Pastila mix "Generous August"

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Pastila mix Generous August


plums 3 Kg
raspberry 0.5KG
apples 0.7 kg

Cooking method

  • Why I called this marshmallow mix "Generous August" - everything is very simple: the fruits that the generous month of August gives us abundantly: plums, raspberries and apples.
  • Basically, the mix can be different - at your discretion. The proportions are also given only roughly. You can substitute apples for raspberries - completely, in any ratio.
  • I usually do not cut any skins, I don’t pass anything through a sieve and don’t boil anything.
  • I will only say that for the marshmallow I make a minimum of effort, getting the most delicious result.
  • 1. Cut the plums in half, removing the seeds, cut the apples into slices, raspberries - just put them in the same container.
  • 2. We go through the mass with a blender, at maximum speed and power - a couple of minutes.
  • We get about the following mass:
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • So far, it does not look very appetizing - but its wonderful transformation into an exquisite yummy is still ahead.
  • 3. Further - if you are lucky enough to become the owner of a marshmallow dryer - just lay it out and pour it on special pallets,
  • 0.5-1 cm thick.
  • If you have the most common fruit dryer - like mine - see the photo below - and repeat.
  • We take parchment paper - I was very lucky to find this:
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • She is 38 cm in diameter, before that I had only met 30-33 cm before, and she was short for my standard pallet, 35 cm in diameter.
  • I used to make 2 layers of paper - overlapping to cover the entire diameter of the circle,
  • Now I get by with 1 layer. And this time I came out with a "wavy" marshmallow, which adds to it a special charm and unusualness.
  • We unfold the roll, put it on top of the drying tray:
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • In the center of the circle with a knife cut a hole for free air circulation, as if piercing in the center and pushing the paper apart.
  • We get this hole in the center:
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • 4. Pour and distribute the marshmallow around the entire perimeter, 0.5-1 cm thick.
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • The main mistake of beginners: too thin (2-3 mm) or too thick (more than 1 cm) layer.
  • I will not say how much it is by weight for each baking sheet, I have never measured it simply, but I will say that about 4-4.5 kg of fruit "leaves" for 5 baking sheets.
  • In the first case, it will be problematic for you to remove it from the parchment, there will be "holes" and it will be completely dry.
  • In the second case: it will dry for too long, and will not be so thin-beautiful-pliable when twisted.
  • 5. On top of the future pastille from the palm or spoon, evenly sprinkle sugar, about 1-2 tablespoons for each baking sheet (depending on the sweetness of the fruit and your personal food preferences).
  • 6. Only now - we cut off your piece from the main roll, we also remove excess paper in the corners and sides of the baking sheet,
  • leaving all air circulation slots open from the parchment.
  • You should have something like this:
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • 7. Then we send it to the dryer - at the maximum temperature (mine is 68 degrees).
  • We dry for about 6-8 hours (depends on the juiciness of the fruit, on the temperature at which you dry, on the layer that you poured, etc.)
  • , once every 2-3 hours, swapping the pallets, for even cooking.
  • The last couple of hours we reduce the temperature to 50-55 degrees, and dry for another couple of hours - in the dryer,
  • OR replace this stage with the usual final drying in the sun (which I often do - to save energy
  • If you have already dried the marshmallow for 5-6 hours in the dryer, in half a day or a day you will dry it without any problems in the sun.
  • How to understand that the marshmallow is ready?
  • When you press it with your finger, it "springs", there are no traces of pulp, jam, etc. on the fingers.
  • You should also not overdry the marshmallow - otherwise it will become hard and inelastic.
  • Capture the moment so that it almost does not stick to your fingers, but is not yet elastic, like a silicone mat.
  • 8. Our candy is almost ready. It remains only to separate it from the paper and beautifully roll it up.
  • To separate the pastille from the paper, we lower the sheet with the pastille into a baking sheet with water, DO NOT drown it like a submarine, but only put it on top, like a boat, making sure that the entire diameter of the paper is in contact with water. We leave for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • Gently lift the sheet with the marshmallow, let the water drain from the outside of the sheet (not on the marshmallow, but on the parchment), and put it on the table or on the sink (as I do, so that the remaining water can drain onto the surface for drying dishes - and not onto table).
  • Easily and simply pick with a fingernail or a knife anywhere along the outer diameter of the paper - and separate the parchment from the pastille.
  • See how simple it turns out: so that you have no doubts that you will not have to gnaw on the marshmallow and paper.
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • The pastila turned out to be so curly due to the thinness of the parchment paper and the ribbed surface of the drying trays.
  • 9. Put the marshmallow on the table or cutting board, if necessary, if it gets a little wet, leave it to dry for half an hour,
  • either we just roll it up straight away (if it didn't get wet during the separation of the parchment) or cut it into any pieces - as you like.
  • Pastila mix Generous August
  • Sliced ​​before serving - in portions - obliquely (so beautiful).
  • We get such a tasty, healthy, sweet and aromatic "sausage":
  • Pastila mix Generous August

