Napoleon with poppy and berry filling

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Napoleon with poppy and berry filling


wheat flour 600 gr.
butter 200 gr.
egg yolks 4 things.
sour cream 4 tbsp. l.
vinegar 6% 1 tbsp. l.
For cream
milk 500 ml
sugar 1 tbsp.
egg yolk 3 pcs.
wheat flour 3 tbsp. l.
softened butter 300 gr.
For filling
berries 250 gr.
nuts (any) 200 gr.
poppy 50-100 gr.
egg white 6 pcs.
sugar 6 tbsp. l.
sweets, sprinkles, glaze at will and taste

Cooking method

  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingGrate butter, mix with flour
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingAdd flour and yolks, vinegar and sour cream
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingKnead a homogeneous dough, trying to do it quickly, divide the dough into 6 parts and refrigerate for 2 hours
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingChop the nuts for the filling, I took the peanuts
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingBeat the whites, gradually adding sugar, until a stable foam
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingIt is better to take berries or fruits that are not juicy (cherries,
  • peach), I only had them in the freezer, it is better to defrost them and drain the liquid,
  • I no longer had enough time for this, I put frozen directly in the filling (blueberries,
  • strawberries, currants)
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingRoll out one piece of dough, dust the surface with flour, make a circle (square, rectangle) of the desired size, spread out a third of the nuts
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingNow we spread the third part of the berries
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingSpread a third of the whipped proteins on berries and nuts and sprinkle with poppy seeds
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingWe spread the next layer of dough on top. We also prepare the next two cakes. We bake each cake until golden brown in an oven preheated to 180C, cool
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry filling For the cream, beat the yolks with sugar and flour, milk and cook with constant stirring until thickened
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingBeat the butter, add a little cream, continuing to beat
  • Napoleon with poppy and berry fillingWe coat the cakes with cream, keep the cake on the table for 30-60 minutes, then for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator, decorate as desired
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

2.7 kg.

Time for preparing:

3 hours

Cooking program:

Mixer, stove, oven

Tina, looks appetizing!
And delicious for sure! I will try, my Napoleon love.
Unambiguously bookmarked
Marinuly, thanks to Marinochka, our opinions were divided according to our taste, my sister and I liked it, my husband and son-in-law were delicious, but it could be better, the children ate, but they chose berries, so you can and should try, of course. , 0.5 kg, but for some reason I did not have it, then I already realized that the pineapple from the jar would be more pleasant for children in the filling, and everything would not flow like that when baking. I will bake this cake more than once, for sure, but I will change the filling a little, try pineapple or peach or no berries at all. t
V-tina, Tinochka, it seems to me that there can be many options, for every taste
Marina, well, yes, the main thing is to find your own version
V-tina, a very unusual cake! How long does it take to bake the cake, well, at least approximately?
Elya, Thank you! It also depends on the oven on berries and fruits, but not less than 20 minutes, this time it took me 40 minutes to bake, but I also baked them all in one go, and even in a gas oven
Tina, understandably, thanks, I also have gas, and multi-layer cakes are baked for a long time.
Elya, then be guided by about 25 minutes, it will definitely not work less
Quote: V-tina
I'll try pineapple or peach or no berries at all
V-tina, unsubscribe, pliz, according to the result, what filling do you like the most?
Evgeniya, today my husband and I were just talking about this topic - we decided not to put fruits at all, and nuts on top of the cakes, along with poppy seeds, but now my hands will not reach this cake soon, so many things are in the plans

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