Spicy chicken carpaccio

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Spicy chicken carpaccio


Chicken fillet (very large) 6 pcs 2 Kg
Marinade for 2 kg of chicken:
Soy sauce (I have Sen Soy) 170-180 ml
Odorless vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.
Hot chili sauce (I have a bamboo stem) 2 tbsp. l.
Dry garlic 1 tsp s / r
Dry. greens (dill, parsley) 1 tsp s / r
Mix of Four Peppers (7-8 rpm) 2 pinches
Fine salt 2 tsp s / r
Paprika 1 tsp b / g
Hot red pepper 1 tsp b / g
Vinegar 9% 2 tbsp. l.
note: tsp. s / g - with a slide; b / g - no slide

Cooking method

  • Many of us are familiar with one of the most successful recipes for jerky meat on our Bread Maker, this is Meat in marinade, dried in an electric dryer from our Tanya Admin, thanks to whom, in our house, all sorts of dried delicacies have probably already been overestimated. But, as usual, overeating something, even very tasty, begins to want something else, something like that ... in my case - spicy, but always based on soy sauce, which Tanya once applied so successfully ...
  • So, we mix all the ingredients of the marinade until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • Now the chicken: there is one point that must be paid attention to in order to get the best result, which I guarantee you, because this is not the first time I cook this spicy carpaccio. The fact is that it is better to buy the largest chicken fillet (breast), namely: there should be only three fillets in a kilogram package, no more. Only such breasts turn out to be the most "real carpacci")))
  • So, we wash the breasts, dry thoroughly with paper towels, put them in a saucepan, fill them with marinade and mix everything well so that the marinade gets everywhere. Especially carefully you need to grease the places between the large and small fillets. Then we close the pan with a lid, in which there must be a hole for free air access, and put it in the refrigerator for a day and a half, no longer. During this time, you need to mix everything a couple more times.
  • Then we lay out the fillets on the grates of the dryer in a flattened form, that is, we do not let the small fillet stick to the large one (I have three pieces on one grate), give it a couple of minutes to drip so as not to drip on the floor when transferring it, and send it to the dryer. We set the temperature to 60C, the time is 7 hours.
  • As time passes, we open the dryer and let the meat air out and cool for about 20 minutes. Then, shifting with paper towels, we put the chicken in a saucepan with the same lid with a hole, and send it to the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. And it's better for the night (I don't know who can endure this much))), but during this time the chicken will mature, the moisture in it will redistribute - the crust will soften, and the meat will be juicy, plastic and soft.
  • Now we cut our fillets into thin slices and enjoy.
  • Spicy chicken carpaccio
  • Despite the decent thickness of the fillet, the chicken is salted through - it is salty even in the very center of the piece, but the sharpness remains somewhere closer to the crust. It is not hot here, but rather spicy, but still it is, keep this in mind.
  • Small fillets, unlike large ones, are salted and wilted more, the meat has a denser consistency, so it is not very good as a carpaccio. But if you just cut it with chopsticks, you get a wonderful salty and spicy snack, which wonderfully harmonizes with sticks of fresh cold cucumber. Well, nobody canceled pivasik for this case.)))
  • Well, I seem to have written everything, all that remains is to wish
  • Bon appetit to you all!
  • Spicy chicken carpaccio
  • Having thoroughly "polished" the recipe for this marinade, I used it in the experiment with coho salmon. It turned out very well.
  • Spicy chicken carpaccioSpicy coho salmon, dried a la sous vide
    (Elena Tim)


I will not get tired of thanking our Tanya Admin for once opening up for me a whole world of such delicacies that are so easy to cook at home! Tanya, THANKS for the hundredth time!

Lennn, what's wrong with you about goodness and beauty !? I have already chewed a kusmanchik of a smoking carpaccio!
Elena Tim
Aaaaaaa! Eat to your health, my haloshaya!

Yes, I'm even tired of climbing into a piece of paper all the time, so that the chicken "zakarpachchit", so I decided to issue it separately. I find recipes on the Bread Maker faster than in my notebooks and notebooks.

Lenok, for the HUNDRED time alaverdi for the sauce - PREPARE FOR HEALTH!
Marinated soy sauce does its job perfectly
Elena Tim
Uhtyzh, what people are early in the morning! Hi there!
You just felt that I was talking about you here.
Quote: Elena Tim
what people are early in the morning!

