I have read the post about the steam generator, everything is clear, it is useless .. but about the iron with the steam generator, does it make life easier with ironing so unloved by me ???

The company Karcher sells such irons. Only there is a set: ironing board + iron + steam generator, which is connected to the iron with a flexible hose. There is also a set: iron + steam generator.
I have an electric broom of this company and recently purchased a vacuum cleaner. I am very satisfied with the quality. I think their ironing systems are at the same level.
We are talking about a household iron with a steam generator .. the item costs about 8K rubles, there is a cheaper model .. IMHO, the item should work more efficiently than a regular, even powerful iron.

Iron with steam generator Tefal GV 7150
2 year warranty
Country France
Model series
Easy Cord Series
Max. power consumption 2200 W
Maximum pressure 4.5 bar
Humidification system
Steam humidification function Yes
Adjustable steam Yes
Manufacturing steam supply up to 110 g / min
Vertical steaming Yes
Water tank 1.4 l
Scale protection
Self-descaling Yes
Iron sole
Ultragliss Diffusion iron soleplate
Security systems
Ind. residual heat Yes
Power cord
Power Cord Compartment Yes
Color and weight
Color white / blue

Boiler descaling indicator
Convenient storage of cords
Dedicated duct for storing the steam cord
Open storage compartment for electrical cord
High power
Boiler high pressure 4.5 bar
Continuous steam 110 g / min
Adjustable steam for different fabric types
Vertical smoothing
Fast and convenient
Fast Heat-up system - start of steam generation after 2 minutes
Largest 1.4L water tank
Topping up water while ironing
Convenient tilted iron stand
Iron snap system

I somehow became interested in steam generators (according to the link that was given somewhere above - these are also steam generators, "iron with a steam generator" is probably an alternative more understandable name)

What I personally took out for myself:

the advantage of steam generators is the presence of a separate water tank, which is several times larger than the built-in water tank in a steam iron.

That is, we take an iron with some functions (vertical steam, self-cleaning, etc.), take out the water container separately - we get a steam generator

The steam generator is more convenient for those who have to iron a lot at the same time. If you use a regular iron with steam, then when ironing a large amount, you need to add water many times, especially if you actively press the super-steam button or something similar (when a very powerful jet of steam breaks out at once)
Personally, when ironing, I add water once (that is, two built-in containers are obtained in the iron) and I do not need a paragenerator.

Well, maybe the steam power will be more in the steam generator, but the iron is enough for me.

Perhaps experts will find something else distinctive

if someone needs a steam generator, then the model is better (and more expensive):
- where water can be added in the process.
- where the water level is visible, and
- where the beginning of ironing from the moment of turning on the network is small (I don't remember any model I saw - it was written for 2 minutes)
There is also Braun SI 9710
Generates four times more steam than conventional steam irons (4 bar pressure). The steam easily penetrates the fibers of even the densest fabric, which allows you to flawlessly iron any textile product. Saphir outsole. Boiler system. Vertical steaming. Power 2350 watts! Light weight, compact size.
The Saphir outsole lets you effortlessly smooth out any creases.Differs in increased resistance to scratches, significantly surpassing all other irons in this indicator. This gives your Braun FreeStyle Excel iron a long service life.
Water tank capacity 1000 ml: The large one liter tank holds enough water for you to iron for two hours without refilling
Boiler system: Steam is not generated in the Braun FreeStyle Excel itself, but in a separate steam boiler. In it, the water is heated by a powerful heating element, thanks to which this steam system is capable of producing four times more steam than a conventional steam iron.
The steam is supplied under high pressure and quickly moisturizes the fabric, which makes it perfect for ironing it, even if it is folded in four. This means that you can perfectly iron, for example, towels, sheets or T-shirts four times faster than if you use a conventional steam iron.
Pressure 4.0 bar
Steam emission 0-85 g / min
Vertical steaming: just hang your suit on a hanger, turn on the vertical steaming mode, and powerful jets of steam will quickly and easily deal with all folds and wrinkles
Open handle increases freedom of movement
Silicone lining
Steamless operation
A light weight

yes ... the prices at Brown and Tefal, of course, are not low.
Interestingly, "worth the candle" or not.
In principle, if ironing is really much easier, then you can think about purchasing. Does anyone use these?
I understand that no one has irons with a steam generator. There are no reviews in the internet either.
Bagel, if you find any information - please share.

