Neapolitan salad

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Neapolitan salad


Fried meat 200g
pickled cucumbers 2 pcs
boiled beets 1-2 pcs
celery root 1 PC
boiled carrots 1 PC
boiled potatoes in their uniforms medium 2 pcs

Cooking method

  • Cut all prepared vegetables into small cubes, meat into thin strips, salt and pepper, mix, add mayonnaise and mix again. It turns out a very tasty salad.


My husband brought a calendar leaflet on which this recipe was printed I do not know why, but I cut all the vegetables into cubes, and the beets into strips, well, this is what happened
Neapolitans, I think, have nothing to do with it. Salad specifically ours, dear We eat our own salads, not at all with non-native names: Olivier, vinaigrette. It is in this row that the Neapolitan salad and place

Elena Tim
Tan, and Tan! This is the type of Jewish that Jews are not aware of, right?
Listen, in general, a cool salad! I drag it to bookmarks. It seems to me that you should get a very tasty combination of ingredients, judging by their composition! Thank you!
Linen, Italians don't know for sure, I don't even doubt
Tanthat sho they understand, these Italians, in our Neapolitan salads
Especially with beets and mayonnaise)))
Tanya, exactly! I myself remembered the joke - I lived at one time in Kazakhstan, there were such chic vegetable shops, so I went in and asked BURYACHOK for borscht, which brought the seller into such a state. Well at least I figured out to translate from Ukrainian into Russian and ask for BEEKLA, otherwise I would be left without borscht! And you say - Italians!
A good-quality salad, worthy of taking a place on the festive table of good people without bohemian "cockroaches".
Simple ingredients give the taste familiar from childhood. Fried meat (I used baked chicken) adds satiety and "density", while celery adds a spicy note.
If I suddenly happen to set the table for a leisurely conversation among middle-aged production workers, I will certainly make this salad.
And for myself I will do it for no reason
Thank you so much!
Irina, Thank you

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