Compote "Tarhun" (apricots, apples, pears, gooseberries)

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Compote Tarhun (apricots, apples, pears, gooseberries)


tarragon 3-5 branches
sugar 1-2 tbsp.
lemon to-that 1/3 tsp
water 2-2.5 l

Cooking method

  • I would like to share the preparation of a very tasty and unusual compote, in which the taste of tarragon prevails, and fruits-berries only complement it. Empirically, I came to the conclusion that those fruits are suitable that do not have a bright taste and do not interrupt the aroma of tarragon. I think of these as apricots, apples, pears and, oddly enough, gooseberries. Fruit-berries can be taken in any proportion, you can limit yourself to only one type. I pour about a third of the can, and cook the syrup sweeter than if you drink it right away, in such a way that the compote is sweet when it comes out and can be diluted with water before drinking. Therefore, when I open a can, I get not 3 liters of compote, but 4-5.
  • So let's get started.
  • Wash the cans and sterilize them in the usual way. We cook syrup from water and sugar. We wash the fruits, you can remove the seeds from the apricots, if this variety does not allow this, then we leave it like that, we cut the apples, pears into slices. Pour fruit into the jars, add lemon to-that, fill with syrup. I underfill only 1-1.5 cm to the top, when it cools down it will turn out to be hangers. Roll up, wrap up and leave for a day.
  • In the photo, a compote from different options
  • Compote Tarragon (apricots, apples, pears, gooseberries)

The dish is designed for

for a 3 liter jar

Time for preparing:

20 minutes

Cooking program:



Try this simple recipe and you can forget about the purchased citro and lemonade. No matter how much I siphon tarragon, it is still not enough for the whole winter, but it is impossible to cook such a drink from dried.
Another option is to use lemon balm sprigs. The taste will be different, but also interesting

COMPOT, a liquid dish made from fresh, dried, canned and frozen fruits and berries, boiled in sweetened water. Served for dessert. Compote will be tastier if you add lemon or orange zest.

Ale, how interesting! I'll write it down in my notebook. Thanks for the idea!
Katya1234, Katya, to your health!
Eh-eh, it's so offensive, because of some reconstruction I lost my tarragon bush ... Where can I find it now? .. And he was amazing in cucumbers too!

Marina, on the market I often meet fresh tarragon, even grandmothers bring it in And sometimes they trade in imported ones.
Tatyana, of course, you can search. But it’s a pity, I had my own, I dug all my friends-friends of the share and was left with nothing ...
marinastom, sadly, but for the blank, you can buy ready-made in bunches. And for planting, look for bushes in autumn or spring, shake friends, let them share back. Or buy a bag of seeds, but I don't like growing seeds, the roots are safer.
baby doll
Elya, Today I bought tarragon, simply because I liked it outwardly. Brought it home and let's look for what to do with it now. I have heard about such kampotics for a long time. I want to try, especially since there are a lot of apricots this year and they are cheap. I have a question. When I roll up compotes, I first pour boiling water in jars of fruit for 20 minutes, then drain, boil the syrup, pour it into jars and roll it up. You immediately pour the syrup and roll it up? How do you store it, in an apartment or in a cellar? I'm so afraid to do it. My method has been proven for decades. Grandma did that, Mom, and now I do. I sit and think that tarragon probably can be poured twice the same, it's a spicy herb like dill. Or will the taste get worse?
baby doll, Julia, do it as you used to, (can you do it?), I fill it once, store it in the cellar. I read that it is not advisable to boil tarragon, odorous substances evaporate, so I pour boiling water over and that's it. You can make two options, one - pour the tarragon twice and mark the jar, and the second - throw the tarragon into the jars already at the second fill. I think it will be delicious this way and that.
Elya, I missed your recipe. But if I had seen it in time, I still would not have done it.
This year I was left without tarragon. I usually buy bundles at the bazaar, from grandmothers. And this year, for some reason, I did not get it. Even the cucumbers had to be covered without tarragon. And the main thing is interesting, I know that since last year there were dried twigs, I searched and did not find where I stumbled. I closed all the cucumbers without him. And yesterday I was sorting through the shelf in the gazebo and found the one with tarragon. Today I picked 3 jars of cucumbers and at least I will add this herb there.
And in the drink you write dried will not fit? But I have already run out of apricots, the apples are just beginning to sing, and the pear is still greenish. Here is such a non-coincidence in ripeness fruit (((
Great, there are both apricot and tarragon. Let's make
baby doll
Nelya, tell me about the cucumbers or poke me into the right recipe. We are all selling now. Maybe I'm passing by happiness!