If this iron really irones bedding that is folded 4 times at a time, this is already big +
Freken Bock
Honda, not a secret Squeak as ironing. The linen is ironed in one stroke, the iron just flies. Bed linen can be ironed folded in four. The ironing process is noticeably accelerated. You even start to enjoy it. One trouble (more precisely, joy) - I had to change the old board to the Airboard, the old chipboard-shnaya began to bend from the steam
: o Cool!
Does this device take up a lot of space?
in the picture not only the iron itself is shown
And another question, I suspect that things do not "burn", that is, do not stick, since this is steam?
Freken Bock
Honda, things don't burn. It takes more space, of course, than an ordinary iron, but not so much. Stands in the same cubbyhole with me. It is worth not sickly, yes. I try not to even talk about it - they don't understand me. And then there is such a moment that at first unpleasantly struck me: it works quite noisily when it pumps water from the reservoir into the steam generator, it just growls. I stopped paying attention to this ironing from the third. Love him
Quote: Lenusya

If this iron really irones bedding that is folded 4 times at a time, this is already big +

Then you need an ironing machine with a roller, so it takes everything and ironing very quickly. At one time I used this.
An ironing machine with a roller is a good thing in the case of a large family - linen, towels, etc. .. but our problem is mainly shirts with frills, no frills, dresses made from a dense mixture with elastane, which can be ironed only wet, and it turns out - folds, skirts with a lot of tucks, linen clothes for the summer .. an ordinary iron + a spray gun + lightweight and even then does not take some things as I would like (perfectionism will ruin me) .. I was always interested in how to iron things in stores to perfect condition ... they say such things ...
In stores, they do not use irons with a steam generator, but the so-called steamers.

The steamer is designed for cleaning and vertical steaming of products from light and medium fabrics, used both by professionals and in everyday life.

Iron with steam generator
I also saw such a thing there, maybe it makes sense to buy it right away, and not an iron?
I typed a steamer in Yandex and found out that there are also a lot of models with a range of prices from 3.5 to 13 thousand.probably depending on power and function.
Freken Bock
A steering wheel, an iron is a thing, do not even hesitate. It’s just flax that smoothes. And I can also dry out the laundry, and sometimes I do not start ironing immediately after washing. An ordinary, very good iron, it was much harder for me to iron. And the ironing results were different. In general, the iron is very, very!
Freken Bock, tell me, is there a lot of steam released during ironing? Is it hot next to the iron? Or does the iron only give off steam when ironing?
And they say that you can iron without touching the fabric at a distance of 2-3 cm, that is, you can iron woolen things without gauze, have you tried it? Have you tried vertical steaming, is it convenient?
Sorry for the large number of questions
Freken Bock
Lenusya, steam is emitted when you press the button. You can press on it when necessary, or you can fix it, then the steam is knocking down continuously. In the vertical position of the iron, steam flies out a meter and a half (visible). It is not hot near the iron. Some things (children's jackets, down jackets, for example) I iron, practically without touching the fabric. Linen, cotton - in full, only faster. "Lanterns" also just steam.

