Zucchini and minced meat cake in the oven

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Zucchini and minced meat cake in the oven


Zucchini 1 piece, medium,
Potatoes 1 piece, small,
Any mince (turkey or chicken, pork and beef) 200 grams,
Flour 1 tablespoon,
Egg 1 piece,
Garlic 2 slices,
Mayonnaise 4-5 tablespoons
Salt taste,
Spice coriander, saffron, chaman.

Cooking method

  • Grate the zucchini on a coarse grater, squeeze the juice. Grate potatoes with a coarse grater. Add potatoes, eggs, minced meat, flour, garlic, salt and spices to the zucchini. Mix. Place in a silicone round dish and bake for 35 minutes at 200 degrees.
  • Then cool and cut in half. Put half on a dish and brush with mayonnaise. Put the other half on top and also grease with mayonnaise. Leave to soak for 1 hour.

Time for preparing:

45 minutes


For a large family, you can bake 2 of these cakes and put on top of each other, layering with mayonnaise. Very tasty and no oil needed!

Svetochka, I love zucchini cake very much, but I have never done it with minced meat, I will definitely try and bring you a report! Thanks for the recipe!
What an interesting cake, such a man's, with meat!
Thank you, took it!

And what is the diameter of the mold, and what is the height of the cake?
Quote: Trishka
And what is the diameter of the mold, and what is the height of the cake?

The inner diameter of the mold is 22 cm, the height of the cake is about 2 cm.
sleepyhead, Svetlanawhat a great big cutlet .. very good recipe .. bookmark .. thanks ..
sleepyhead, Svetlana, thanks for the great recipe! :))) I will definitely try, I have a desire and a reason, even two, and one of them is a brand new pizza maker Klatronic :))) I was just looking for some recipe for her, so as not pizza - in my opinion, this one is perfect How I will - I will definitely come with a report
Quote: Korolek
one of them is a brand new pizza maker Clathronic :)))

Congratulations on your new device! Let it work for a long time and for joy!

Girls, thanks for the thanks in a personal. I really hope you enjoy the cake when you make it.
sleepyhead, Svetlana, I am grateful for the recipe. Delicious.

Zucchini and minced meat cake in the oven

Sorry to turn over from the tablet
eta-007, Svetlana, I am very glad that I liked the cake. To your health!
sleepyhead, Svetochka, delicious cake! Only yesterday I made it just like a casserole, with tomato rings on top and grated cheese. Dumb! Thanks for the recipe!
Lasto4ka, Svetochka, I can imagine how delicious it is with tomatoes and cheese. Thanks for perfecting the recipe!
sleepyhead, Svetlana. What yummy. I will definitely do it. Thanks for the zucchini idea

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