Eggplant tongues in honey marinade

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Eggplant tongues in honey marinade


Eggplant 5-6 pcs
Garlic 10 teeth
Products for the marinade:
Water 0.5 liter
Vinegar 9% 100-150 ml
Bay leaf 5 pieces
Bitter peas 8 pcs
Allspice 4 things
Carnation 4 things
Salt (full, no slide) 1 tbsp. l
Sugar 1 tbsp. l
Honey (full, with a slide) 1 tbsp. l
Vegetable oil (fragrant) 1 tbsp. l in the marinade and a little for frying

Cooking method

  • Peel the eggplants and cut into thin slices. I cut with a Berner Prima grater, medium thickness. This is about 8-9 mm.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • Sprinkle the eggplant plates with salt and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • At this time, we will cook the marinade.
  • Add all ingredients to boiling water and bring to a boil. Honey can be added last and not boiled.
  • Set aside the marinade, let it cool.
  • Peel the garlic, rinse the cloves and cut them into slices too.
  • All preparations are completed, you can continue to deal with eggplants.
  • Squeeze the eggplant plates from the juice and fry everything in a pan on both sides.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • It is better to fry until slightly golden, so that the plates are softer. Otherwise, when pickling, they will be more rigid.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • Dip the overcooked plates in the marinade and put them tightly in a storage container. Sprinkle each row of eggplant with slices of garlic.
  • Pour the remaining marinade on top.
  • These are eggplants freshly drenched in marinade.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • We close the container and send it to the refrigerator for standing.
  • And this is already the next day
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • If you start trying the next day, the taste will be more intense, after 3 days it will be well marinated. Well, on the 5th day, our eggplants usually do not survive.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
  • I tried to close for the winter, for storage, 2 jars of such eggplant.
  • I did everything according to the recipe. Only garlic and honey were brought to a boil in the marinade.
  • The plates from the frying pan were immediately dipped into the marinade, then poured over with boiling marinade on top and rolled up turnkey. Didn't sterilize. They have been standing for 2 weeks already. And we will taste the taste in winter.
  • Eggplant tongues in honey marinade


The yummy is incredible! Try to make it once, and this recipe will stick to you.
Eggplants are ready for 3-5 days. But usually we start eating the very next day. There is no strength to endure so much!

And once again I have to apologize for the incorrectly designed master class. Now there is no way to print recipes from a laptop,
but from the tablet it is very inconvenient to insert links to small photos.

Oh, we must try. I love eggplant. Nelechka, thanks! Only I will add honey to the marinade, I am allergic to it, and overboiled is normal.
Natasha, in principle honey is prescription and must be boiled in a marinade. It's just that many people think that honey cannot be brought to a boil, so for them you can simply dilute honey in a boiled marinade. Although I was always interested in the question, what about our beloved honeymen, then honey is also subjected to high heat treatment.
Nelechka, thanks for the recipe, while I'll bookmark it. I just can't start to deal with eggplants, they are still hanging on the bushes, I haven't taken them off for a long time, I'm afraid that they are overripe and will taste bitter. I have collected a lot of recipes, I will cook.
Quote: nila
It's just that many people think that honey cannot be brought to a boil.
It always puzzles me. How did you cook when there was no sugar? Therefore, I do not bother and use honey almost everywhere instead of sugar.
Quote: nila
incorrectly designed master class
The form Eggplant tongues in honey marinade - this is not a prerequisite, but a recommendation. So everything was done correctly
Nelechka, Thank you!
Thank you very much! I will definitely try to cook it.
I love blue ones in any form, but here I want to try them right now.

It seems like there are a few baklachkov, but I'll go buy more now.
Oh! Today I will.
Oh, what eggplants, I love everything pickled! You will definitely need to cook. Nelechka, thanks!
Nelyawhat delicious eggplants!
Maybe next year I'll do it, I don't have my own, but the purchased ones are tough and rough.
Marina, take your eggplants from the bushes and let them lie down. Otherwise they will really overripe. If you can still fight bitterness with the help of salt, but overripe eggplants become very tough, and there is nothing you can do to correct them. And the ripe seeds are felt. Young eggplants are ideal for this recipe; these are now hard to find.
Rita, if you really love blue, then this is the recipe for you. It prepares quickly, you can eat right away, after a couple of days, and even close it for the winter.
I will also go for vegetables and plums now. I want to definitely buy an eggplant and still make. We ran out of doubles too quickly.
Lera-7, francevna,
Sveta, Alla, thank you for your feedback! : rose: Try it, I'll be glad if you like it))
Allochka, in the store, yes, for the most part overripe are sold here. We must look at the bazaar, at my grandmother's, our own, grown in the garden. They are just cleaning up the gardens and picking even small fruits there.
Chef, thanks for your attention to the recipe!
And they calmed me down a little, otherwise I was worried that I was exhibiting, not for the first time, a whole series of large photos. But all the same, I would very much like everything according to the rules, and I myself like it when the recipe is designed in the form. But if the link can still be copied, but this link does not want to get into the form of brackets
And we can't see a normal Internet for a long time, tonight again the wells with cables were opened
Nelya, I collected 1.5 buckets of eggplants, I cook according to your recipe, I don't like hard and with seeds, I choose without seeds for this recipe, I have seeds with them, I'll put them in a pie.
I am glad this year eggplants, thank God, have grown and, most importantly, that I have never processed them from Colorado, I picked them by hand.

