Pork a la Su View in a multicooker Philips HD3060

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Pork a la Su View in a multicooker Philips HD3060


Pork neck or ham 700 g
Favorite spices taste
Garlic 3 prongs
White wine (apple cider vinegar) 30 ml
Rock salt (sea)

Cooking method

  • Let's cook pork, which is more reminiscent of boiled pork in structure. For this we use a higher cooking temperature than in the traditional way. As a result, the meat should be slightly denser, but juicy!
  • We take a dense, decorated piece of pork (we fasten a flat, loose piece - we make it into a roll in the usual way), rinse and lower it into the marinade. The meat should be completely covered with brine.
  • Ideally, the boiled pork marinade should be prepared in this way: boil water with salt (65 g of salt per liter) and aromatic spices, cool and pour over the meat.
  • In this version, I did this. For a liter of purified water, add 2 tbsp. l rock salt (sea), 30 ml of white wine (natural apple cider vinegar, I have homemade :), a couple - three crushed cloves of garlic, a couple of bay leaves and allspice (5 pieces). Leave to marinate for 2 hours (at least) at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator.
  • The pork should be saturated with moisture and spice flavors.
  • Then we take it out of the marinade, dry it with our hands, pour a little vodka on our hand and slap the meat on all sides over the bowl. Or we drain the marinade, pour some vodka into a bowl and try to blot the entire surface of the piece in it. (You can skip this point if you are sure of the quality of the meat, but vodka, in my opinion, gives the meat the necessary density later when cutting.
  • Then we sprinkle or coat the meat with additional spices (I have Italian spices for grilling), evacuate (Profi Cook) and send it to the multicooker saucepan, after placing a silicone mat on the bottom, fill it with warm water to an almost maximum level, put a saucer on top so that the meat did not pop up. We choose the manual mode, the temperature is 80 g, the time is not less than 2 hours and not more than 3 hours. It depends on the thickness of the piece. We close the multicooker and cook until the end. In the process, you can open the lid and control the temperature. But this multicooker keeps the temperature very precisely !!
  • Pork a la Su View in a multicooker Philips HD3060
  • At the end of the cooking process, we take out the meat and put it in cold water. If there is ready-made ice, then add it to the water!
  • We send chilled meat directly in the package to the refrigerator for storage in the coldest place. The meat shown in the photo was stored for eight days, but nevertheless it remained fresh in taste and juicy!
  • Pork a la Su View in a multicooker Philips HD3060
  • After opening, you can coat the meat with glaze and bake under the grill until golden brown.
  • Bon appetit and easy life for all of you !!

No, how much can you mock a person! After looking at such photos and understanding from the description how tasty it is, profuse salivation begins, trembling in the knees. It's time to grab the telephone receiver and call an ambulance ... Well, I don't have a vacuum sealer! (however, I feel that I need to add the word "bye" ...)
Thanks for the recipe. I took it to the mink ... for the future.
Tashenka, thank you, Tashenka, for the kind words !!!! You don't have to wait, but make it in a sleeve for baking, cut it off more genuinely, fasten it closer to the meat so that the ends are above the water, then in a regular bag and in a saucepan with the smallest heat, control the temperature. Ham is cooked like that, but I myself cooked it in a saucepan at the dacha !!
And if into the sleeve and into the oven?
Tatok, you get a very tasty baked pork, but for the oven I advise you to choose a fatter piece, you can stuff it with salted lard and carrots, coat with mayonnaise and grease with adjika. You can put vegetables in the bag (root celery, large carrots, half-and-half young potatoes in the peel :) It is only advisable to control the temperature of the meat inside, no more than 80-82 gr. I and marinated chicken, only without garlic.
AAA, I'm going to choke on saliva I'm running for meat))
Rada-dms, I will definitely do it, but I will only live to see my weekend. Thank you!!!
Svetlana62, and you do before the weekend to enjoy relaxation and delicious food at the weekend !!!!
Rada-dms, Olya, it won't work - shift work, and I choose meat worse than my husband. We must go with him when we coincide. He chooses by sight unmistakably (he grew up in the village), and I by smell (he has problems with this). Here's a tandem.
But I will definitely do it. We love meat.
Have you covered the meat with cold marinade? No need to boil water with spices?
As written in the recipe, ideally the marinade is boiled, but in this case, I did not boil :) I do this and that! Simply, sometimes you need to quickly, but it is better, of course, to marinate the meat for a longer time!
Rada-dms, please answer, so you can only do a pig, or a chicken and a turkey? My son doesn't eat pork. Coming soon for purchases, what can you buy instead of ....? Yes, with 2015 coming on your heels! May it bring you much, much joy!
Marunichka, Thank you for your congratulations!! And you have an easy life, success and health !!!
Any meat can be, only I do not advise marinating the bird in brine for more than two hours, and I would marinate the bird without wine, just salt and spices, and then sprinkle it on top with something and cook in a bag.
The turkey fillet will turn out well, the beef can be rolled up with a filling of mushrooms and onions with a roll, just fasten it well with a culinary thread. Or just beef tenderloin, then chop up as roast beef turns out. Serve it with sauce or creamy horseradish.

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