Bagel, about the steamer. Look at its characteristics, maybe it is comparable to an iron with a steam generator. I, too, did not at once decided to purchase this miracle, and my husband had to roll out in due time information and reviews about these irons, they are also called STEAM IRONING SYSTEMS. There are practically no dissatisfied users.
Super, Freken bok, Thank you . I'll go to the store and feel it. We saw Brown and Tefal, Kenwood is not.
My Tefalevsky iron will soon be 10 years old, so if I have already changed it, then for something worthwhile.
Freken Bock
Lenusya , I accidentally bought my Kenwood in the Metro, standing there quietly unnoticed. It cost 2-3 times cheaper than Tefali and Philips with the same or even worse characteristics. And a couple of days later we went to the Metro, and the price of the iron went up ... I repeat that I am very, very happy. I look forward to the weekend ironing not as hard labor, but as a rather pleasant event

And yet, if you go groping, experienced users advise looking for at least 4 bar.
Freken Bock
And here on another site, a girl wrote about her iron, read it!
Philips 8220. Bought it, not 8260, because all 8260 touched in stores creaked a pen. The sellers said - because they have been in the window for a long time and everyone is touching them. Normal explanation!
I like that water can be topped up at any time and not all the water in the tank is heated, but a little. This allows you to start ironing quickly (2 minutes compared to 8 on models without a pump).
At the maximum, the ferry spits 2-2.5 meters. True, the steam is transparent and only the swirls are visible at the maximum distance.
We bought it not on the day we were going to, but only a week later ... and the bed linen had already been washed. I experimented on it. Dry bed linen is ironed immediately. I ran an iron over it - my husband looks questioningly, but I can't say anything - I suspected that it was better than a simple iron, but so much !!!
Ironing from a meditative pastime has turned into a vigorous one - very quickly you need to shift the laundry.
Bulky - yes. But not too much. If I need to iron something a little, say one blouse, I use an old iron.
On the other hand, she freed up a shelf in the closet for him - she got carried away and freed five shelves.

Of the shortcomings.
Sole. No, it glides perfectly ... but somehow without euphoria. I do not know how to formulate it differently.
Most online store descriptions indicate the wrong sole. True - on the manufacturer's website.
I don’t like to put it on the stand during ironing - I often get my nose on the metal rim of the stand, and not on a special rubber band - I worry about the coating. If there is a place on the board - I put it vertically - it is very stable and comfortable.
I have some kind of unhealthy craving for distilled water - the manufacturer allows the usual one, even foreseen how to get rid of scale ...

It strokes !!! Especially important for large, wrinkled, dry and hard to iron.
Heats up quickly. You can add water without turning it off - pull out the container and pour it over. There is no danger of hot steam as water is poured into a cold container.
The cord does not interfere at all.
Everything is comfortable - both in the hand and on the board securely.
The laundry is drier thanks to the drier (finer) steam. The theory is confirmed by practice.
Ironing takes significantly less time - even with some kind of passion or something.

Sorry that's long and messy.

P.S. Now ironing with a simple iron is like starting to wash in a basin, not in a typewriter!

