Takhinno-curd bread with flakes

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Takhinno-curd bread with dry


flour 1 grade 400 g
soft cottage cheese 250 g
ground sesame 50 g
runny (grass) to taste (I have 1 tsp with a slide)
serum 150 g
salt 0.5h
honey 1 tbsp. l
pressed yeast 8 g

Cooking method

  • The bread is soft with a uniform tasty tahini crust! And the toasts from it are magical, even more delicious crust!
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • My cottage cheese is very moist and soft, from buttermilk after making butter:
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Grind sesame seeds in a coffee grinder. It is no secret that sesame is the record holder for calcium content, only it is not absorbed by the body, but grinding it - the situation is changing!
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Slime can be used fresh without steeping. I have a dry runny, we brew for 20 minutes, I used 100g of boiling water, although it was possible to boil the whey and brew it ... I thought of it too late
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Dissolve yeast in 50ml of whey, add honey, cottage cheese, strained tea broth and small leaves. Sift flour and knead the dough. I kneaded for 10 minutes in HP, added salt after 5 minutes. She turned off the bread maker, left the dough in it for 60 minutes:
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • Knead the dough, fold, proofing 60 min.
  • Form bread, distance 45min:
  • Takhinno-curd bread with dry
  • She baked for 10 minutes with steam at 240g, 20 minutes at 180g, and 10 minutes at 180g without a mold.

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Bread maker, oven


Dedicated to Svetlana Gnu and Tatiana T.A.

To dream has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. At first, it was actively used in cooking, but over time, this herb has become an invariable component of many recipes of traditional medicine. It perfectly helps with gout, rheumatism, various joint diseases. This is what explains its Latin name Aegopodium podagraria, which sounds translated as "pain in the legs."

This medicinal herb boasts a significant amount of beneficial elements. It contains flavonoids, natural natural antibiotics, organic acids, salts of potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, amino acids, ascorbic acid, vitamin A, and a small amount of essential oils. The presence of vitamin C in dreams helps to strengthen the immune system, gives the body vigor and energy. It is also worth noting the natural pesticides that are part of the plant, which have anticancer and antifungal properties.

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Natasha, your abundance of bread continues! Beautiful bread! And the awesome crumb looks out so modestly! it looks delicious! I can imagine how delicious it is in real life!
Yes, so many recipes, such beautiful bread! When only to comprehend all this? : girl_in_dreams: I'm not saying: "How to repeat it all and most importantly - when?" Natasha, another masterpiece!
NataliARH, luxury bread
I only know tahini halva and I don’t like it at all. I read the recipe again, but didn’t find anything takhinny?
Quote: Albina
and found nothing takhinny?
Albinochka tahini paste is made from ground sesame seeds. I dare to assume that the crust of bread is the brightest expression of taste.
Natasha If I'm wrong, correct it.
Quote: Tata
crust of bread is the brightest expression of taste
I thought so
Lyudochka! it is very tasty for those who love tahini - just a fairy tale! I figure out the recipes myself, because there is no time to look, I think "by eye" until he fails

Marish, Thank you
Quote: MariS
"How to repeat it all, and most importantly - when?"
I hope that there will be time

Albina,: a-kiss: Tata answered correctly, ground sesame (sesame) - tahini flour (sesame). Still, in spite of your dislike, I would venture to advise you to cook! at least half a portion, if there is no small form, then make a long bar so that there are more crust, if not for you, then someone from home will like it!

Tata, all right, thanks for the help, yes, the crust is the most important thing! I said about it in the recipe description
NataliARH, Natasha, thank you! And for the luxurious bread, and for the invention of new original recipes, and for help in organizing good nutrition for children! Very nice bread!
I love cottage cheese bread and sesame seeds too. Thank you, Natasha, I will definitely bake
Thank you Natasha! She even attached a dream! It looks very beautiful bread, it looks like a cake.
NataliARH, No, I still could not help but ask - why is there a dream here, and even in such a microscopic amount? As a vitamin supplement? Or is it somehow reflected in the taste, once added to taste?
An4utka, for medicinal purposes, it is a useful horror, and also, I hope, for advertising purposes, everyone will rush to collect it, suddenly they will come to me, they will pour me all the beds
T. A., good luck, Tatiana!

Lena, thanks for stopping by, try it, dear!

An4utka, thanks for the question! each person decides the number of sleepings for himself, it is useful, I will add a note, you can put fresh 50 grams or more, and I have 1 hour dry, this will be something like that in fresh ...

Oksana, thanks for the compliment bread dictate the address ... ... where we will weed ...

NataliARH, poor dullness, did not have time to hatch, and her fate was already a foregone conclusion ...

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