Hello, hello, our to you

Actually, I am an owl, and to pick me up early in the morning, that "hard work, to drag out of the swamp ..."
But what do you want to do, when the plumber said that he would be at 8.30 in the morning and also have time to wet his nose (there’s no hot water), and sip a cup of coffee to open my eyes I got up, though I myself, but set the alarm for insurance nearby
Lenk ... and Lenk ... I decided to finish off, right? Oh, thanks!!! (I couldn't find a suitable emoticon to express all my emotions ... The main one is admiration.)
I was already in the fish, and I came here!
And we'll try this chicken too, thank you!
Elena Tim
Girls, suns, thank you very much! I will be happy if you like it.
And you will like it, clinus! ... And finally, this chicken ... kind of strange - you gobble it up and gobble it up, then cook it again and gobble up and gobble it up again ... and you just can't get it! Some kind of punishment!
Gee, the first batch of six huge files we ate ... are you sitting? ... in two faces in three days.
She immediately put on the second batch, it lasted five days, but only half of that file from the photo remained. I have to go eat it, otherwise Timon chota is still spinning in the kitchen - not good ...
There should be a lot of good chicken
Lenk, how I love your recipes. It's a gourmet orgasm
And I got here too. Fresh from the store and no chicken. I can't look at her anymore and here it is
But I won't go to the store, it's hot outside. The recipe is shielded.
Elena Tim
Quote: VitaVM

Lenk, how I love your recipes. It's a gourmet orgasm
Oh thank you! ... Orkhazm is our way, albeit culinary.
Vitusik, hello! We haven't seen each other for a hundred years. Well done for driving for a tasty treat, help yourself!
Quote: Kalyusya

But I won't go to the store, it's hot outside.
Pralno, Galyus, do not go - in such a hell, I began to curl up, faster than that chicken.
It will get colder, then go. Sharp in the cool goes better.
What a pity that not everyone loves spicy things, but how I love ...
I took it to the bookmarks, but how not to take it away.
Elena Tim, thanks for the wonderful recipe
And I have a question. There is no dryer and is not expected, you can do it in the oven on convection, what do you think?
How delicious it is! The perfect addition to this long-loved recipe. Do you need coarse salt Dap? And then there is no small one.
Elena Tim
Quote: Wildebeest
What a pity that not everyone loves spicy things with me, but how I love ...
Oh, sorry! Then I would marinate without pepper, and before drying I would sprinkle myself a few pieces separately. The main thing then is not to confuse.
Quote: Wiki
can be done in the oven on convection, what do you think?
I think you can. Why not? My oven has a drying mode, which means you can dry according to the temperature table in the instructions.
The only thing is, from time to time, I would open the oven to ventilate, because there is a free outflow of air in the dryer.
Quote: Florichka
And then there is no small one.
Irish, this is not a recipe in which a couple of grams of salt play a decisive role. Put what you have and don't bother.

Girls, Thank you very much for stopping by to see me at the light! I'm soooo nice!
Quote: Elena Tim

Oh, sorry! Then I would marinate without pepper, and before drying I would sprinkle myself a few pieces separately. The main thing then is not to confuse.
Lena, good advice, but ...... I have a son-in-law or something. I cook soup on meat with a bone, separate the meat, throw out the bone, but the son-in-law will definitely get it in the plate. I make a salad of fish, separate the fish from the bones, and again he comes across a bone. And we do not come across anything to us. So with chunks of pepper, he will probably grab it with pepper, which he does not like terribly. And my daughter and I love everything that is peppery and vigorous.
Elena Tim
Aaaaaa! Your son-in-law is probably my relative.
This is some kind of fucking guy! We sit and eat. I warn my husband: "Eat more carefully, there is a suspicion that a small one may get caught ... hrr"
I got it! And it always comes across. Therefore, my husband always eats calmly, knowing that it is only in my plate and nowhere else.
Elena Tim, so I don't know why I marinated it, there is no dryer))) but I could not resist the marinade, it is so tasty. Can suvyidit her, and then fry this is not a forum, but one big temptation))) Helen, thank you!
Elena Tim
Quote: Yarik
Can suse it and then fry it
Listen, this is a thought! Then tell me what happened.
Only now, if my memory serves me, they say that sous-vide products do not greatly salt and pepper, and they do not use a lot of spices, supposedly sous-vide and so enhances the taste - no matter how salty happens ... Maybe not marinate for a long time? Or am I talking in vain?
Well, in any case, I am so pleased with your review that I don't care what happens there, I will be glad anyway.
Quote: Elena Tim