Freken Bock
Honda , but delights from another site date back to 2004
Girls, and I have an exclusive iron. I hate ironing. It's easier for me to cook up pies for a wedding, wash the apartment 3 times, wash everything in the house (even by hand, so that everyone understands how much I hate ironing) and wash all the dishes 5 times. And tear out the windows to shine. In short, given my idiosyncrasy (disgust in Russian) to this process, I decided to buy myself such an iron so that my presence in this process was nominal. I went through all the sites with all the irons on the internet. But I still found this miracle of technology. Now what I used to iron with a heavy Tefal with a ceramic sole for four hours, my adored Phillips I iron for 1 hour. In short, I wash three washing machines, which includes 10 my husband's shirts, 2 bedding sets and a lot of various other little things, including 30 pieces of napkins for the kitchen. And I iron this whole mountain in one sitting for two hours at most. At the same time, I do not get tired at all, I watch TV along the way and am very surprised that the unfinished linen is over.
The design of this iron is not the same as everyone else's. It includes: the iron itself, very light, because there is no reservoir with water and such a tank with a hose (slightly thicker than an electric cord) through which steam is supplied to the iron. This iron gives out three times more steam than regular irons. Can be ironed vertically. And the steam does not go constantly, but when you press the button under the index finger on the back of the handle. That is, it can be ironed with a dry iron and with powerful steam. The amount of steam is regulated on the tank, the temperature - on the iron body.
In short, it is happiness.
It heats up for 6 minutes until the water in the tank is fully heated, and then in the morning I somehow had to quickly iron a single little thing. I decided that I would take out my Tefal and stroke it so as not to wait 6 minutes. As soon as I began to carry them around (Tefalem), I decided that I'd rather wait as long as necessary. As the saying goes - feel the difference. Compared to my swallow Phillips, he was a heavy, clumsy freak. Mercedes and Zaporozhets. I do not carry out such experiments again.
Thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion. After some deliberation and a theoretical choice, I settled on the Tefal GV 8120. As for this particular model:
1. It does not have a release button. When they brought it, it seemed to me that this was a serious drawback, which I did not notice when choosing, however, in the process it turned out that it did not interfere .. when you turn the thing over or put the iron, why do you need this steam release .. although with serious volumes I think it would not be superfluous.
2. This model has a very small tank - 0.75L. It is necessary to top up almost after every jacket.
3. The quality and speed of ironing. First, ironing has obviously become faster .. according to my estimates, well, at least 2 times .. if not for the distraction of constant topping up, progress would have been on the face ... In terms of quality .. towels and other "linear" things are great. Complex things, for which I was bought, are clearly worse .. better than an ordinary iron, but to perfection, like to the moon .. a thick cotton dress, does not smooth to the end .. the thinnest blouse-cotton with linen-wanted to steam vertically-no effect-current 2 scalded fingers and flashlights also do not steam
My resume is good, but not delight, delight
the thinnest blouse-cotton with linen-wanted to steam vertically-no effect-current 2 scalded fingers and flashlights also do not steam
Bagel, have you tried changing the steam strength when vertically ironing thin things? Or keep the iron at different distances from the item? As a result?
About three months ago, I caught fire with the purchase of a device so that I could iron things vertically at home (without an ironing board). In a specialized store, they suggested that an iron with a steam generator is good only for thick things (coat, jacket). When ironing, there is no other result, since the steam from the iron seems to pierce the thin fabric without lingering. To the question: "if you reduce the power, will the light tissues be ironed?" could not answer intelligibly.
Well, if anyone is interested, I've been with my hyper iron for a month now, if at first there were some questions for him, now it's hard to imagine how you can iron with a regular one ... the speed of ironing, you know, virgins, is phenomenal .. damn them with blouses, but the rest of the ironing was facilitated by 2 times for sure .. I will not advocate specifically for my model-water tank, unambiguously small, but worth the weight, especially for those who feel sorry for ironing their precious time.
Bagel, belated sorry for getting into the topic and my terrible tediousness But, I got tired of the morning procedure "get the board, iron the clothes, remove the board"
Be a weasel, tell me, Tefal GV 8120 really iron something hanging on a hanger? You, Baranka, are the only one (at least I did not find anyone) who sensibly and clearly told about the + and - of this particular model. Therefore, I think, whether to buy already, or wait for new products. Thank you!
nope, hanging on a hanger is useless .. in any case thin .. it didn’t reach the fat one, not the season .. here the main result is ironing speed and ease of ironing
And I bought myself a compact steam generator yesterday - it looks like an ordinary iron, but with the functions of a steam generator. It is called SIEMENS TS 11333, there is also a model TS 10515 or similar Bosch TDS 1035 (they are older, less power and lighter, but also with a built-in pump that provides constant steam).
So far, I like how ironing. Is that too heavy. It costs much less than steam systems, my model is 130-140 dollars, and the Bosch 1035 is a little more than 100.
Freken Bock
The difference in the quality of ironing is very noticeable, if you iron again with an ordinary iron.
Who is talking about what, and lousy about the bath,
Tat, can you iron hanging things?
Forum girls, happy owners, which model iron iron things on weight?
WANT to see the ironing board only on weekends ... well kada bed linen, etc. requires ironing.
Maggie Mall again advertised a steam travel iron. There is no current in him, something he is very good. small. The picture shows that the item is ironed on the weight. Maybe there is a similar one, but more serious ?!
Freken Bock
Opry, not a single model will iron the linen on the canopy, this is a divorce On some curtains, maybe it will turn out to be steam and get some result, but what we traditionally call ironing (I mean the result) the canopy will not work - 100% ...
Girls, I here on the internet saw some kind of steam generator that iron things right on a rack and found it on a Ukrainian website for 920 UAH, and I was looking for a dummy on which you put clothes on and it is smoothed on it, today I will clarify how it is correctly called.
Quote: Opry

