Borscht (Pollaris 0305)

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Borscht (Pollaris 0305)


Meat (chicken or pork or beef) 400 g
Beetroot / beet 1 PC
Bulb onions 1 PC
Carrot 1 PC
Potatoes 4 things
Cabbage 500 g
Bulgarian pepper 1 PC
Tom. paste 2 tbsp. l.
Greens optional
Salt, pepper, laurel. sheet taste
Vinegar 0.5 tsp
Vegetable oil + margarine

Cooking method

  • There are two borscht recipes in the section, but one with a mixture. Second - you must first cook the broth, then fry it separately on the stove ...
  • I offer you my own version of borscht for the lazy and all "natural". Very fast and everything in one pot. I love to cook like that.
  • Pour 3-4 tbsp into the multicooker pan. l. vegetable oil and a piece of margarine. I always use mixed fat.
  • Cut the beetroot into strips and fry it on the FAST-PRESSURE 3 mode until it becomes soft and decreases in volume.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • Sprinkle the beet with vinegar. Add to it carrots, grated on a coarse grater. And diced onions. We continue to fry.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • When the onion becomes transparent and the carrots are soft, add tomato paste and 70 grams of water. We continue to fry until all the liquid has evaporated.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • Turn off the Frying mode.
  • On top of our frying, put raw meat on top (whoever has it: I love first courses with chicken, you can put pork, ribs or beef), potatoes (pre-cut into cubes) and add seasonings. I put only the standard: salt, ground black pepper, allspice, bay leaf.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • Add bell peppers, cut into strips, herbs (dill + parsley) and cabbage. I shred cabbage half a small head of cabbage. That's how much I get.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • And we fill everything with hot water so that the very last maximum mark is slightly covered with water.
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • SOUP mode - pressure 2 - 15 minutes (for chicken and pork). If using beef, increase the time to 20 minutes.
  • The pressure can be relieved by force, you can leave it. After opening the lid, you can correct the taste: add more salt and pepper.
  • Everything, the borschik is ready!
  • Borscht (Pollaris 0305)
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

Full pressure cooker

Time for preparing:

25 minutes

Cooking program:

Fry + soup


Borscht cooked in a pressure cooker is very different from borscht cooked on the stove. It is neither worse nor better - it is just completely different! Just delicious borscht.
In the new potato season, we all know how unpleasant it is to peel them. Then all the hands are brown. And we, girls with manicure, are so terrified. I peel potatoes under cold water with a skillet. If you rub potatoes with such a washcloth, then the peel is very easily removed from it. And fast, and clean hands.

Which color
I love borscht very much! I will definitely try this cooking option.
Girls, thanks! Cook for health!
I also cook borscht in a cartoon, but without margarine. The most delicious !!!!
Quote: Marunichka
The most delicious !!!!
I can't disagree! Tasty!
thank you for sharing your cooking option ... I tried to cook it this way today - I liked it more, the color came out more beautiful ... I used to always fry the onion and the carrots, then I added the beets ... and I was afraid to lay the cabbage right away - I added it , when the borscht is already cooked, at the very end, I was afraid that it would be very boiled down .. and now I put everything together - it turned out great !!! even though the cabbage was young ... so now I will cook only on your advice!
kavmins, I am very glad that you liked and found the recipe useful!
Thank you so much for the recipe.
nazik, use it to your health!
Inessa, prepared borscht according to your recipe today. But for some reason it didn't turn out so red for me. True, I didn't have a volume. pasta and I put three big tomatoes instead of it. I bought a paste - I will try with it.
Quote: sveta.khm
True, I didn't have a volume. pasta and I put three big tomatoes instead of it.
Therefore, it did not work out. And do not forget to sprinkle the beets with vinegar. )
Yes, I'll try again strictly according to the recipe.
: rose: I was looking for cooking borscht in a pressure cooker and came across your recipe. I liked the cooking technology very much. The color of the borscht is good and the borscht itself is probably delicious. I never cooked more and more with chicken with pork or beef and using a completely different technology. I will try to cook borscht according to your recipe and compare the result.
velli, share your impressions later!
inka_kot, Inessa, Today I cooked borscht according to your recipe in the Oursson-5015 pressure cooker. It turned out delicious, rich and saturated color, burgundy. Only I deviated a little from the recipe. My beets were stewed separately in a pan on the stove with tomato paste with added sugar, salt and lemon juice. Onions + carrots + 1 tomato in a pressure cooker on a Pastry. Cooked with chicken. And put the beets at the very end, not letting the borscht even boil. She just mixed everything up and pulled the pot out of the pressure cooker. If left, the borscht will continue to boil and thus discolor.
garvich, I cook something like this if on the stove. Sometimes I need a large pot of borscht. ))) In this case, I cook only broth in a pressure cooker. And on the stove I fry beets, onions, carrots with tomato. And then in a saucepan on the stove, potatoes, Bulgarian pepper, greens - pour hot broth and boil the potatoes until half cooked. Add cabbage and cook for 5-7 minutes. After that I add frying and let it boil for 3-5 minutes no more. The color is always good too. But it also depends on the beets. )
And if the chicken is homemade, and boil for a long time on the stove, how long should it be in the pressure cooker? and the potatoes will not boil over during this time?
I cook the same way, but without meat, and squeeze out 3 cloves of garlic + herbs. I set the time to 5 minutes.
It turns out tasty.

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