The easiest potato soup

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The easiest potato soup


Vegetable oil optional
Green onion optional
Salt taste

Cooking method

  • I do not write the number of ingredients for this soup because such a soup is made spontaneously when potatoes are boiled for a side dish. Wash potatoes, peel, cut into quarters (optional). pour water and cook.
  • The easiest potato soup
  • When the potatoes are boiled, take out a few potatoes and mash them in a plate, add the chopped clove of garlic.
  • The easiest potato soup
  • Pour potato broth into a plate and drip a little vegetable oil (optional). Mix.
  • The easiest potato soup
  • Add salt and herbs to taste.
  • Use the rest of the potatoes for their intended purpose.

Cooking program:



I have known this simple potato soup since childhood. My grandmother and mother cooked it for me, always when they cooked potatoes, they asked if I should make soup? I never refused him, I loved him very much and love him to this day. Later, when I was already a teenager, we moved to a new apartment, I didn’t know how to cook (I had just learned to turn on the stove, let alone keep a knife in my hand), my mother was at work for a long time, my grandmother was on the other side of the city , so there was no one to feed me. I started my culinary path with potatoes, first with boiled ones, then I tried to fry them. In general, for the whole first year in a new apartment, I mostly ate potatoes, and it was here that this soup came in handy for me, since this is the only soup that I could cook. Later, when I had my own family, for some reason I cooked this soup only for myself (especially he helped out great during the fast), I never thought that besides me, someone else would eat it. And then somehow she cooked mashed potatoes and made soup, offered it to the child, at that time she was 11 years old, you yourself understand that at this age they do not have a favorite dish of soups. To my great surprise, she ate it, and even said that it was the most delicious soup in the world. After that, for two whole weeks she forced me to do it, until I finally ate it. Now, when I cook potatoes, I always ask whether to make soup?

Scops owl
Yul, this is also my favorite soup. Just today I cooked potatoes and kneaded one for myself with a fork. Only I don't add garlic. I remember myself as a child, how I loved him. Although they cooked different ones, they kept their chickens, turkeys ... And this one is simple, unpretentious and so delicious.
Scops owl, LarissaAnd today I cooked potatoes for filling for pies and made two plates of soup for myself and my daughter. Try it with garlic, it is very tasty, the taste is completely different.
This is a delicious potato soup, my mother used to crush black bread into it. We also loved and love him very much, but for some reason, too, we always ate "on the sly" together with my mother. And her grandmother taught her mother.
Scops owl
Yul, I'll try how the stomach goes. Required.
My favorite soup since childhood! I also like to add green celery, frozen, whatever. I love the smell of celery and shove it into everything that is possible and not ...
brendabaker, OksanaAnd I sometimes add rye crackers.
gawala, GalinaI haven't tried it with celery, I only have friendship with him, but I definitely put green onions or dill.
Quote: julia007
but I definitely put green onions or dill.
Well, dill is our everything ...
And here, we make milk potato soup, boil potatoes and carrots and whiten them with milk
And I do it with kefir, especially in summer! I cook potatoes, onions, carrots.I make dumplings from eggs, flour, water. add to soup. When all the dumplings have surfaced, I put the same amount of kefir, or yogurt, as there was water. With dill ... wow !!!! I like it both cold and hot.
Shyrshunchik, Tatyana, My grandmother loved to whiten such a soup with milk, but I'm not very much.
And my grandmother too, grandmother's idea
I call it a decoction. So tasty
I boil the potatoes on purpose so that the broth is saturated, I pour it + garlic + butter into the bouillon dish and pull it out of each other's hands.
While you are laying the table, you will have a broth and drink
Irina F
It can be seen that we all come from the same childhood !!!
When I was little, I loved to sip such a soup with my grandmother! Then, somehow undeservedly forgot it (
julia007, Julia, thanks for the reminder
Irina F, IRINA, You are welcome! I did not even expect that I would find so many "like-minded people".
Yes, and my mother makes such a soup for herself. When she gets tired of my cooking and wants something unpretentious. Only she still breaks an egg there so that there are flakes
Bridge, Natasha, Aha, another option!
Oh, girls, what a discovery you have made for me! Nobody fed me such soup. Now I will take it into service, as they say. It happens when you cook a lot, especially for a holiday, but you don't have time to eat yourself, but you want to. Yes, and when my husband is on duty, and cooking is not a great desire, but here I will go out.
And I loved fried potatoes as a child (and still love them). My grandmother crushed potatoes into borscht right in the frying pan and from there into the pan, and I was constantly begging her for these potatoes. But such a soup has never been made, but it is also probably delicious) you must try
I also never ate something like that, today I tried it - I just cooked a large pot of mashed potatoes, however, there is not enough broth - for 3 servings.
I added a piece of butter, ground pepper, a spoonful of sour cream, croutons - this is fantastic! Now the father is just sucking his portion))
Thank you so much for the recipe, I didn't even know about this!
flete, Oksana, You are welcome! I am very glad that I liked the soup!
All ingenious is simple !!! I have never tried such a soup, but I read your recipe (and your memories!) And so I wanted such a soup ... I must definitely try it !!!
And as a child, I was not fed such a soup, for the first time I read about this in a recipe. Thank you very much - just today the baby is rowdy, sitting in her arms, and the eldest (10 years old) wants to eat. I suggested - and let you cook the soup yourself. And she did it. At first she snorted, but now she asks for more
And I liked it, fast, satisfying and surprisingly tasty. There was no onion, they put dill, garlic, sour cream and a little bit of bacon! Thank you, we take it into service!
And if there is more bacon? Well, in a fashionable way, you need to somehow interest your husband to start, otherwise he will refuse without meat
vivatVeraBe sure to try, because it is so millet and delicious!