Nelechka, started preparing the marinade, but you did not specify the amount of oil.
Think 150-200 ml will be enough?
Quote: marika33
started preparing the marinade, but you did not specify the amount of oil
Marina, but I realized that oil is not needed in the marinade, only for frying. Nelya will clarify.
Tusya Tasya
Marina, is it really butter in the marinade? It seems to me that for roasting. Oh, and Raisin thinks the same too
Marina, I'm sorry, left for the blue ones. I just arrived and saw the question. I looked at the recipe, confident that there was a written proportion and was surprised, I know what I wrote for sure. It can be seen blue and flew off.
I'm sorry if it's too late, but there is 1 tbsp. l of oil is added to the marinade. Fry also with a minimum amount of oil.
Now I will try to finish writing.
nila, Nelyawhat eggplants !!! Thank you very much for the recipe. This summer I was in the Crimea, because there on the market there are sold by weight all sorts of different eggplants and zucchini in different marinades and sauces. And in sweet, and sweet and sour, and spicy. I really liked it. Especially in this honey sauce. I bought it several times (but it doesn’t come cheap). There was an idea to ask here on the forum about such recipes in order to make it myself, but here is just a recipe !!! Nelechka, I'm sure there are other marinades in stock
izumka, Tusya Tasya, no, girls, in such recipes in the marinade, butter is a must.
Nelechka, it's not too late, along the way I'm preparing Tatka's Ogonyok and lunch. And I have almost like Guzeli's, 10 dishes. After the little one I put to bed and she had a little rest with him. Now I will continue the preparation. I will have to pour more oil into the marinade, because I did not fry the eggplants, but baked in the oven with a minimum amount of oil. I left, I'll report back in the evening.
nila, Nelya, excellent recipe, delicious eggplants once treated me with such eggplants
I have already finished with the preparations this year, but as a snack I will definitely try to make
Thank you, Nelechka
Nelechka I have a report, thank you for the recipe! It turned out very tasty, even not yet pickled, but already enriching. Unusual, original recipe and not greasy. The most important thing is that my husband liked it (I left it on trial, I thought that they would stand, but he ate everything).
Only I deviated a little from the recipe, I haven’t fry anything for a long time, so I baked the eggplants in the oven, and I made the marinade from apple cider vinegar, without adding water. I have something weak, I opened another can (10 liters), before that it was very vigorous. And she didn't add sugar, but added honey to taste. The marinade is delicious.
Tomorrow I'll pick the last eggplants, make them with cabbage, and if they stay, I'll cook some more.
Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
K. Marina
Good evening. I prepared it. Tell me, is vinegar exactly 9%?
I checked my vinegar and the recipe several times too, very sour, very.
Olga, yes, indeed, there is somewhere in the records of the old a couple of recipes similar, only without honey. I know that there was a recipe with onions somewhere, but you need to look. If necessary, I will look and I can write in a personal.
Tatyana, try these eggplants. Maybe they are different from the ones you were treated to, but I hope they will like it too.
Marina, thanks for the report with pictures! The jars you look super! And the fact that I tweaked the recipe for myself is even better! I don't really like frying either, and there was a thought to bake eggplants in Princeski. But I didn't think of an oven. And vinegar is good that you have your own, homemade apple cider. It should be great!
K. Marina,
Marina, vinegar in the recipe was indicated at 9%, but this does not mean that it is necessary to use it. You can reduce the amount of vinegar, because the recipe says choo from 100 to 150 ml. Marinade should be tried, if it is sour for your family, reduce the proportions. But you can't do without vinegar. I did it for the first time, poured 150 ml at once, but I had more blue ones, and they were large. Then I reduced the portion to 100 ml, the vinegar is finally felt, but not so sharply. Now I want to try to make with apple cider vinegar.
But this is a recipe for marinated vegetable lovers. And the taste of the marinade must be adjusted for yourself.

