Boiled pork

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Boiled pork


Pork 2 Kg
Nitrite salt 20 g
Cooking salt 20 g
Pepper mix taste
Garlic 3-5 cloves
Thyme 1-2 branches

Cooking method

  • It's very simple, but delicious! And let them say that it is not useful there, cholesterol, etc., BUT ... to be honest, I have never met a person who would refuse such a piece.
  • Boiled pork
  • Pretty much all you need is a good piece of pork. It is desirable, of course, that with fat. But without fanaticism. If there is no fat, it will turn out dry, but if there is a lot of fat…. No, you know, fried pork fat, after all, is not boiled, but when there is a lot of it, it is also not very pleasant.
  • Something like that.
  • Boiled pork
  • After you rinse and dry the pork well, the easiest way is paper towels, for example, a piece of it, rub it well with a mixture of salt and pepper. Take salt as standard - two percent of the weight of the meat. Peppers - here according to tastes and preferences. And the range and quantity. Only peppers, best of all, are coarsely ground.
  • Stir the mixture well and grate the pork thoroughly. You could even make something like a pickle, but I didn't.
  • And not just grate, but massage the piece thoroughly. I say without irony, if that. Precisely to massage.
  • And one more "pure taste". You can stuff the meat with garlic. I didn't. Everyone has their own addictions. So, if you love, don't forget.
  • Boiled pork
  • Chop the garlic into a pan. Do not chop finely, these are the best plates. Add a branch, maximum two thyme. A couple of bay leaves. Crush a few peas of allspice. Exactly - just crush. Well ... if there are any fantasies about what other favorite spices are, you shouldn't deny yourself, although overdoing it is also not good.
  • Align all this to the bottom of the pallet.
  • Boiled pork
  • And then lay the massaged and grated piece of pork on this lining.
  • Cover the tray with foil, wrap in a bag and refrigerate.
  • Boiled pork
  • The pork will stand, or should stand - optimally ... a day. Turn the pork every six to eight hours. Just turn it over and that's it.
  • Boiled pork
  • Boiled pork
  • Preheat the oven. One hundred sixty degrees - one hundred and eighty. No more.
  • Place the meat in a baking bag. After all, I want to make it juicy, so pack it, do not be lazy.
  • And into the oven.
  • If there is a thermometer for meat, then wait until the temperature inside the piece, so to speak, reaches seventy - seventy-five degrees. If not, then after about an hour and a half (although here you need to understand that the baking time depends on the size of the piece of meat, including), poke a knife into the meat. If the juice is clear and transparent, then it's ready. If the juice is bloody, even a little, then not yet. But, believe me, a thermometer is more convenient.
  • Yes, if the bag suddenly swells up, do not hesitate - pierce it. It is possible in several places.
  • Boiled pork
  • Well. Such is the view. It's a matter of taste, but we tried to make it look just like that. After you unpack the meat, you can send the pallet back to the oven. To brown, brown the crust on top ..., etc.
  • Boiled pork
  • Of course, boiled pork and hot will be very tasty. But it's better to cool it all the same. Cover the meat with better foil, cool and refrigerate overnight.
  • Do not cut thickly, but you do not need to thin. Not a balyk though.
  • Angela at the meal!
  • Boiled pork

The dish is designed for

12 servings

Time for preparing:

2-3 hours

Ivanych, Fine, colorful, drooling. And yet, what part of pork is best for cooking pork. I remember that my mother took a part of her hind leg for this, but it was with a bone, of course. What do you use?
and why nitrite?
Ivanych, well, you remember, I am yours forever !! Great recipe and deliciously written! A couple of three birthdays are coming, I will try to cook your boiled pork. And I support the question of a part of pork, it seems a scapula with a rolled bone?
And I wonder what part of the pig
From experience, either the back or the shoulder blade.
Nitrite gives color, of course. And ... quote:
"... Nitrite salt is table salt with the addition of sodium nitrite. It (NN) is used because:
Firstly, sodium nitrite inhibits the development of the bacillus Clostridium botulinum (everyone has heard about botulism?)
Secondly, it gives the finished product a characteristic ham flavor
And thirdly, during heat treatment, it reacts with hemoglobin / myoglobin and retains a beautiful pink color in the product - without the addition of nitrite salt, the output turns out to be gray, like boiled pork
As for the fears and horrors of nitrite salt in particular and nitrates in general. After the product has undergone heat treatment, the sodium nitrite content in it decreases three to five times. But, even if he did not react at all with myoglobin / hemoglobin, then in one kilogram of bacon its amount would be at the level of 40-50 milligrams.
Now compare with the permissible concentration (according to the requirements of the State Supervision Agency) of nitrates in vegetables - beets / cucumbers / tomatoes - 150mg, potatoes / carrots - 250mg, cabbage - 600mg ... "

According to GOST - boiled pork, this is the only finished meat product that does not contain nitrites, and is baked in the oven. Therefore boiled pork also has such a "nondescript" gray color. But the taste is great.
According to GOST, nitrites are added to ham and sausage.

The benefits of nitrite can still be argued, it can only manifest itself in the body over the years, unfortunately
God saves man, who save himself Nitrites, their useful and harmful properties. Dyes: carmine, cochineal, annatto
Tanyush @ ka
Ivanych, I took it to bookmarks, you can do this for the holidays, thanks
Ivanych, And the recipe is posted in the "Dairy and Egg Dishes" topic. Have you noticed?
Quote: OxanaSh
And the recipe was posted in the "Dairy and Egg Dishes" topic. Have you noticed?
This is offtopic. The author cannot change the section on his own. You need not write in the subject, but click "Report an error, clarification or violation".
As always - bravo, Maestro! I will definitely try to portray this at home, in the new pressure cooker Moulinex Cook4Me CE 7021, + in the oven for the crust. But, just do not be offended - without nitrite ...
Ivanych, many thanks for the boiled pork recipe! Made from a pork apple! She is gorgeous!
Boiled pork
fomca, that's what I understand !!! And in the context?
Kapet, in vain you are so. Nitrite, it gives both color and taste ..., no harm from it.
Quote: Ivanych

fomca, that's what I understand !!! And in the context?
Kapet, in vain you are so. Nitrite, it gives both color and taste ..., no harm from it.
I'll do it tomorrow!
Ivanych, brought you thanks for the recipe and report!
Before, when I baked boiled pork, I set the temperature to 190 * and it took more time. This time I did everything according to your recipe, including measuring the temperature inside.
Total: meat-1kg,
t-180 *
time -1hour 20min,
t inside-72 *.
The result is pleasing!

Boiled pork

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