Minced pork ham ... and no ham

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Chopped pork ham ... and no ham


Pork 1 kg
Nitrite salt 10 g
Cooking salt 10 g
Spices and condiments taste

Cooking method

  • This is exactly what is obtained with the help of a ham maker. Very juicy, with fragments (how to say that ...?) ... well, let it be aspic (clearly explained that?), But, whatever one may say, but it turns out such a ham - boiled. This is not a disadvantage or vice versa. Just a statement of fact.
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  • But this one…. This is a ham that is made from the same meat with the same spices and seasonings, but without any ham. Believe me - no less juicy and tasty. It is baked, although you can cook it, of course. But when baked, a different taste appears. To put it simply, we like it this way.
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  • Actually the main, main and only product that this ham contains. Meat. If you take a mixture of meat, then still leave sixty percent for pork. Don't chase after lean meat. Fat is very appropriate and, moreover, must be present.
  • Rinse the meat well and then dry it. To make it faster, you can use a paper towel, for example.
  • Ideally, the meat should be cooled. Its maximum temperature should be twelve degrees.
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  • And then there are, as in that anecdote, "two ways", but leading to a common goal - to chop the meat.
  • You can (and, in my opinion, the only thing needed) to cut the meat into thin strips. Do not cut into pieces, but translate into thin strips. Troubled, tedious, long enough, but worth it. It is optimal to achieve stripes with a thickness of thirty-three. But, if you have enough patience, making it thinner will be better.
  • If you are very reluctant, just pass it through a meat grinder. Only the lattice should be taken larger.
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  • Spices and other spicy, aromatic, piquant. What's the main thing? Without which you can not do in any way. This is salt. Two percent of the weight of meat should be taken (no analogy is needed). This will be the amount of salt that will be needed. But that's not all. We divide these two percent in half. One "in half" - it will be ordinary salt, table, so to speak. But the second "in half" - nitrite salt. What is what and for what - let the curious read it in smart sources. I note that this salt will give the product a pink-red color, for example.
  • But the other set ... here entirely and entirely - at the discretion of the performer. Depending on your preferences and preferences. Put whatever you think is necessary and appropriate. And in quantities acceptable for you.
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  • But in any case, mix all these spices well and send them to the meat. And mix everything delicately. Don't be zealous. This stage of mixing is only so that the spices and salt are evenly distributed over the entire mass of meat.
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  • And the rest of the work will be done by the machine. We have an attachment to a food processor called a kneader. So it will hum. If it is not - then with your hands - carefully and for a long time.
  • This is the process.
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  • As a result, this very meat mixture should turn from separate fragments into a kind of sticky mass, which should stretch a little for the hands. Scientifically speaking, the mixture must be emulsified.
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  • And again we send the mass to the refrigerator. At night it is optimal. Let it ripen and enhance its emulsification.
  • And here again - the well-chilled mass is ready for further transformation into ham.
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  • For comparison: on the left - the meat is troublesomely cut into pieces - stripes, and on the right - minced.
  • About a quarter should be separated from the entire mass.
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  • And we pass this quarter through a meat grinder.But already - on the contrary, take the smallest lattice that is.
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  • And after mixing the crushed quarter with the rest, we form such balls. Do them, about four hundred grams.
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  • It is necessary to beat them off, but it is worth slapping them. Not much, but to compact the mass a little and give it a certain stable shape.
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  • And then, you just need to take a baking film. Pack the resulting sausages in this very film, tie the tails with twine. Make a loop on one side. Something like that.
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  • You can, of course, order a shell. Collagenous. Or find the guts. And with the help of a sausage syringe or attachment for a meat grinder, fill such, for example, bombs. Here the owner is the master. Who likes what.
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  • We hang these same sausages (this is ideal) in this way in the refrigerator. For the night. Let them ripen.
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  • Next is the oven. Why an oven, i.e. slow roasting? And the ham will be tastier. After all, if you use a ham, cook the product, whatever one may say, and you will lose part of the juice. But with such processing, everything will remain inside. The ham, I answer you, will be both juicier and ... in general, a decent ham will turn out.
  • Keep it in the oven until it reaches seventy degrees ... inside the product.
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  • As a result, we have the following picture.
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  • And this is in a collagen casing.
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  • And actually….
  • Angela at the meal!
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How I love this last phrase: "the angel at the meal!" Ivanych, thanks for the masterclass, I love your recipes!
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Ivanych, uh, beauty .. Sausage ... I also love chopped most of all. Eat straight and you realize that you are eating meat sausage ...
Ivanych, a, Ivanych, where could I already see your "main" loaf? No, well, I saw it somewhere a couple of days ago.
could, of course ...

Added on Monday 23 Jan 2017 10:13 PM

Twig, Thank you ...
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
I thought I had a dream. Calmed down. ...
Bravo Maestro! As always, I believe that it is really tasty!

