Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese

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Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese


kohlrabi head of cabbage 500 grams
egg 1 piece
feta cheese (cheese) I have homemade 50-70 grams
flour 2-3 st. spoons
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese Here is such a beautiful kohlrabi that I grew up with.
  • Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese We clean the head of cabbage and three on a medium grater.
  • Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese Salt the cabbage, leave for 5-10 minutes and squeeze. Add grated feta cheese or any cheese, egg, pepper, flour and mix.
  • Blind cutlets.
  • Fry until golden brown on both sides. Fire is below average. Cover with a lid, reducing heat to low. Hold for a couple of minutes.
  • All. You can serve.
  • Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheese
  • Enjoy)


I love these cutlets very much. Delicious with sour cream. Cabbage should be taken young, without "wooden" veins. Recommend!

Angela, thanks for the recipe! Appetizing cutlets! Just today in the store I was thinking about what to cook from kohlrabi, but I didn’t think of it and didn’t buy cabbage
Quote: mirtatvik
what to cook from kohlrabi,
I eat it like that, it is tastier than stumps and you can cut them into a salad, and the cutlets are delicious, but I somehow feel sorry for the head of cabbage to process, I use the leaves for these purposes
It is wonderful, Angelchikthat you didn't jam the recipe! Oh, I only add it to the salad, and fry it. I never even thought about cutlets. We love all kinds of cabbage. Except for the Brussels one.
very interesting, you have to try
Girls, thanks to all. I hope the recipe will come in handy at least someday)
Quote: mirtatvik
Just today in the store I was thinking about what to cook from kohlrabi, but I didn’t think of it and didn’t buy cabbage
Jeanne has a great recipe
Kohlrabi cutlets with feta cheeseKohlrabi "Fried Potatoes"
Quote: Mikhaska
that you didn't jam the recipe!
Ira, yes, I'm already abusing your attention, I'm not hiding anything)
Quote: ang-kay
I am already abusing your attention
This is not true! Don't listen to anyone! Thanks to you, my piggy bank is regularly replenished with valuable and interesting dishes and very unusual and delicious pastries!
And how beautiful it all is!
And I have not even tried this kohlrabi even once ... wild ...
Quote: Mikhaska
you have it all
Ira, thank you dear)
Quote: kolobok123
This kohlrabi did not even try
Natasha, everything is ahead)
What a beauty I have grown, our heads of cabbage have just begun to fill, but I'm waiting for them !!!!

dropped out of reality for a couple of days, now I don't know what recipe to grab, so much has been thrown around here, oh yeah !!! The first batch is already in a linen bag

Jeanne, I'm already leaving. I sit a little so that I don't get bored.

I wondered for a long time what was in your linen bag, but then it came to pass. Let them dry. We wait)

Angela, uh huh, uh huh)) they are dear)))
I have some kind of bust with red cabbage this year and kohlrabi, and cauliflower, and some kind of cone-shaped sugar for salad))))) I would not blush
Angela, appetizing cutlets, like meat. I would have eaten one piece, but Pasibka's cabbage did not grow for the recipe! and we've never fried before! For some reason
Oksana, well, live, learn)

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