Ginger curd bread (bread maker)

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Ginger curd bread (bread maker)


Yeast 2 tsp
Brown sugar 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Warm milk 260 ml
Wheat flour 500 g
Cottage cheese 100 g
Soft oil 40 g
Ginger (root) grated 1.5 tsp.

Cooking method

  • Baked in fast mode (1 h 55 min), medium size, greased the top with an egg.


It was based on the "Cheese-curd" recipe from Alinchik.
After yesterday's experiment, I was afraid that it would not work, but as you can see in the photo - the bread is tall, it rose to the top of the bucket, beautiful with a light aroma of ginger
Ginger - for an amateur, of course, you can not add at all

Ginger curd bread (bread maker)
But the bread in the context
Finished bread weight 835 g
Half a loaf has already been eaten with beer, cheese and football
Ginger - in moderation, maybe a little less could be
I think such a beautiful structure is given by children's curd 23%

Ginger curd bread (bread maker)
delicious bread, and ginger is not superfluous here
for Mulinex added another 10 minutes for baking

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