Red-eyed stuffed

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Red-eyed stuffed


red-eyed carcass 2 pcs.
carrot 1 PC.
turnip onion 1 PC.
pickled cucumber 2 pcs.
vegetable oil 2-3 st. l.
thyme 2-3 wet.
salt taste
pepper mix taste

Cooking method

  • Red-eyed stuffedPeel the little red-eye from scales, cut off the fins and cut off the head and tail.
  • Red-eyed stuffedMake an incision in the back and remove bones. The abdomen must remain intact.
  • Red-eyed stuffedCut the onion into half rings, grate the carrots on a coarse grater. Fry over low heat until soft.
  • Red-eyed stuffedAdd cucumbers grated on a coarse grater. Mix.
  • Red-eyed stuffedFry everything together for a couple of minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Red-eyed stuffedSalt and pepper the red-eyed fillet.
  • Red-eyed stuffedPlace the filling in the center. And fold.
  • Red-eyed stuffedPlace fish and thyme on a sheet of parchment. Drizzle with oil. Wrap tightly.
  • Red-eyed stuffedWrap the fish in paper in foil.
  • Red-eyed stuffedBake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
  • Red-eyed stuffed
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!

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Delicious fish. The cucumber adds piquancy. I cut it while still warm. It keeps its shape, but the cut is not very even, but it is understandable. After lying in the refrigerator, it is cut without any flaws. Recommend!

You've got the overseas fish again, Angel! It is very spicy with cucumbers. Only yesterday I cooked meat with them, but you have a fish - you have to try. Thank you!
Marina, Thank you. We fell in love with this fish. Delicious and our price is very democratic. Try it with a cucumber. Good)
Angela, as always beauty, really wants fish. I will definitely do it. I love your recipes.

Angela, as always beauty, really wants fish. I will definitely do it. I love your recipes.
Nadenka, thank you very much

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