Shl. Pork and 70 Celsius inside, - nitrite salt here, IMHO, is very appropriate!
what a ham! Taking off my hat
just tell me, please, at what temperature are you setting the oven
80 degrees ... the process is not short, but it's worth it
Wonderful master class. Everything turns out to be very simple and accessible
Ivanychas always excellent!

I want to ask, is it possible this quarter at the very beginning for a meat grinder? I also love it when the meat is sliced, not ground in ham. But the slicing process is really dreary. If we all the same then grind the fourth part, then it is possible to lighten ourselves a little and not cut this part initially?
Ivanych, The recipe is very interesting. But the question is: is it possible to do without nitrite salt? And what spices, seasonings do you use?
Kara, I think that it is quite possible and immediately to the meat grinder.
Natalia-65, nitrite salt makes it possible to store the product and ..., in general - here's a quote:

"... Nitrite salt is table salt with the addition of sodium nitrite. It (NN) is used because:
Firstly, sodium nitrite inhibits the development of the bacillus Clostridium botulinum (everyone has heard about botulism?)
Secondly, it gives the finished product a characteristic ham flavor
And thirdly, during heat treatment, it reacts with hemoglobin / myoglobin and retains a beautiful pink color in the product - without the addition of nitrite salt, the output turns out to be gray, like boiled pork
As for the fears and horrors of nitrite salt in particular and nitrates in general. After the product has undergone heat treatment, the sodium nitrite content in it decreases three to five times. But, even if he did not react at all with myoglobin / hemoglobin, then in one kilogram of bacon its amount would be at the level of 40-50 milligrams.
Now compare with the permissible concentration (according to the requirements of the State Supervision Agency) of nitrates in vegetables - beets / cucumbers / tomatoes - 150mg, potatoes / carrots - 250mg, cabbage - 600mg ... "

And it's up to you whether you need to or not.
| Alexandra |
I really want to get away from the danger of botulism, however - the presence of nitrates in vegetables, I think, is not an argument, but even the other way around ... I recently read something else weighty in defense of the possibility of using sodium nitrite, I read here with us - and I can't remember what and where ...
Quote: Natalia-65
And what spices, seasonings do you use?
Colleagues, the amount of salt is important. I indicated it. The rest, of course, it all depends only on you. Someone, do not believe it, pours cinnamon into pork !!! And then he explains with a scandal. that without cinnamon - they don't eat pork ... Therefore, I'm sorry, don't try. Everything is based on personal preferences and tastes.

Added on Tuesday 24 Jan 2017 03:01 PM

| Alexandra |, I really can't add anything to what has been said. Make your own choice. okay?
| Alexandra |
You are absolutely right. I'm afraid of botulism - I haven't rolled it up for several years now, I just pick it up and salt it under regular lids. There is an autoclave, but it is very difficult to reach the required temperature of 124g. But until she could convince herself to use nitrite, what they write about it is too serious.
O. Ivanych, I haven't come across your recipes for a long time. heartily glad to see.)
As always, very interesting, bright and drooling!
| Alexandra |, we haven't noticed anything negative yet. On the contrary, all the sausages say - you can't do without her!
July, Thank you ....
| Alexandra |
Quote: Ivanych
we haven't noticed anything negative yet.
And God forbid that this turned out to be noticeable. But - not all sausage makers say that there is nothing without her.
Thank you! I will use it !!!!!
Quote: Ivanych
... the amount of salt is important. I indicated it. The rest, of course, it all depends only on you. Someone, do not believe it, pours cinnamon into pork !!! And then, with a scandal, he explains that pork cannot be eaten without cinnamon ... Therefore, excuse me, do not try. Everything based on personal preferences and tastes.
This is not very good to eat ... Because, for example, I am making a ham for the first time. And I just have no idea about my personal preferences and tastes, and even more so about the amount of spices. That is, I understand what it is delicious for me, but with the help of what this taste is achieved ... And there are many like me, I think. In the end, I had to rummage through other recipes to find out at least something on the merits of the issue.

And the second thing. The temperature in the oven is about 80 * C, "the process is not short." What is the approximate time? An hour, an hour and a half, two? Here you cannot refer to "different ovens", because the temperature is indicated. How soon to start checking core temperature? It is also not clear.
I really won't tell you anything about spices. This is not harmful. Here you need to focus on your personal taste.
But in terms of time in the oven ... I just confirm the thesis: "... It is necessary to keep it in the oven until it reaches seventy degrees ... inside the product."
The thermometer "for measuring the temperature inside the product" (so in a search engine and score - you will find yourself instantly) costs a penny, you need it. It's better not to start cooking without it. especially the first time.
Ivanychof course I have a thermometer. When to start sticking it in and checking it - in half an hour? an hour? .. I risk dying all the poor ham ...
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Tatyana, at the very beginning they stuck it once and left it that way. Why poke him here and there.
Thank you, Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, here I am a stupid ... fed on shop sausage ...
Quote: Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
stuck once and left like that

yeah ...

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