Plum Jam (Old Calendar Leaf Recipe)

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Plum Jam (Old Calendar Leaf Recipe)


Plum 1 kg (I have 3 kg)
Sugar 200 - 250 gr per 1 kg of plums (I have 700 gr)
Cinnamon pinch
I added an incomplete 1 teaspoon of anise on my own

Cooking method

  • Here is the recipe itself
  • Plum Jam (Old Calendar Leaf Recipe)
  • And this is how I made Plum Jam.
  • I took 3 kg of pitted plums. I had plums picked from 2 trees, larger and smaller (they say that these are 2 different varieties of Ugorka and Vengerka, although all my life I thought that this was one variety).
  • I put the plums in a multicooker saucepan, turned on the Stew program for 40 minutes. During this time, my plums steamed well, and came almost to a boil.
  • She turned off the multicooker and put the plums into a deep Bergoff saucepan.
  • Using a hand blender, I chopped plums well with my foot.
  • I weighed out the prescribed dose of sugar in a bowl.
  • I added a couple of tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and anise seeds. I put the saucepan in the oven turned on 180 '.
  • Didn't close the door tightly!
  • Every 20 - 30 minutes was added another 2 - 3 tbsp. l sugar until all the sugar is gone and the jam thickens well.
  • In total, the jam was cooked in the oven for 3 - 3.5 hours.
  • I put the finished jam in jars and sealed tightly.
  • The husband immediately began to eat the remains of the jam, spreading it on bread and butter. But then I intervened, deciding take away the remains try making plum jam patties.
  • Here are these pies! Not the slightest attempt to leak the jam out! Plum Jam (Old Calendar Leaf Recipe)

Cooking program:

Multicooker, blender and oven.


I don't make jam this year. I wanted to write from the word "absolutely", but I remembered that in the spring I got a couple of kilograms of a little strawberry, which did not go into the freeze, and was not in good condition for food. And so I had to cook jam with it, with the addition of cherries. And so I decided not to play these games with the transfer of sugar anymore. Jams, jam full basement from the past years, but I have completely stopped eating it. I use it only for baking on the sly. Well, I decided, if it really bakes like that in winter, and I want some sweet bread with a fresh pink crust, I will get any berry from the freezer and cook Silt's vase in a quickie.
But here the other day, "happiness" unexpectedly came to me again, in the form of a bucket of plums! I was going to pickle these plums, but it didn't work out.
I barely cleared these plums from the pits, cooked 4 jars of Silt, and with the rest I decided to cook jam for pies.
And then I remembered about my old notebook, into which in the early 80s I pasted a leaflet from a tear-off calendar with a recipe for Plum Jam. I found that recipe, and made a delicious and thick jam, which is suitable for filling in pies, and for spreading on a slice of fresh, homemade bread.
I just slightly adjusted the recipe to my taste and today's realities.
There are already a lot of similar recipes on the forum, and I did not immediately dare to expose it. But then I still decided, maybe someone will come in handy with this method of cooking. I will not say that it is very simple and fast, nevertheless, you will have to tinker with removing the bones. Yes, and a lot of time to spend on cooking, but I think it's worth it! I ordered a couple more kg of plums, my husband said that this can be cooked

I also add walnuts there
nila, Nelechka, amazing color I just want to put a spoon into the bowl
What a good recipe!)
It should be straight into the notebook. So that next year. This year I have already finished with plums ... and no plums
And so handsome. And we love plums!
(The pies are also delicious))) Puffs!
About 3 years ago I wondered how to make plum jam. I bookmark this recipe all of a sudden on the cheap I'll run into it again
And I'll bookmark it. Nice recipe. Doesn't it turn out sour with so much sugar?
Lelka, and you add walnuts to jam when baking in the filling? Or when making the jam itself?
I can add walnuts to the apricot jam when I wrap the roll. But I wouldn't even think about cooking with nuts. Interesting to try!
TatyanaThanks for your kind words! You are always generous with them and you never forget to say them!
And the tablet did not convey the beautiful color at all by Fotkala in the evening, so how did it happen. In fact, the color of the jam is much brighter.
Rita, and thank you for the comment, and for the jam, and that I paid attention to the pies! We still have a lot of plums in our gardens, and there are a penny in the bazaar this year. That year she was almost gone, and this year the trees are bursting with plums. I walked along our street to a stop, so not a single tree with plums stood intact. The branches of the trees on the ground are full of plums, and many trees are so broken in two.
Albina, I have been looking for a recipe for real thick jam for more than 30 years, and so that it is not cooked on the stove in a saucepan. Because no matter how much I tried to cook in a saucepan, it burns. I cooked it in a slow cooker, it still turns out rare. I switched to mikra, it seems better. According to this recipe, from the calendar, I remember once I cooked it when I was young, and it’s obvious that I didn’t succeed then. And I never looked into it anymore, then I completely forgot about it. And now it was necessary to remember more than 30 years later
Ludmila, sweet jam will certainly not work. A pleasant sourness is still present. If you need more sweetness, then a little more sugar must be added. I get sugar added an average weight of between 200 and 250 grams. Plums were just over 3 kg, and sugar almost reached 700 gr. But my plum was sweet.
And I liked the pies! nila, Nelya, Give a recipe for these pies, please, you can write in a personal. Special thanks for plum jam!
velli, valentine, I make pies according to this recipe
The dough is just awesome rich! # 7
A very successful recipe for the dough, and even with such a filling, the pies did not last a day with us
So make plum jam and bake those pies too
Irina Dolars
This is a great recipe with minimal sugar!
I did it for many years. Stewed in halves (I like slices). Added vanilla and cinnamon

