Cake "Kissel banks"

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Cake Kisselny shores


Kissel (dry) 250 g
Eggs 3 pcs
Flour 2 tbsp. spoons
Soda 1 tsp
For the cream:
Boiled condensed milk 1 jar
Butter 200 g
Cognac 2 tbsp. spoons

Cooking method

  • Knead the jelly briquette thoroughly. Add eggs, flour and vinegar slaked soda.
  • Beat everything.
  • Line the form with paper. Grease with oil and sprinkle with flour.
  • Bake three cakes. The cake is baked for 7-10 minutes.
  • Cool the finished cakes.
  • For the cream, beat the butter, adding condensed milk in parts. Add cognac to the whipped cream if desired.
  • Smear the cakes with cream, decorate. Let it soak.
  • The cream can be sour cream or custard.
  • Cake Kisselny shores
  • Cake Kisselny shores
  • Cake Kisselny shores
  • Cake Kisselny shores

Time for preparing:

1,5 hour

Svetlana, wonderful cake 🔗
Thank you so much.
Svetlana, would not refuse a piece of such a cake for tea)))
yes you can and more than one piece.
Oh, and we already have such a recipe on the forum, it differs only in cream, although there have already been different creams ... and they made it in a slow cooker .. the experience has already been collected decent.

Cake "Light" (Cilia)

Cake Kisselny shores
It is a pity that many duplicate recipes, and do not use the search
Ksyusha, I immediately remembered about him, but there it seems like baking is in a frying pan
Ksyusha, you must agree, it is almost impossible to find this recipe by searching. The names are completely different. The discrepancy in the amount of jelly, by the way, is quite a significant discrepancy, perhaps the taste is different. I think there is nothing wrong with this "duplication". I have a book "Cooking for Professionals" by G. Kraknel and R. Kaufman, so in this book, based on a test, several types of cakes or pastries are made, but each cake or pastry is presented with separate recipes with reference to the basic recipe))
She opened a book at random: Bat Buns and Chelsea Buns. And the dough is one - under number 1750)))
So it's okay)
Quote: celfh
Ksyusha, you must admit that it is almost impossible to find this recipe by searching.
I totally agree. But it is well searched for by the query "jelly cake", and Irishkin Tumanchik is also there for a similar cake. And I think it will be useful to know that there is a similar recipe and there are answers to many questions ...
And no, Albin, there is not in a frying pan, there is someone baking in a frying pan in the oven
Volgas, an interesting recipe! I will come home - I will definitely try.
Cranberry jelly cakes and dried cranberries between the cakes.
Cake Kisselny shores
Cake Kisselny shores

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