but with less cheese it will turn out? I don’t know how I’ll freeze it, because I usually use the cheese I don’t like somewhere, either in baking or on pizza.
But I, like Lida, have never cooked my own processed cheese, but I really want to try it, I have been thinking for a long time. I know that store-bought processed cheese is brewed from hard cheeses that have not gone on sale. Collect to a heap and digest into melted.
But cheese products and cheeses are heaped there. I have never bought a cheese product, and more or less cheese now costs so much money that I rarely buy more than 200 g. Is that what a holiday, and you need it for salads.
Tatka1, Tanya is so raw and I can cook thank you very much
Marina, Tanyushathank you girls!

Nelechka, you can divide all the ingredients in two and cook half a portion, why not?
I have been boiling cheese for almost 2 years now and no longer buy it in the store. But there are different results (after all, I continue to study and sometimes mistakes happen). Therefore, no, no, yes, there will appear a head under a kilogram of some kind not to your taste, but definitely natural. Therefore, such processed cheese is a godsend!
Tatka1, Tanyusha! Here is a fine fellow! The right recipe! I would have tried both simple and normal cheese, since I have two in my family, well, they just love processed cheese!
Yes, and two purchased ones were frozen, they just did not go against the background of home ones. So I'll try!
And most importantly - no eggs!
Olya, try it! The cheese is very fragrant and the consistency is great!
baba nata
Tatka1, Tatachka
Maybe I'll try it somehow, though we use the remaining cheese for pizza!
Tatka1, Tanyusha! Well, what a fine fellow! Not only a noble cheese maker, but also a zealous hostess! I love these women!
Baba Nata, Guzelka, thanks for stopping by! I'd be glad if the recipe comes in handy!
Tanya! Very grateful for the recipe! : Friends: It turned out bombically delicious! But for me, the leftovers of the cheeses were interesting in themselves. I collected the leftovers from my son, mother and mine, I got only 240 g. I added my excellent Camembert a small piece for the scent. In the composition of cheddar, parmesan, some Alpine from Switzerland, a crumb with a blue mold of Argentine (I always take it in the Globe) and Edam ready.
Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
I added toasted walnuts with fenugreek in one jar.
And yes! I added milk twice, as my cheeses were in a very neglected state.
I did everything by eye, but I have it - a diamond! The main thing is that the soda is completely extinguished and dissolved. If it does not dissolve, then drain the liquid without sediment or add a little lemon.
Wow! Olgawhat a beautiful cheese! I'm very glad the recipe came in handy!
The photo could not but please me!
I represent this taste and aroma!
Tatka1, no ..., Tanya, I haven't had this yet! Ttt ... Although the very first of the bad milk has been sealed for nine months already. I then barely put it into shape. Now, if it is bad, then I will try to dispose of it this way.
And so, at least buy cheeses with a specialist and make such melted cheese!
Rada-dmsOlchik, yeah, you finished writing, I saw that the composition of the cheese is still the same! My Gleb definitely would not have been able to tear off my ears from this!
Thanks again for trusting the recipe!
Tatka1, even the mold is blue and it is not visible. I even donated Camembert!

Olya, but what an exclusive! Bravo!
Tatka1, Tan, I haven't been so happy for a long time! And winter is ahead, we will still cook, so at least it's not so scary to run into unsuccessful milk!
Make the virgin from any leftovers, that's just how the best version of the finished processed cheese is obtained, it does not smell at all with soda.
Tanya froze, the taste manifested itself even more. You can almost cut it into a cube, or you can spread it on a biscuit! I'll go hide from myself ... otherwise!
Olya, tomorrow it will be even tastier!
Tatka1, for tomorrow I poured it into an ugly box, and these will go by Sunday - I will "finish off" my relatives with my cheese, sausage, bread. And under the honeysuckle liqueur I will serve melted cheese on tender biscuits. Otherwise they were starving there in their foreign countries!
alba et atra
Tatusya, your recipe is in the first issue of Blanks!

Processed cheese (substandard disposal)

Tatyana, Congratulations!!! take them to our celebrities.
Lena, thanks for the news, Tatka - you are now a star! Congratulations!
alba et atra, Lenochka, here's the current thanks to you I learn about the printed recipes! Thank you!

Thank you girls!
Vikus, this is already the fourth printed. I knew only about two, here Helen is always on the alert!
Tatka, so what? What are four? A star named Tatiana, that's who you are, in. And in general, why is it so dry that you don't let me rejoice? Maybe this is my only positive impression of the day.
Tatka1, Tanya, congratulations on the next publication! It is strange they do that the author of the recipe does not know about the publication. I also know about only one recipe. And for what the fee or fees, according to the amount I suspect that for two recipes at once, I recently received no idea
nila, Nelechka, the fact is that the girl once asked me about the first and the second, I told her: take what you want))) And they offered a fee, I refused)))

Gaby, Vikus, I'm sorry! Of course, I am pleased that you are happy for me!

Processed cheese (substandard disposal)
Tatyana, Immediately after the first published recipe, I was also asked something, but that was so long ago and I had already forgotten which recipe was asked. And then they did not write anything to me for the fee. If the very first time they asked for an address, then they did not ask for anything and did not ask.
Nelya, well, with your number of wonderful recipes, they have a place to roam! If everyone prints, then the fee will come in handy!) And mine, one or two, and miscalculated!)
Tanya, you flatter me! And you underestimate yourself!
And the unexpected fee before NG, I immediately told my husband that I would buy a jar of caviar on the table, and so I did
And I would have thought so, and I would hardly have bought
Tatochka, and I congratulate you! You are already a super cheese maker, give more recipes and print!
And yes, cover the clearing!
marika33, Marisha, thanks!
Quote: marika33
cover the clearing
I am with a dear soul!
Sharp, and I'm flying into the clearing!
For your recipe
Tattoo, Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
Tanyusha !!! You are our celebrity !!! Congratulations and I'm proud to know you personally !!! I will proudly tell my grandchildren about this fact! 😘
Quote: Guzel62

I will be proud to tell my grandchildren about this fact!
: lol: Oh, Guzelka!

Thank you girls! It's nice, I am always glad if the recipe comes in handy for someone!
Tanya, I also congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
How cool! The recipe is great!
Well done!
How good it is when everything is good!
Tatka1, Tanya, congratulations! How good!
I'm happy for you. I am proud!
Ritochka, Tonechka, Thank you!
Girls, you, straight, embarrassed me!
Tanya, you are our sweetheart, I bring you the greatest gratitude for such a necessary recipe
Today I made from 500 g of my substandard cheese in three versions: with dill, with ground truffle, and ground spicy tomatoes.
I liked the process and taste very much !!!
Lidochka, I am very glad! Eat to your health!

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