Why not?
Thank you! I will definitely try to do it.
Elena Tim
To your health, dear! I would be glad if you like it!
Elena Tim, you know, I always lack spices in sous-vide, but in terms of salt, we love salty, I'll hold it until tomorrow, pack it, cook it, try it the day after tomorrow, I think it will be normal. And if anything, let's shade the taste with rice)))
Elena Tim
Oh, this marinade with rice is very, very harmonious, tested.
Olga VB
Eeeee ...
Yyyyy ...
Tovarisch from the audience is interested in the size of the hill in this recipe
Elena Tim
Sgorka is a kada isho chuchut and a dump. Take the big one, I was not mistaken.
But the vinegar, Ol, goes without a slide, don't mix up the sari.
Quote: Yarik

Elena Tim, so I don't know why I marinated it, there is no dryer))) this is not a forum, but one big temptation)))
Yaroslavna, without a dryer you will have to miss a lot of sweets. In times of procurement - a necessary thing.
..... I sit and read the recipe and think about how I need a dryer ...
and then the one that is smarter and sits in my head, says, look at the modes of your oven ...
Well, I’m an obedient girl, I gave up everything, ran the tool to search and read ... and tamaaaaa ... there is a convection mode with adjustable heating 50-250, which is just used for drying

in general, now I have no excuse that like I do not have a dryer and this is not a recipe for me ...

