People, help mi ..: girl_cray: I'm already getting lost ... my head is spinning from searches, but I already want to start using it as soon as possible. The tasks of the comrade should be as follows:
-cut into cubes instead of Nayser-Diser
-shred into borscht on a grater instead of a manual chopper / grater
-and, of course, beat the proteins to the peaks and, in general, to prepare the dough and free the hands, an aggregate is needed, preferably with a planetary rotation
-desirable! meat grinder
but the first three points are important!
choose between
MUM52131 MCM5529 and .... in general, there are no more forces ... and got confused
maybe suggest some other options ... or of these NOT for the PRICE OF A PLANE !!!
two devices possible
that's where it all started ...
Mixer Bosch MFQ 3555

Chopper Moulinex DJ756G35

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