The dish is designed for

5 trays

Time for preparing:

2 days

Cooking program:

any electric dryer


For the second summer in a row I have been actively harvesting and eating marshmallows.
A little, at the time of my special generosity, it falls to relatives, friends ... and just casual acquaintances
The standard question I hear from them is: "How do you keep the marshmallow?"
I usually keep it:
1. In the lower "zero" compartment of the refrigerator - for storing vegetables and fruits at zero temperature,
2. In the freezer
In both cases, I just wrap these sausages in a plastic bag (one towards the other, since they are long and cannot fit in one)
3. I also know that it is rolled into ordinary 3-5-20-liter sterilized jars, as you normally roll jam (shared the experience of a resident of the Crimea, where such marshmallow is made from apricots and peaches - in large quantities).
But I myself have never done that - there is simply no such need, I have a 350-liter chest freezer - I still have enough of it.
I will be happy to answer your questions as an experienced pastille-case, who has already accounted for more than 100 rolls of such yummy.

Why I love marshmallow very much, and I harvest a lot of it - for the winter:
1. For many years we have hardly eaten jam. Yes, many do not eat it. tired of messing around, and then just open the jar in winter and spill the contents into the compote. And the variety of products is now such that jam is definitely not one of the most popular products among young people.
2. The pastille has a huge advantage: you won't take a jar of jam in your bag, with a spoon and tea - in addition,
but 2-3 rolls of marshmallow (as in the photo) will help out anywhere, at any time: at work, in transport - on the way home,
before going in for sports-fitness-pool, or after - when "zhor attacks" - pastille will help out,
3. ... and she won't spoil your stomach like a fried pie, a dubious cake, sunflower seeds or a pack of chips that we buy "to have a snack" on an empty stomach - of course.
4. Pastila is a great opportunity to treat your friends with something unusual, tasty, dietary that they have never tasted for sure (100% of my acquaintances, whom I treated with it - have never tried this before), surprise them, demonstrate the breadth of your talents and receive a mountain of compliments.
5. And finally, it's just delicious, in the evening, with tea, or just like candy when you want eat cutlets eat something tasty - eat a couple of pieces of marshmallow, thanking yourself and praising yourself for your care and resourcefulness.