NataST, You are welcome! I am very glad that you liked the soup!
julia007, for me this soup has become a lifesaver! And who would have thought that it would be so delicious. Little girl, sweet tooth asked for more! Very convenient, fast and tasty
Oksanna, I am very glad that my soup was pleasant!
Julia, I also constantly remember you with gratitude - now whenever I cook potatoes, I leave this soup - it all goes away. And recently I made mashed potatoes and had to add ready-made to the broth - I forgot to put a few potatoes there. It turned out so delicious! I have mashed potatoes with butter and cheese, so now I just add it.
I cook potatoes and I'm happy - I know that the first one will be without any effort. An ingenious recipe, there is nothing to say here!
flete, Oksana, Straight balm to the soul. When I laid out the recipe, no one would like the thought, but here the opposite is true.
So it turned out that not everyone had such advanced relatives). I don’t ask anyone - no one does that, even surprisingly.So a very, very relevant recipe, and even without hassle, thank you so much for sharing!
Nice soup, thanks! Yes, in general, potato soups are very tasty, I really love to mash and eat potatoes in beef broth, and as a child, they made what we called a soup with my mother, cut a salad with a tomato and a cucumber, an onion, a little favorite vegetable oil and mash it into this salad potatoes and pour the broth from it, mmmm how delicious it was!
Oh, this is the most favorite soup from childhood. It was cooked by my grandmother in the country, but she added fresh cream to it. How much I tried to repeat, it never tasted completely different. We must try to cook again. Thanks for reminding the recipe.
Thank you for the recipe, I'll cook it tomorrow, I got infected! Sometimes you really want a very simple, tender soup! :-)
Olgushechka81, You are welcome! Cook for health!

Quote: mamusi
Sometimes you really want a very simple, tender soup! :-)
This soup is just what you need! I will be glad if you like it!
Quote: Bridge

Yes, and my mother makes such a soup for herself. When she gets tired of my cooking and wants something unpretentious. Only she still breaks an egg there so that there are flakes
we have this soup with "clouds", and sprinkle with herbs and garlic fried black bread croutons - a complete soup. Yummy.
Broke up, I'll cook tomorrow .. (no clouds)

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