Tat, can you iron hanging things?
I have not tried it, but I think it will not work
I just have Braun SI 9710. What can I say, an iron is like an iron. Heavy enough, if for a woman's eyes. Convenient, of course, the coating of the sole, does not scratch, as is the case with tefal, and glides better than stainless steel in rovent. Provides a powerful jet of steam when needed. If the thing is not covered with folds from drying "in a coma", then it will smooth out without problems. It is convenient that you do not need to descale, and that is, I have a rovent, so sometimes pieces of scale fly out of it and you don't need to buy anti-scale cartridges, like tefal. In general, I am satisfied, it is certainly not cheap, but Brown does not have especially cheap things.
Finally, I also got an iron with a steam generator. The husband made me happy. I bought this Philips 8220. 🔗

I stroked only twice so far, but happy like a boa constrictor. Capacity - 1.4 liters! I had enough for a hefty pile of underwear. Bed linen, shirts, and towels. And you can pour water directly from the tap, the iron has a self-cleaning function. Once a month, you need to rinse the container from water - that's all.

Since the container with water is separated from the iron, the iron itself is lighter than the usual one. Feeling that he is hovering over a thing when stroking. Husband has cotton shirts - there are a couple, so while you iron them before, you will weld everything, now - 3 times faster. It is not necessary, as before, to carry it back and forth with an iron, once passed - everything is ironed. Linen kitchen towels - very good. Husband ironed his trousers - appreciated, quickly, says Convenient button for fixing a pair. That is, there is a button in the bottom of the handle, when you stroke - you can press it - then steam will go, or you can fix this button on the top of the handle, then steam goes on constantly. It is very convenient when you iron a large one - a sheet, for example. Again, the power of steam is powerful!

So I'm happy with the purchase
Here someone was interested in vertical steamers. I have one from "Le Future" made in Johannesburg, South Africa. It looks tempting - it can be mounted on the wall, for example, in the dressing room or in the bathroom. It is supposedly intended for quick smoothing of folds on suits, coats, etc. hanging right on a hanger. In fact, this is rare junk. It produces steam very weakly, there is almost no pressure. Do not buy!

Iron with steam generator
Iron with steam generator
If someone else is interested in a steam iron, then I inform you: in the answer # 1 of this topic, there is a link to the Turkish Silter irons. I have been using them professionally for many years, I am very satisfied. Excellent value for money, excellent steam pressure, smoothes EVERYTHING. An important addition is a special sole with a spring (metal inside, white plastic outside) that protects the fabric from burns and weasels. Use only distilled water.
Share your experience, pliiz. Does anyone have a steam-o-power iron? The TV shop advertises - it's just a miracle, not an iron! They just promise that it super iron on hangers and anything, even thin blouses. Or another divorce?
I looked at this iron in a search engine, I express my personal opinion: in laurastar - 3.5 bar steam pressure, 2200 W and this steam generator will not iron a washed cotton shirt canopy, and Steam-o has a power of 650 W. I think this thing can only freshen up clothes before going out.
Virgin, here you are, ironing it with an iron. And my daughter ruined my iron, two of her irons, she is going to buy the next one.
So for me it is just a way out of the situation to have this steam cleaner, because I know that as soon as I buy a new iron, it will be doomed right away.
I rarely iron, only top things.
She does not grab my steam cleaner, does not know how to use it and does not delve into it.
Quote: Wildebeest