The only recommendation for combining ingredients:
I would not make a marshmallow from only one raspberry, because it has a lot of grains, which, when dried, become more obvious and tangible on the tooth.
I am one of those housewives who will not fool around with gauze-sieve and other dances with a tambourine,
therefore, raspberries in your pastille are recommended only as a pleasant highlight, which will give an interesting note and aroma to the overall bouquet,
and not as its main ingredient.
Do not be intimidated by the cooking time "2 days": usually the whole procedure with preparation-puréing-pouring, etc. takes me about 1 hour.
The rest of the time, it just dries and comes to a condition.
I draw your attention to the fact that 2 days is my tried and tested recipe: when the 1st day (5-6-7 hours) the pastille is dried in the dryer,
at night - it just stays turned off in the dryer, and in the morning it is laid out directly in the pallets - on the street (or on the balcony, if you have an apartment),
and dries out until evening in the open air, in the sun, absorbing its warmth and saving me energy costs.
You can simply add another 2-3 hours of drying in the dryer, if there is no such possibility or desire, then dry it in the sun.
Elena, eeeh, I don't have a dryer!
I look straight and salivate!
Maria, thanks!
Quote: Masinen
eeeh, I don't have a dryer!
Is there a hot, old sun in Bosnia?
Is there an oven in Moscow?
All this completely replaces the dryer.
Ordinary metal baking trays, also - parchment paper - and off you go!
CurlySue, I would also add item 6 - the more you eat, the more you want
ElenaAnd I bought teflon rugs and cut them to size. And FSE ... Now it's so easy to remove the marshmallow. I took it off, rubbed it and these rugs will last for a long time.
Natalishka, you are welcome!
And I bought teflon rugs
exactly Teflon? Maybe silicone?
I have silicone mats, long, rectangular, for rolling the dough.
Also, the thought flashes of trying to do it on them - just without a dryer.
Our sun is still scorching, and just for the coming days they promise heat ...
I will do - I will report.
Quote: Natalishka
I would also add item 6 - the more you eat, the more you want

Ettt tooooo. But in the case of marshmallow, I noticed that more than 3-4 of these pieces simply don't fit anymore - most likely, due to the fruit concentrate, the body is quickly saturated.
Elena, Teflon is better, I did it on silicone. But on silicone it dries longer. I have these:
You probably have one too.
Elena, in Bosnia the sun is in bulk, but I'm already in cloudy Moscow)
Yes, my oven is excellent, but I'm afraid of electricity, I need to keep an eye on the dryer)
Lenochka, thank you for such a detailed master class. I haven't made pastila yet, but I'm going to. There is a dryer. True, I love jam, especially cherry jam, I cook it in large quantities and eat it all alone during the winter, with tea
Quote: Masinen
Yes, my oven is excellent, but I'm afraid of electricity, I need to keep an eye on the dryer)
Yes, that's why I don't do it in the oven either.
The dryer pulls very little. Even when it works almost every day, as I have now, I spend a maximum of 100 rubles for it (Russians, of course).
kirchThank you for stopping by.
Quote: kirch
I haven't made pastila yet, but I'm going to.
That is great!
You can contact with me any time.

Quote: kirch
True, I love jam, especially cherry
But somehow, for the last 3 years, we hardly eat at all ... it happens only if guests come and ask for pancakes there or for tea,
and so, we have more honey or condensed milk.
Elena, and what kind of plum do you use? I have a yellow one, it takes a very long time to dry. (More than 7 hours) And if you boil this puree until jam, it’s faster.Is there no sugar in the recipe? My yellow plum, though alive and sweet, honey, but sour in pastille or jam.
Elena, what delicious photos I liked marshmallows as a child, but I never cooked myself. We have all purchased fruits and vegetables, but who knows, maybe when it will come in handy
CurlySue, I'm shocked! What deliciousness, and so everything is written in detail ... Now I want a dryer even more This year, it's unlikely, finances sing romances, but I'll try to buy
Py. Sy. And pearls are royal, and marshmallows are gorgeous, and it is written - as you read a novel That's why one girl - and so many talents
Quote: Tata
Elena, what kind of plum do you use? I have yellow, it takes a very long time to dry. (More than 7 hours)
Tata, I use "ugorka" - it has dark blue skin and yellow pulp.
She is sweet, almost sour.
I DROP the sugar on top of the marshmallow, as indicated in the recipe.
I also wrote that you can increase your sugar intake, depending on the acidity of your fruit and your taste preferences.
Quote: Scarlett
CurlySue, I'm shocked! How delicious, and so everything is written in detail .... Now I want a dryer even more
Scarlett, Thank you !
Yes, it's really delicious. And, in fact, 2-3 times it is done quickly and automatically.
Quote: Scarlett
And pearls are royal, and marshmallows are gorgeous, and it is written - as you read a novel That's why one girl - and so many talents
Tan to be beautiful and successful.
But in general, I am a very versatile person ... And this is not all that I do and can ...
It is more interesting to live and communicate - both to you and with you.
Quote: Albina
Elena, what delicious photos
Albina, thanks for the nice words!

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