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Lerele, thanks for the recipe.
The second time I got it. The first time I rolled out the dough and it did not rise at all, I had to make cheese sticks.
I went for a new test and didn't touch him at all. I just cut it into strips 1.5-2cm. And they rose so that they began to fall on each other in the oven. And I baked them from two packs of 0.5 kg, as many as 2 baking sheets. As a result, I could not find a form where to put them. I put them in a round bowl and smeared them with cream. I also threw raspberries (but mine told me to do it the next time without berries, it distracts from the main taste). And no one guessed that it was from a ready-made dough. Therefore, this recipe will definitely be repeated often with us)))
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
dana77, wow how beautiful it turned out !!!
It looks like baked from cakes. And the sticks rose great !!!
I'm very glad the recipe came in handy.
Lerele, yes, I chose the most fried sticks, so do not roll very thinly, otherwise they will burn)))

julia_bb, yes, I only use the cake ride once a year, and on weekends I only bake muffins, pies and rolls.
MANUELA_555, yes, I don't roll it out at all, we sell dough in rolls, only cut it remains.
Thank you very much for the recipe! It turned out very tasty.
Oksana1999, very glad that I liked it !!
Quote: anavi
In general, I'll do it - I'll bring the report.
Here I am! Finally I got to the computer with thanks! Here's my cake!
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
And the cutterPuff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
The photos are not very good, of course, but in the hustle and bustle, on holiday, by phone ... I hope Lerele will forgive ... Thank you for the recipe - it turned out very tasty, I made a custard of 3 eggs.

I prepared a cake for March 8, made a custard in Thermomix on the auto program. I spread it not with a log, but in three layers in a glass rectangular shape.
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
And I once again made a cake. This time for friends for Easter.
Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
anavi, julia_bb, Volgas, ladies !!! What a beauty you all have!
I am very glad that I liked it
Peace be with you bakers!

All the same, tasty and fast

Puff pastry log cake (quick Napoleon)
shade, cool cake !!
I also need to repeat that I haven't done that for a long time
Peace be with you bakers!


The main thing is not tricky, we already do it many times - quickly and tasty
And if you spread it with applesauce? There will be tongues with apples
Piano, my husband dipped in jam, he says tastier than your Napoleon
Lerele, Thank you! Fast and delicious!

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