Virgin, here you are, ironing it with an iron. And my daughter ruined my iron, two of her irons, she is going to buy the next one.
I know that as soon as I buy a new iron, it will immediately be doomed to destruction.
I rarely iron, only top things.
She does not grab my steam cleaner, does not know how to use it and does not delve into it.
Wildebeestwhat does she do with the irons? Why do you rarely iron and what do you refer to as the top things? Underwear is much easier to iron than, for example, a two-bed duvet cover ?! And, in general, according to your classification, is it the top thing or what?
Bread Pete
My half caught fire to purchase an Italstim iron ( 🔗). It costs almost 3,000 rubles or 100 bucks. Some of it is small, and you also need to pour salt into it for some. It seems to me that this is another scam. If so, talk it out before she bought
Bread Pete, I have a similar one, only ours: Iron with steam generator
The only difference is in design and in price (mine is an order of magnitude cheaper), the technical characteristics are the same. I use it very rarely. I prefer an iron. Iron is faster and more convenient, in my opinion.
Bread Pete
Found this Italstim on Amazon, read the reviews - all completely abusive, the question thus disappeared by itself
and I like italstim.the main thing to understand is that this is not a complete replacement for the iron. but for the curtains, the arrow to the husband on the trousers is the very thing ...
Quote: VYa

Can you tell me what kind of "our"? Thank you!
VYa, I will give a hint, but I don't think that you can buy it anywhere else - mine has been for many years. It is called "Household electric steamer" EO 0.8 / 220.
After buying a dryer, the iron is given only in exceptional cases, and then, for a few seconds or minutes (as a rule, this is a twisted leg on jeans during the drying process and only one, the second is perfectly flat). So, after drying while still warm, hang everything at once on hangers, and then ironing is not necessary. If you hesitate and the laundry will lie down for a while in the car or put it in a basin (so that you can quickly load a new batch), then you need to iron it. Sometimes I notice small waves on T-shirts, I want to get rid of them without an iron using such a thing 🔗 or something like that. For the sake of this, it takes a long time to get the board out, lay out, fold, but I don't have a stationary place for it. What do you think is it necessary or is it more reliable and faster with an iron? By the way, I bought the dryer only because I hate ironing!
Verina Natalia
I love good household appliances very much. And a year and a half ago I bought a Philips steam generator. Up to this point, ironing for me was a sharp knife. BUT everything changed overnight. I liked ironing with a steam generator very much. Especially those who have to iron forms for elementary school children and trousers will understand me. I have three of them: tomorrow they will go to the first, second and third grade.
And the iron, for lack of demand, has already migrated to live in school. Do not go to waste the same cool thing!
Of steam hand irons, I think this is the most unfortunate instance Iron with steam generator
Quote: Freken Bock

Honda, not a secret Squeak as ironing. The linen is ironed in one stroke, the iron just flies. Bed linen can be ironed folded in four. The ironing process is noticeably accelerated. You even start to enjoy it. One trouble (more precisely, joy) - I had to change the old board to the Airboard, the old chipboard-shnaya began to bend from the steam

Freken BockCan you tell us how your ironing board is doing? I recently bought an iron with a Philips GC 9220 steam generator. I decided to buy a Leifheit Airboard ironing board for it. But in this one online store I was told that this type of board is not suitable for irons with steam generators, since the base thermoplastic melts from it. I suspect that this is unlikely, but could you dispel my doubts ?!
Quote: Ipatiya

Do you have an iron with a steam station or a regular iron with a steam function?

I have a Laura Star ironing system. So I am very pleased with the active board - the functions of blowing and vacuum are controlled by a button on the iron. How it happens on separate active boards - you need to study, I have not looked yet.

Iron with steam generator
button on the board itself. it still does not hurt to clarify whether the air supply power is regulated.

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