Added Friday 15 Jul 2016 7:27 PM

Elya, Forgive me for getting in off topic.
nila, Nelya, you just need to try it yourself, maybe he will suit the taste of dried, apples and pears will suit neighbors. Since there is no fresh one, why not try it? It seems to me that there is a big difference in taste between fresh and dried, and in tea I like fresh more. For the winter, dry land, but I don't often use it, the thought has already flashed to put a bunch in the freezer.
radalina3, Alina,
baby doll, Julia, everyone is in the subject Tarragon - it is multifaceted, and in meat, and in compote, and in salad, and in cucumbers!
Elya, I didn’t like dry tarragon at all (not that aroma at all), and I didn’t have much of it left. This is from last year's big bunch, which I bought and used in cucumbers and drinks, the rest remained and I dried it. Today I closed the cucumbers and there is very little of it left.
If I get out to the bazaar, and this is now very difficult to do with such a spec, then I will look ... maybe where I can find fresh tarragon on sale.
Unfortunately, it does not grow with me, I planted it, but it did not take root
Yulia, and what to tell? Cucumbers this year I close only according to this recipe
Compote Tarhun (apricots, apples, pears, gooseberries)Crispy cucumbers in Bulgarian

If what specifically interests you, then ask (in a subject or in a personal), I will answer.
And to me on you.
Nelya, maybe you get lucky and come across a fresh one, then you will try it in compote. Planting at home is the best option, it is more convenient to take the spine.
But I don't come across any more roots. We somehow rarely find tarragon on sale. Greens are still being sold, but the roots were caught only once.
I bought it then, planted it, it seemed to grow all summer, began. And the next year did not rise.
baby doll
Elya, Reporting! I made 10 bottles yesterday. The kids entered the kitchen, they look at the bottles in surprise and the elder asks "is this compote or are you closing the aquarium?" Everyone laughed. But it really looks like an aquarium. A little syrup remained, we tried it and everything approved. It should be infused in jars, in general, it should be delicious!
baby doll, Julia, great result! About the aquarium - cool Try another version with lemon balm
baby doll
Ale! Finally, we tried the compote aquarium! This is something !!! OOOOOOO Very tasty and unusual! Everyone was delighted! Thank you for teaching! So girls who still have doubts, feel free to do it next year.
Julia, very nice, drink and enjoy! I haven't opened it yet, but I still have fresh tarragon in the garden and an apricot in the freezer, I need to cook it.
baby doll
Elya, I have no beds, but I'm afraid to freeze in the light of our (and yours) events. Suddenly there will be no light again. Therefore, I put everything in banks in the season. I'm so calmer.
Well, you must! I would never have guessed it myself! I will definitely try it in the summer, thanks, Elya!
Merri, Irina, I advise, we have already drunk 10 bottles, in different combinations, and I definitely put on the table for guests along with juices (homemade, of course).
lana light
Ale, thanks for the recipe, I'll try to make it this summer! Tarragon comes across in the market, you will need to look. Melissa is definitely there, it has grown in a few years. I'll also try with basil, I really liked it in a drink from nila, he gave a taste and unexpectedly beautiful color.
Elya_lug, nothing, what is there a link to another recipe give? I just really liked both me and my husband, but this is not for the winter, but immediately to drink. And yours is interesting to try to close in banks. I am sure that it will be very tasty too!
A drink that tastes better than any lemonade
lana light, Sveta, be sure to try different options, there is never too much compote.
Not against the link, many drank it, but did not try to close it
Elya, not only took the recipe into service, but also closed several cans - with apples and blue gooseberries. The aroma is great even when pouring! Thank you very much!
lesya-zhuk, to your health, let it be delicious!
I now have an option with pears and apricots.
Elya, we have something incredible in our city this year! The apricot harvest is soooo that old-timers are surprised - never happened! The branches broke from the severity, and because of the rainy weather, the fruits burst and rotted right on the trees ... Therefore, there are no local apricots, but imported ones have appeared again. I also have a desire to close the apricot compote with tarragon ...
lesya-zhuk, Elena, if there is a desire, then everything will work out! Yes, the apricot is really in bulk.

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