Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)

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Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)


Cucumbers fresh gherkins 1 kg.
Ripe red tomatoes, dense 1 kg.
Bulb onions 300 grams
Fresh sweet pepper 3-4 pcs of different colors, fleshy
Greens, leaf celery, parsley 1 bunch to taste
White sugar 50 grams
Salt 40 grams
Apple cider vinegar (or other to taste) 100 ml.
Colored peppers 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • There is one friend in my circle who does not tolerate canning with oil. And you want something tasty, it's enviable to watch how normal people eat homemade preparations, especially salad ones, and enjoy life and praise them. Moreover, my friend tried my vegetable salad, but which was with butter))) Oh, this particular salad really liked the taste.
  • There is nothing to do, it was in the evening, and as you know, "the morning is wiser than the evening")) And thus, after thinking about it for a while, I tried to make a salad, but in a new version and without oil. I will say right away - the salad turned out! Since I heard so many words of gratitude from the man, there was so much delight ... that I had to close a double portion of salad)))
  • Based on my salad
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)Vegetable salad (canned preparations)
  • Peel and wash the vegetables, cut off the tips of the cucumbers, remove the seeds from the peppers. Cucumbers I take fresh gherkins with pimples that were crispy. Tomatoes are small, dense, ripe.
  • Vegetable weight is indicated after cleaning vegetables, net weight.
  • I cut the cucumbers into round slices, even, about 1.5-2 cm thick, I do not recommend thinner, so as not to become too salty and soft.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • I cut the peppers into small pieces
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • I cut the tomatoes in half, take out the white part from the spine. I also recommend cutting into halves, so that when boiling and salting, they fall apart into a splash. Or I take cream tomatoes and cut them into thick rings.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • I chop the onion coarsely, with thick round slices of about 5-7 mm.
  • I take greens together with leaf celery and parsley, chop finely.
  • I transfer all the chopped vegetables to a large basin (bowl). I add the ingredients of the marinade. I stir the mass very carefully with my hands so as not to damage the slicing. I leave the vegetables to marinate until they release their own juice, for about 1-1.5 hours. In between, you can stir the salad again. Be sure to taste the salad, it should be a bit spicier than just for eating.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • Now I transfer the salad to the prepared jars. At first I put only vegetables without juice in order to completely distribute them in the jars. Put vegetables in jars more tightly, because after hot sterilization they will settle.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • Now let's deal with vegetable juice. There is enough of it in the basin and we will pour it into all the cans so that it is equally divided, and the juice gets into each can.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • There may not be enough juice for all cans in full - this is how it should be. Vegetables always have a different amount of juice, they can be very juicy and not very juicy, for example, there is more juice in tomatoes than in cucumbers and onions.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • Now we will "compensate" for the missing juice in the cans. It is necessary that the vegetables are completely covered with juice-liquid. I put the pan on the fire, pour the required amount of clean water (from the filter), I got an additional 1.5 liters of water.
  • I let the water boil and add salt, sugar, vinegar to it according to the recipe. I stir the marinade and taste it; the marinade should taste good, not harsh.You don't need a lot of spices, because we put enough salt-sugar-vinegar in the vegetables for a high-quality marinade.
  • For taste and aroma, I add only 1 tsp. different peppercorns. When the marinade boils, the pepper must be caught out of the pan, otherwise it will interfere with the finished salad.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • I let the marinade boil and you can pour it into the jars. I pour the marinade into each jar with a ladle so that the vegetables are completely covered with the marinade. It is advisable to lightly pierce the vegetables with a spoon so that the marinade goes into the depth of the salad. Now you can put the jars for sterilization.
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
  • We put jars of vegetables to sterilize in a way convenient for you. I prefer to steam sterilize
  • I sterilize the cans as described here My "cannery" - making life easier when canning at home
  • In order not to burn your hands during sterilization and to work calmly with hot cans, I recommend using special gloves Mittens, gloves for hot canning
  • The sterilization time for 0.5 liter cans is approximately 5-7 minutes (0.7 and 1.0 liter cans for 10 minutes) after boiling water in the pot in which sterilization is performed.
  • Remove the finished jars after sterilization, tighten the lids tightly, and put on the lids until they cool completely.
  • After the cans have cooled, I turn the cans over as expected, with the lids facing up and put them on the sidelines for temporary storage, and observe them for about a couple of weeks, and periodically check the lids in order to track the defects and swollen lids in time.
  • After such control, you can put the jars for storage in the pantry or in the closet.
  • The finished canned food looks like this
  • Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)


Bon appetit to everyone and delicious preparations in winter

A number of preparations for vegetables and salads without the use of vegetable oil and sautéing onions:

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Admin, Tanechka, I have neither tomato nor cucumber. Do you think it is possible without tomatoes, but instead of cucumbers, marrow? How will cooking change then?
Vika, to your health!
These will already be other canned vegetables. And they give zucchini and cucumbers very little juice, and it will be problematic to get it out of vegetables in large quantities.