Yarik, I also do not have a dryer, I dried naturally in the kitchen under the ceiling. It was scary for pork and beef, there the pieces are thicker, so at first they dried in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but then they also moved to the closet.
Elena Tim
No, no, girls, in no case, according to this recipe, marinated chicken cannot be dried in natural conditions! Here, there is not enough salt in the marinade to serve as a reliable preservative and prevent the appearance of pathogenic bacteria, as in the classic curing recipe, where the meat is covered with salt for several days, then soaked, dried and dried.
Specifically, this recipe requires a temperature of at least 60C.
Olga VB
Quote: Elena Tim
Specifically, this recipe requires a temperature of at least 60C
Then we trust the oven, and the ceiling -
So let's write
Lenk, and Lenk, will this trick work with a turkey? Or is there better to cut the files in half?
Spicy chicken carpaccio
Lenus, I have a question for you.
The fillet has already been marinated strictly according to the instructions. Now tell me: when, after the dryer, you put the finished fillet in a saucepan, shifting it with paper towels, then the towels do not stick to the fillet? And if so, how to deal with it?
Carpaccio and soy sauce ??? Sorry, but Italians will be very surprised by this combination. But with us it will do ...
Marinated half a portion. 3 filechki stretched 969, that is, almost the norm. I got to the chili sauce and thumped 2 tablespoons instead of one, but then I slightly reduced the hot red pepper, I don't think that such an oversight will greatly affect the result.
Tomorrow I'll charge the oven for the night, just from midnight to 7 in the morning it will turn out.
Elena Tim
Quote: Olga VB
will this trick work with a turkey? Or there are files better to cut in half
Ol, how will it pass. I once made turkey meat according to Tanya's recipe. Yes, here you need to look at the thickness. There are not very large files - they do not need to be halved. Yes, I wouldn’t halfway anything at all, it’s just that if a “horse” is completely caught, then a hammer on it and that’s all. Here it is important that not a thin layer of meat is, but thicker, otherwise it will be caught in temperature and become not cured, but cooked.
Quote: gala10
do the towels stick to the fillet?
Galyun, there are such towels that you cannot wipe your hands with - the fhlam immediately disintegrate, these are the ones that stick and, well, they are better nafik. Wait for me, Zev with the chicks, she just turns into a damp cloth, but does not stick at all. If your towels are figurative, don't use them. When I have such, I do not take them, and I simply put the files with their ribs in the pan, so that the air moves between them. They lean against each other on the edges and do not fall.
Quote: Kapet
Sorry, but Italians will be very surprised by this combination.
Do not worry about the Italians, they are no longer surprised by anything.))). Initially, carpaccio is generally raw beef, but since the invention of the recipe, carpaccio is not made of anything. The name itself does not speak at all about the product from which the carpaccio is prepared, it is generally the name ... of the artist, if I am not mistaken, in whose honor the dish was named.
Chicken is not eaten raw, it must be at least dried, and what it was salted or pickled in is the tenth thing. The name "Carpaccio" does not speak about the product, but about its thin slicing, even if you make it from beets and serve it with sauce. I don't have a very thin cut in my photo, I confess, I was just in a hurry at that moment, I didn't have a second too much.
And yet, in "Scarlet Sails" we sell turkey carpaccio, the texture is exactly the same as my chicken - soft, moist, therefore, giving the name to the recipe, I did not doubt its correctness. Look.
Quote: Wiki
thumped 2 tablespoons instead of one
Oh, I beg you! If you also have "Bamboo Stalk", then you can eat it with spoons, it is rather sweet than spicy. I'm not using it for sharpness. It contains chili peppers and seeds, they give a special spicy aroma to the dish, and the starch in the sauce thickens the marinade a little so that it sticks better to the meat. By the way, the oil here also serves to increase the enveloping properties of the marinade.
Yes, I have a Bamboo Stalk. I like it the most both for its taste and for its thickening ability.
Thank you, Lenus, everything is clear about the towels. It will be ready - I will report.
Elena Tim
She left to worry ...
I have it ready, I am reporting. Tasty, but my meat was cooked. The oven clearly needs less cooking. 60 degrees in the oven is probably not at all like 60 degrees in the dryer. Although in fact the temperature was lower, because the stick was inserted into the door.
I'll try for 5 hours and watch, maybe I'll have to reduce it even more. Taste. Salt and spiciness are not enough for me.Probably my soy sauce is less salty, so I'll increase the salt a little the next time and seasonings too.
Well, immediately you need to make a portion, not half. Because 3 yummy files are NOT ABOUT ANYTHING. I personally ate one. like tasting
ElenaThanks again for the recipe! I will repeat soon, in a week my daughter and son-in-law will arrive.
Elena Tim
Quote: Wiki
my meat was cooked. The oven clearly needs less cooking
Well, vooot ... sorry
I suspected that the oven was not exactly the right appliance, but still hoped for a better result.
You know what I thought, in a dryer 60C is a very relative figure, a vel dryer is just a plastic box in which a fan blows on the heated teng, dispelling the hot air. There is hardly any serious temperature sensor there. But the oven is a more accurate device and, if you put 60C, then they will be in fact. And if so, then I would lower the temperature in the oven by five degrees.
Quote: Wiki
I don't have enough salt and spiciness
Well, I warned about the pungency, it’s already to the taste of everyone you need to add, but it’s surprising that it seemed a little salt. I get salty meat straight. Tell me, how long did you pickle?
Not carpaccio, of course, but it was delicious. Salt is just right for us, spicy chicken. I can imagine how delicious it is when dried! We will continue to think about how to wither it.
Spicy chicken carpaccio
Elena Tim
Something else! Well, do it already IN THE DRYER!
And then the people will think that I slipped some garbage.

Yaroslavna, the dish looks just great! I would not mind hooking up this plate.
Quote: Elena Tim
Well, do it already IN THE DRYER!
Aha! In our shadow +35! All the windows were curtained. I'm generally afraid to go out onto the balcony ... at home, maybe even turn on the dryer ... well,
Elena Tim
Take it out on the balcony;

And I have also pickled the chicken and the squid, la-la-la!
Even we will not be full in any way.
Quote: Elena Tim
Take it out on the balcony;
AHA! And then how to fight off neighbors?
Elena Tim
Oh, really. No, it’s not better.
Quote: Elena Tim
Oh, really.
true true! Yesterday I made liver pate ... a bowl I don’t have much to do, so look friends flocked to the smell and quit!, and from different parts of the city! Today I chew a coiled zucchini with carrots - and there is no one!
Quote: Elena Tim
I have also pickled the chicken and the squid, la-la-la!
Even we will not be full in any way.
Where's the squid recipe?
Elena Tim, Lenus, what is this?
Quote: Elena Tim
It may not work in the oven!
How dare they fail? Do you understand I just found the recipe, I'm sitting planning for the chicken, and you're trying to dissuade me? I suppose she cracked herself and felt sorry
Helen, I will definitely try, and in the oven! I think to set the temperature probe to 57-58 g, so as not to digest
There is no dryer, and I don't want to yet ...

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