Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs

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Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs


active rye sourdough 100% moisture 70g
Rye flour 130g
warm water 130g
all leaven 330g
Rye flour 195g
wheat flour 1c 240g
warm water 220-240g
dry yeast 2g
salt 8g

Cooking method

  • Basically, I used the recipe for Darnitsa bread in accordance with GOST 1986. According to it, the leaven should be 38 and the dough 76 weight units (v. E.), The ratios are as follows: rye flour 60 v. That is, wheat flour 1s 40 c. e., yeast 0.5v. e., salt 1.4v. e. I counted it for 600 g of flour. But I made the leaven as follows. I mixed everything for the sourdough and left to rise for 4 hours at T = 24-26 * C. Then half of the starter was put in the refrigerator at T = 6 * C, and the second part was left at room T for another 8 hours. As a result, in the first part, predominantly sour-milk fermentation took place, in the second - alcoholic. After 12 hours, the first part looked pretty smooth, although fluffy, and the second was all bubbling:
  • Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs
  • Next, mix both leavens and add whatever is needed for the dough. The dough turns out to be quite sticky, but it comes off the walls well. We spread the dough and knead it into a cake, roll it into a roll, turn it over to the seam and form an oval or rounded loaf. Leave to proof for 90 minutes. The dough has doubled:
  • Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs
  • We heat the oven to 240 * C. Lubricate with a starch mash (1 tsp. Per 100 ml of water), make cuts. Pour 1/2 cup boiling water onto a baking sheet and add the bread. We bake for 8-10 minutes at 240 * C, reduce to 200-210 * C and bake for about 40-45 minutes more.
  • The bread turned out to be fragrant, with a very tasty crust and spongy crumb with sourness.
  • Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs

Very curious two kinds of sourdough thanks!
Oksana, yes, it turned out interesting. Tasty, not difficult, and, most importantly, a little sour, as I like. The crumb is perfectly baked, not sticky or dull at all. Exactly what is needed! And the crust, how scalded it turns out, is very tasty.
I decided to see how the bread behaves in shape. Did everything according to the recipe, divided it in half. She put one half in a silicone mold, the other formed into a loaf. Baked for 7 minutes at 250 * C, about 30 minutes at 190 * C.
Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs Rye-wheat bread with two sourdoughs
The bread behaved well, everything is even, the roof has not blown off, the crumb is airy, it bakes well. But the crust of the loaf is still better, and the crumb is more fluffy. But mold cutting is more convenient. In general, both options are successful.

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