K. Marina
The eggplants are delicious. I got used to cooking for the first time using a recipe. And I didn't try the marinade for some reason. Moreover, not rolling and now eat. Well, live, learn))). I'll be more careful next time.
Quote: marika33
Tomorrow I'll pick the last eggplants, I'll do it with cabbage

Marina, what about cabbage?
Tomorrow I will take my grandchildren to school and try to cook eggplants according to this recipe. I love them in any way.
Tashenka, In the Gazebo, a conversation about eggplants with cabbage turned up. And there were several recipes, but now it's hard to find. And then I wrote my old recipe. I don't know what recipe Marinka is going to cook, but maybe this one Eggplant with cabbage
Quote: nila
there was a thought to bake eggplants in Princesk
Nelya, I started baking eggplants in a pizza oven, but I cooked a lot, so I had to switch to the oven.
Yes, and one more nuance: the eggplants were already cooled down, I dipped them in the marinade, and then poured them, but I also set them to sterilize. When I already corked the jars, I saw that the eggplants had absorbed the marinade and they were left without marinade at the top. Next time I will take this into account and leave them to soak or add a boiling marinade before spinning.
I like the fact that they are fed with a delicious marinade, and not butter.
Marish, when I fried (in your case, baked) eggplants for seaming, I brought the marinade to a boil, and then immediately dipped the hot eggplants into the boiled marinade, and then put them in sterilized jars. Of course the marinade gradually cooled down, while the jars (I have 1 liter) were filled. But the blue ones themselves were already sterilized in a pan and the marinade was boiling. Therefore, I considered that sterilization would already be superfluous, and did not sterilize any more. Only on top I poured the boiled marinade again.It's just that many of these recipes are closed without sterilization, well, I didn't sterilize it. Now I went down to the basement, looked again, the jars are excellent!
Oh, and yes, although I was poured with marinade on top, there were also few liquids in the jars. But I think it's okay, because each plate is pre-soaked in this marinade.
Nelya, I sterilize everything for peace of mind. And now it is very convenient to sterilize taught by Admin. A little water and with the lid closed, nothing floats. I will still make eggplants this way, I will not buy, I will finish mine, I have not removed everything yet.
Quote: marika33
Convenient to sterilize taught by Admin. A little water and with the lid closed, nothing hovers. I would
I don't understand, but how is it? A little water in a pot, and a jar in this water? But all the same, the water will boil and steam, and even if you ate a few jars, you need to sterilize it. And if there is one? It's all the same, I don't like to sterilize, but when I have to do it, I have to. And so I try to get away from it.
Yes, a little water and close the lid, steam inside the pan. Well, you don't make 20 cans at a time. For this purpose, I have a large bucket pan, it contains 5 cans, I will put it 2-3 times, but calm that it will not explode. Now I will look for Temka Admin.
I found it look.
Tashenka, yes, according to this recipe that Nelya gave a link and one more, but it is not on the forum.
Marina, thank you for sending, went and read. Interestingly, only there is no mantle, but there are several stands for micra and stands from AG. So there is something to adapt, but I will try it next season. In this zone, I will probably cover my cannery
Nelya, I made your eggplants, yesterday they took a sample with my mother. Delicious! We liked. Did it according to the recipe, poured 100 ml of vinegar, it still turned out vigorously, you need less. I gave my mom the recipe and wants to make it too.
nila, Nelya, I put a napkin on the bottom of the pan and cans on it, or I put a grate, flat, from an old mantle.
Yesterday I made another portion of eggplants according to your recipe for food, did not bother them.
Today I still have eggplants for the whole day, yesterday I took off 3.5 buckets.
nila, Nelechka, they took a sample, yes, some of the very ones everyone liked it, I also need to correct a little bit with vinegar and salt. The rest said it was delicious (put 100 vinegar)
Thank you very much I would be grateful for other recipes from the notebook (you can in PM)
One word - bomb!
Delicious eggplant! I take it away for good. Thank you!
Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
Thank you, it turned out very tasty, we eat with pleasure!
Yes, eggplant is very tasty. Thank you Nelechka! We have already eaten a liter of them.
How much vinegar is still needed optimally, do you think? I plan to cook tomorrow.

