Loaf stuffed with canned fish

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Loaf stuffed with canned fish


canned fish / salmon or pink salmon 1 can
boiled eggs 2 pcs
Cheese 100-150g
Mayonnaise 1 dessert. the spoon
small onion 1 PC
greens / dill, parsley bundle

Cooking method

  • Mash canned food with a fork along with butter or your own juice. We prefer canned food in our own juice. Finely chop the onion, finely grate the eggs and cheese, chop the herbs. Combine everything, if necessary, salt, add mayonnaise, half of the cheese, mix everything.
  • Cut off the lid from the roll, select all the crumb, fill the roll with minced meat, sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Cook in the microwave at full power for ~ 4-5 minutes. Small round buns can be used.
  • Dry the crumb and lids and grind them into crackers. You can, of course, add to the minced fish, but we like minced meat without a roll better.
  • Delicious, fast, not overwhelmed.
  • Loaf stuffed with canned fish
  • Loaf stuffed with canned fish

Tanyush, the bun is good-ah ..... well, why bake pies ?! ...
Tatyana, I love fish dishes! Thanks for a quick breakfast, or a delicious bun for an afternoon snack
Tatyana, thanks for such a cool idea of ​​burgers, or rather even pies. I So I love fish pies, but no one from my family shares this love: once I ate a baked fish pie alone for almost a week. And now - oh, miracle! - I can myself at least 2 times a day personal cook pies and not depend on anyone Thank you!
grinaty, Natalia, well, if you are your beloved and no one else ... and the Omelette-Gravolochka ... it's better to have nothing to wish for! Travola SW232 (omelet maker)
celfh, Tanya, very cool - took the idea. My kids come home from school hungry as wolves. I have such a bun and into the princess - and it will be happy!
Natasha, Ilmira, Natalia, Sveta, girls, I will be very glad if the recipe comes in handy. Juicy and tasty almost pies are obtained
Quote: Svetlenki
took the idea.
That's right, Sveta, you can stuff not only canned fish
celfh, Tatyanathank you
Quote: kristina1
thank you
kristina1, you're welcome
celfh, thanks, it will definitely come in handy, even without questions! Such a beauty!
Quote: mamusi
will definitely come in handy
mamusi, I really want to like it too
As a zealous hostess, I conducted "tests" on a small volume of products - I used crumpets from a loaf.
For the test it is normal, but "for food" I will take more serious volumes)))
Baked in the oven.
I took baked pink salmon as fish. I thought it would be dry, but this did not happen.
I take it to the permanent)
Thank you very much!
Loaf stuffed with canned fish
Irina, To your health! I'm very glad that I liked the recipe And special thanks for the reminder of the excellent attachment

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