I would do this:
- chop vegetables coarsely as for a salad
- mix in a bowl until smooth, together with the spices, so that they soften slightly, hold for about 30 minutes
- put on the banks tightly
- pour fresh hot marinade and sterilize.

It should turn out Salad from zucchini with onions and herbs will also turn out delicious
Salad, it's great that without oil!
Only I do not understand about the additional marinade, you write that 1.5 liters of water, and how much spices for this amount?
Quote: Trishka
and how much spices for this amount?

Trishka, to your health!
Since the vegetables have been marinated for a long time and have already been soaked in the marinade, I do the additional filling in the "shortened" version.
I added 100 ml for 1.5 liters. vinegar, salt 40 grams, sugar 50 grams. Be sure to taste after dissolving and boiling the marinade. It seemed a little sour and I added some more sugar.

If your juice during pickling is released in large quantities, and it is quite enough for pouring cans, you can do without cooking an additional marinade. Just add 30-50 ml to jars. water, and a drop of vinegar salt - directly into the jar before sterilization.
Here, now the mustache is clear, thank you for the recipe!
Tatyana, I look at the recipe and understand that I like it. Probably I would venture to do it, although I never did anything with sterilization

And what is the output of cans from a given quantity, you usually write at the bottom, but here there is no (((
Natasha, to your health!

I will not say for sure, the cans were of different sizes, and the weight of vegetables was more than in the recipe.
But, from the specified recipe, you will get about 5 cans of 700 ml.

Sterilization is not difficult. Try to follow my work, you will succeed
Tatyana, I made this salad. I still couldn't understand why he was so fond of me. And then I remembered - this salad was made by my grandmother. Therefore, I kneaded two portions at once.
It was scary. But nothing. While standing))))
(Now, for certain reasons, I cannot taste anything, so I have a smell all season)))) or I use my husband's taste buds))))
Canned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)
Natasha, to your health! Abstinence Benefits Too
If you trust my recipes and preparations, then feel free to use the proportions, all the ingredients are selected in moderation
And, your husband works as a probe

My jars are well worth it
Tanya, Help, I closed your salad, but I have carrots instead of cucumbers, well, it probably doesn't matter, so, two cans started flowing, the lid swelled a bit, what should I do with it now? It's a pity ...
Tatyana, I just trust yours, so everything is according to the recipe.
Only the brine hastened in vain to cook. The juice from the vegetables was just enough for me to pour. Tomatoes are not very caught.

And another question, you are a specialist, maybe you can tell me. My husband was buzzing all over my ears about a certain salad Balaton, Hungarian, which was previously sold. And I never saw him))) I had no time for canned food then)))) I certainly googled, but something so vague comes across. I read it straight, and I understand that it is not tasty.
Quote: dana77
My husband was buzzing all over my ears about a certain salad Balaton, Hungarian, which was previously sold.

Natasha, I remember that such a salad was once. But I don't remember the taste
Found in the internet the composition:
2 kg of green or brown tomatoes;
1 kg of carrots;
2 kg of Bulgarian pepper (sweet);
1 kg of onions
1 faceted glass of granulated sugar;
7½ tsp with a heap of coarse salt (not iodized);
400 ml of refined vegetable oil;
100 ml of 9% table vinegar;
1 PC. bay leaf.
And they cook it like mine here, that is, they cook it in a saucepan and then put it hot in jars Vegetable salad (canned preparations)

I myself have never cooked Balaton salad
Quote: Trishka
two cans leaked, the lid swelled a bit, what to do with it now?

Ksyusha, open the cans, put them in the fridge and eat The salad may be a bit sour, but it's not scary, it had time to ferment.
If it smells too sour, then ...

I now have an eggplant salad (from the leftovers that did not fit into the jars) is in the refrigerator and the eggplants have become a little fermented, I really like how we specially fermented them, we eat a little.

Well, ... there are griefs in life
Well, yes, it happens, I haven't had this for a long time ...
Tell me, don't you need to boil it? Can I eat something like that?
If there is no sour smell, not covered with mucus, not stringy, canned food is transparent in appearance, and so on ... there is no disturbance in taste - then you can eat.

I check my cans every day externally, or even poke my finger into the lids so that they do not "fart". If there is any suspicion about the lid, I farted and rose in the middle - I put it right in the refrigerator. Very often nothing happens to her further, she stands normally further. Well, we eat such canned food in the first place.
I have not yet put the jars in the pantry, they stand and spoil my appearance))) next week I will transfer to the pantry
It is clear, already removed
How I liked this salad! This is my taste. She ate it with pleasure and regretted that she had done little. I will do more this year. Thank you very much for the recipe.

Olya, to your health! Yes, such salads need to be harvested more
Made your salad. Today we tried it, I liked it very much. I will add to the list of permanent blanks.

Luda, good health, nice to hear

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