Galchonka, marika33, IvaNova, NataliaVoronezh, devulechki, who cooked, what do you think?
NataliaVoronezh, Olechka.s, Galchonka,marika33Thank you girls for trusting the recipe and making my eggplants!
optimist, it's hard to say about vinegar. Indeed, each family has its own preferences and perception of taste. The first time I did it with 150 ml of vinegar, it was vinegar, but my husband liked it. Yes, and I ate with pleasure. But for the second and third times I already put 100 ml of vinegar, I didn’t say anything to my husband, and he didn’t say anything. Probably did not notice the skill.
If you are afraid that it will be too vigorous, then pour 80 ml, but less is certainly not desirable. But it also depends on how long they will be stored, or they will immediately go into food.
Lenusya, I added 100 ml of vinegar, it turned out very well
Lenusya, I cook with homemade apple cider vinegar, do not dilute with water and add honey to taste, a little oil. I take half a liter of juice, and cover the pepper decently. The pepper is juicy, gives off its juice, cook in small portions and add honey at the end. And the marinade turns out to be so delicious, yesterday we ate the pepper, the marinade remained, I added it to the cabbage salad. It turned out just gorgeous!
Today I have again the preparation of pepper, a lot of reddened, it is necessary to process.
Nelechka, thank you!
In, out of inattention and speed, I wrote about pepper, and the topic is eggplant.
I prepared it. I put it in the refrigerator to marinate. Poured vinegar 50 mg, was reinsured.
Unsubscribe how the eggplants turned out!
Nelya, cooked eggplants today, added more hot pepper. The smell is incredible
Now we are waiting. (Hid the saucepan)
optimist, Lenusya, well, how did you try? Not enough vinegar to taste? Very interesting!
NM, Hope, is the saucepan hidden far away? Tomorrow you can get it out and try it!
I think hot pepper, if you like spicy, will not hurt. The main thing is not to overdo it!
marika33, Marina, you probably read my mind that you are talking about pepper here.
It's just that I've been going to cook these eggplants for 2 days, but something's getting in the way. I just want to try to combine my 2 recipes. This recipe and recipe Grilled pickled eggplant and peppers appetizer into one. I just bought such a wonderful red pepper, but closing it in jars in honey filling would already be a surplus, and I closed it so much, I'm afraid that we can't do it together. And the jars with lids are running out. I still don't open the sunsets, but now I want to eat. So I want to pour eggplant and grilled pepper together with honey marinade. I think it should turn out great!

Marisha, I forgot to add about the pepper marinade. We must not forget and try to add it to the cabbage salad too. Fortunately, we have prepared a lot of cabbage this year, you can plan salads all winter! I added this marinade to the bread, nothing too. But if she had time, the husband could eat a jar of pepper, pour out the marinade and wash the jar.
nila, I liked the eggplants, especially my husband.
For our taste, more than 50 mg of vinegar is not needed, it turned out very well and so
Nelya, the sample was very tasty, hot pepper does not interfere. I will definitely repeat it while I have eggplant. Thanks for the recipe
Lenusya, Hope,
girls, thank you for sharing your experience! I am very glad that you were able to adjust the recipe to your taste and I hope that you will please your loved ones with these eggplants more than once!
Me today too made fun of experimented with the recipe. Rather, with 2 recipes, combining them into one.
Quote: nila
I just want to try to combine my 2 recipes. This recipe and recipe Snack of pickled eggplant and grilled peppers in one
Here is the result of this experiment
Eggplant tongues in honey marinade
The blue ones were fried according to the recipe. But layered with sweet pepper, which I baked under the grill. I alternated layers of blue and pepper. I put garlic plates on the blue ones, sprinkled the pepper with herbs and added basil leaves from myself. Pouring recipe with honey,
Only flooded, tomorrow we will try. The husband already walks around and licks his lips!
Nelechka, opened a jar of your eggplant today, very, very tasty! Thank you so much for the recipe!
Everyone liked the eggplants, even children who don't really like them. The little one at first refused, and the older one ate so well that he asked. Delicious! The eggplants stood, soaked in marinade, by the way it is not at all in the jar, they took all the liquid into themselves. Vinegar, I had apple cider, I don't feel at all, the garlic, thanks to honey, is not spicy, the children ate it too. The most important thing, of course, is that my husband liked it. I am very pleased with the preparation, thank you!
marika33, Marinochka! How nice it is to receive your feedback! It's nice that my recipes made your whole family so happy this season. And most importantly, your dear grandchildren, that they even began to eat what they had not eaten before.
But, Marishka, this is not only my merit. After all, I only gave the basic basis of the recipe, and you have already adjusted my recipes to the tastes of your family, and you did it very well!
So thank you too!
Nelechka, well, I just baked the eggplants, instead of frying. It is more convenient because I cooked a lot at once. And I took apple cider vinegar, because it was her own, homemade.It took me so much this year for the blanks. Last year, 60 liters were drained into the basement. There are less than 10 left. There are no apples this year, but there is juice, and we will have to make vinegar from it.
Nelya, but the eggplants turned out superb, my husband today compared the eggplant tongue with meat. It is so dense, not fermented, well, very tasty. Yes, and children eat, isn't that a joy !?
So thank you so much for the recipe!
Quote: marika33
It's so dense, not fermented, well, very tasty
Marina, I also noticed this! I have not yet opened the cans that I rolled up, so I don’t know what kind of tongues they turned out. But those tongues that I made for quick eating were really dense, not fermented. And this despite the fact that I made thin tongues, and even peeled eggplants. But the eggplants with pepper, which are in the last photo, impressed my husband and me the most!
Nelya, are you more fragrant with pepper?
Marina, yes, more fragrant! But I also layered peppers with basil. Eggplant tongues with garlic and herbs, and basil baked peppers.
In short, I mixed everything to the heap

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