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Ginger Bread


rye starter culture 100% moisture active 100g
water 170 gram
sprouted rye flour 100g
wheat bran 50 grams
wheat flour 1 or in / grade 230 gram
soy sauce 60 grams
fresh grated ginger with juice 30 grams
brown sugar 2 tsp
olive oil (other is possible) 1 tbsp. the spoon
flax seed 30 grams
dry yeast 1 gram

Cooking method

  • Sourdough we refresh before kneading in 6-8 hours.
  • Pour oil into the pan, heat it not much.
  • Add grated ginger, sugar and soy sauce. We warm up. Let it cool.
  • Add flax to the sauce.
  • We mix the leaven, flour with yeast and water. We start mixing. The dough is coarse. I always use yeast in leavened bread in small quantities in order to speed up the process and to prevent the bread from souring.
  • Once all the flour is moistened, add the sauce with ginger, sugar and flax.
  • We continue kneading. The total mixing time is 10 minutes.
  • Ginger Bread The dough is slightly sticky. We work with him with oiled hands. Round off and put on fermentation. Fermentation for 120 minutes with one stir in the middle.
  • Ginger BreadGinger BreadGinger Bread Dough at the beginning, middle and end of fermentation.
  • We form a loaf of any shape and place it in the basket with the seam upwards for proofing.
  • Proofing 60-70 minutes.
  • Ginger BreadGinger Bread The beginning and end of the climb.
  • Turn the blank onto baking paper.
  • We make incisions.
  • I baked in a cast iron pan with a lid, which I warmed up with the oven.
  • We bake at a temperature of 220 degrees. first 15 minutes under the lid.
  • Remove the lid, lower the temperature to 180 degrees and bake until tender. I have 40 minutes total baking time.
  • We take it out, let it cool and ripen the bread for 12 hours.
  • Cut and enjoy!
  • Ginger Bread
  • Ginger Bread
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

690 gram

Time for preparing:

4 hours

Cooking program:

oven, food processor.


Scientists have proven benefits ginger for our nervous system and brain. The rhizome of this plant is able to improve blood circulation in the brain and thereby eliminate the symptoms of overwork, headache, relieve fatigue and tension, and improve memory. A decoction of it (2-3 tablespoons of powder per liter of water) will help relieve muscle pain. Daily intake of a mixture of ground ginger with aloe juice in the amount of 1 tsp. will help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
Ginger tea will help with weight loss, but it will also invigorate and warm, will have a preventive effect in order to protect against many diseases, including colds, and cleanse the body of toxins.
Antioxidants It Is Rich In soy sauce, prevent premature aging and prevent the risk of oncology. The sauce has a sedative effect on the human body, relieving headaches, insomnia, muscle spasms, edema, sprains and dermatitis.
The product contains phytoestrogens useful for women during menopause. Women who eat soy sauce do not age for a long time, do not suffer from painful periods and symptoms of menopause. The use of soy sauce prevents the development of osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis and reduces the risk of breast cancer.
Soy sauce is comparable to meat in terms of the amount of proteins it contains, which makes it useful for people with allergies to animal proteins. The product is recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases: ischemic disease, atherosclerosis and for recovery from heart attacks.

The idea for the bread is taken from the culinary site. RU
I made sourdough bread, added sprouted rye flour and changed the way it was cooked.
Soy sauce completely replaces salt here.
The taste of the bread is delicious for me! It tastes like Borodinsky, but with a sharp hint of ginger. Moderately moist. Good on its own, but great with meat. Recommend.

Something new and tasty every time. Lucky for your loved ones))
Maryana, Thank you! I'm lucky that they eat it in silence and don't protest!
Well, protesting here clearly does not play into their hands, or rather the stomach))
I would also eat in silence and wait for the next control shot))
Quote: ang-kay

I'm lucky that they eat it in silence and don't protest!
Give me a large piece of such bread, I will not protest at all!
Check mark! 🔗
everything is as usual (y) I will lay a rug by the computer ... or better put a sofa
Angela, what a handsome man! I'm not talking about the benefits ...
I can't keep up with new recipes, I just warmed up in the "Pumpkin Fantasy", and then "Ginger" arrived in time !!!
Incision awesome , I can't even imagine how to do this?
A faq for a cutter, and faq for a pattern .... Stunned! Pretty boy ! You're doing fine
What an enticing spiral! Very nice bread. And unusual - I read the ingredients, and ... I don’t dare yet. But very interesting!
Angela, wonderful bread It's time to create a collection of recipes for unusual bread
Angela, dear, what a drawing on a loaf - you can't take your eyes off! Only because of him can you start eating bread! And there will not come off! I'm sure it's delicious! And I have no doubt that it is useful! Well done !
NataliARH, Kras-Vlas, Ikra, anel, tumanofaaaa, thank you girls for such attention and kind words!

Lyudochka, Thank you!
Quote: lappl1
I'm sure it's delicious!
Highly. I didn't even expect it.
Angela, one bread is more beautiful than another, you can't pass by in any way Oh, it's not an easy task for the jury to choose the best one I don't envy them
Albina, that's for sure!
Anna in the Forest
К: rose: straight cut !!!!!
Anna, I tried to. Thank you.
Very interesting and beautiful bread, Angela! You have the best culinary talent - the Bread oven! Precisely, with a capital letter, dear!
Ira!I do not even know what to say. 🔗
Very beautiful bread, Angela! And the composition is interesting.
Now, if not for the competition, when would we have seen this beauty and in such an amount ?!
Marishka,Thank you.
Quote: MariS
when would we see this beauty in such quantity ?!
That's for sure!
ang-kaythank you very much for this amazing bread! It is very tasty, aromatic and really reminiscent of Borodinsky. I didn't take photos. She baked one bread immediately, and the second stood in the refrigerator for 24 hours. I do it in two forms. The second turned out to be more aromatic and rich in taste. Since I do not have everything according to the recipe, I did it with changes.
Baked on pressed yeast - 12 gr., Ordinary rye flour, ginger 20 gr; from the total amount of water, 50 grams was replaced with a baked apple, flax seed - with black sesame, and sprinkled with ground coriander and sesame seeds on top.
Angela, you have wonderful breads that you consider with pleasure and read the recipes, and then what to say when you bake it!
Galina, thank you very much for sharing your impressions! sorry. that there is no photo, but nothing. I am glad that I liked the bread and thank you very much for such kind words.
Angela, I will definitely still do it. I need to buy rye flour. ))) I'll take a photo.
Stunned Eye can not be taken away
AnnaThank you very much for such an assessment.
Wild cat
Already at the last proofing. I'll put the bake on soon.
I really love ginger and soy sauce.
I shove them everywhere. Healthy and sooooo tasty! Let's try your bread now!
Maria, keep my fists! Share later.

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