I bought several kilograms of plums. Spread it in the basin. Soap and cut into slices, removing bones.
I put off the sweet one for food. Sour or unleavened - for jam / jam.
As a result, almost everything was eaten

I haven't bought a plum for a long time

Quote: nila
Or when making the jam itself?
Nelya, I add it when cooking.
Once upon a time, in Tiraspol, I tried plum jam with walnuts. They are locally made, and since then, for me, plum preserves and jams should be with walnuts. Although, I do not really like these nuts, but in plums I miss them.
Try a small batch, you might like it
Irina, thanks for stopping by! This is for sure a very successful recipe with a minimum amount of sugar, but a great plum flavor!
For some reason, I also haven't cooked a plum for a long time. Their tree was removed from the site many years ago, it took up too much space, a useful area for tomatoes. And I bought a plum only for freezing a little, toss it, and for baking for now. But this year we have such a crop of plums that people distribute it almost for free, or just give it away, so that it does not disappear on the tree.
Lelka, if I buy another plum, I want to try with nuts. Only for this, you also need to buy nuts, you don't have your own tree either
Oh, and sugar supplies are running out, you need to make an order for a bag
Nelichka, I made jam from 2 kg of plums. I baked in the oven for a long time, everything seemed liquid to me. It boiled down hard. Now it has cooled down, thickened. But it was sour, I added more than 500 g of sugar, I had to add more. The plums were kind of sweet
Lyudochka, when the jam is boiled in the oven, it is certainly hot and it seems that it is rare. And when it cools down, it thickens. I looked at the paddle I was interfering with. She lies on a plate and cools quickly. As it begins to gel on the shoulder blade, then stop cooking.
Now I have a second batch in the oven. But I added yellow cherry plum to this jam to the plum. It turned out 1 kg of pureed cherry plum and a little more than 2 kg of plums. Sugar took 1 kg, t, the cherry plum is very sour. Still all the sugar has not gone, but I just tried it, of course the cherry plum gave the sour. When I cooked from one plum, the sourness was weak, not cloying. But we liked this sourness.
Oh, Nelya, I once made blue cherry plum jam. That was sour
Luda, so I already doubt whether I should have added this cherry plum. It was just that there was a bowl in the refrigerator for a long time, I did not know where to attach it, and my hand did not rise to throw it away. And today I'm going to cook plum jam, let me think and I'll cook this cherry plum together.
From now on I will turn it off and pour it into the cans. The sourness is stronger than pure plum.
But I made jam today! I bought 1300 grams of prunes, removed the seeds, the plums themselves probably remained somewhere 1 kg. Cut into halves, laid out on a baking sheet and dried at 120 degrees for 1.5 hours. Then I smashed it with a blender, added cinnamon and sugar. again put the plum mass into a small baking sheet and simmer for another 40 minutes. I put it in small 200 ml jars. It turned out 800 ml of ready-made jam. for the first time I cooked from prunes (before that I always cooked from local pink and yellow plums) and for the first time I added cinnamon to the plums. The taste is unusual for me, but interesting and pleasant. The jam turned out to be thick and exactly the same color as nila... But I didn't have anise. nila Did you add ground anise or whole grains? You just don't see the anise seeds in your photo. And thank you nila for an interesting recipe, next time I will certainly try to cook jam with anise.

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