Raphael cake

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Raphael cake


flour 1 tbsp.
eggs 4 things.
sugar 1 st.
coconut flakes (white) 180 g
corn sticks (sweet) 30 g
condensed milk 400 g
butter 100 g
almond 1 handful
cream 33% 500 ml
powdered sugar 3-4 tbsp. l.
For decor:
Coconut flakes
------------------------------------- ------------
The form L = 22 cm

Cooking method

  • The recipe is not mine, I do not claim authorship, but there are some additions.
  • Biscuit:
  • 1. Beat eggs with sugar, add flour, mix gently.
  • 2. Into the prepared form (cover the bottom with parchment, grease with butter), pour out the dough, put in preheated to 180about From the oven for 30-40 minutes (whoever has what kind of oven, it took me less time, a mold with a diameter of 22 cm).
  • Filling:
  • 3. Mix condensed milk, corn sticks, butter, coconut flakes (leave a little for decoration). You can also try with boiled condensed milk - also a good option.
  • 4. Set aside 10 teaspoons of the Raphaelloc mass, put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Add crushed almonds to the remaining mass (leave 10-12 pieces whole).
  • Cream:
  • 5. Whip the cream with powder.
  • * You can experiment with different creams. I did it with Charlotte, Choux-protein and vegetable cream.
  • Assembly:
  • 6. Cut the biscuit in half, soak in the syrup.
  • 7. Put the filling on the bottom, cover with the second half of the biscuit.
  • 8. Coat the whole cake with whipped cream.
  • 9. Decorate the sides of the cake with the remaining cream, make a border.
  • 10. Take out the filling of the refrigerator, roll it into balls (on average, 10-12 pieces come out), insert almonds into the middle, roll in coconut. Make patterns out of chocolate.
  • 11. Decorate the top of the cake with prepared rafaellas, chocolate patterns and coconut flakes.
  • 12. The cake is best left to soak overnight.
  • Raphael cake

The dish is designed for

12 servings

Time for preparing:

About 2 hours

Cooking program:



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Raphael cake
Here is an option with boiled condensed milk
Very interesting recipe, thanks!
Please tell me the approximate weight of the cake if it is decorated with protein cream.
How beautifully the cake is decorated, elegant and simple at the same time!
I liked the recipe!
I would like to immediately see the differentiation of products when designing the products needed for the cream and for the cakes - it is easier to perceive, and you can immediately decide whether "your" option is or not. But these are my personal wishes
How cute!
Nataliyathanks for the cake! Very cute! Only 50 ml of cream is not a mistake?
Already fixed, there is 500 ml
sorry no cut ...
Quote: taneskaa
Very interesting recipe, thanks!
Please tell me the approximate weight of the cake if it is decorated with protein cream.
One of these days I will cook it, then I will unsubscribe by weight.
taneskaa, the cake turned out to weigh 1.8 kg
echeva, and here is the cut
Raphael cake
great cut !!!! And in this example, custard cream or Charlotte?
echeva, protein-custard cream, with Charlotte the weight will be heavier.
And whip the main cream or just mix?
Maryana, are you talking about the filling? I would mix butter with condensed milk, and then add sticks
Yes. mom wants to do it and doesn't know how
Nataliya, Shy, a question about the filling - will the corn sticks get wet?
Yes, no one can guess that they are there)))
Nataliya, what does this filling look like? no crunchiness at all?

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