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That's just because of minced meat and Easter cakes I want Kenwood, but I have a repair ...
Kenwood is very expensive. I have a Panasik bread maker and a planetary mixer. A Russian meat grinder Axion, citrus press, juicer, 3 graters. Works great. I bought in Eldorado, so the consultant for the meat grinder Kenwood persuaded. But I previously read the reviews, and looked live, compared. Axion is better.

Quote: optimist
listen! Very interesting!
It was I who responded to a nervous attack in my direction. And I already published the opinion, so I got it for it☺
ladnomarina, MarinaWell, Kenwood is it, a dream
Let him sit in Wishlist ... And I also have an Axion meat grinder with a juicer. I wanted a planetary mixer, but I bought a manual one. There was no kitchen space in the old apartment. And in the new one, the husband cannot finish the repair.
Regarding our Boshik, he is not suitable as a meat grinder, because he does not “grind”, but heats meat. But I knead the minced meat for the ham cutlet with a dough knife. It turns out very quickly.
Girls, do not quarrel! There is no perfect technique. And it never will! Whoever suits what he uses ... or what he can afford

Sister approved the mortgage, asks for help with a down payment. So, Kenwood I will not see yet, as well as a new car

Quote: lira3003
I wanted a planetary mixer, but I bought a manual one
Ritul, I bought the planetary Kitfort. It's inexpensive and can handle everything. And in Boshik I make a small amount of minced meat on impulse with onions, water, spices. The day before yesterday I chopped nettle into green borscht with a knife very well, in small portions. And yesterday, nettles, onions, eggs, spices, too, with a knife. And the pancakes turned out so delicious☺ Sister of course to help, this is sacred.

Quote: lira3003
I wanted a planetary mixer, but I bought a manual one.
Boshik has completely replaced the planetary one, so he is not really needed now. And yeast dough is better in a bread maker. Yesterday I kneaded bread with a hook in a mixer made of wheat, rye and whole grains, and today in the oven on rye dough, so heaven and earth
Quote: ladnomarina
And in Boshik I make a small amount of minced meat on impulse with onions, water, spices.
Not, not for me. I have three men (one is now serving), I put meat for minced meat immediately into a meat grinder, changing the grates.

I put them in bags and sign where small or large and in the freezer. If I have time, then from the part I immediately cook minced meat on dumplings and cutlets. Cutlets in molds and in the freezer, I mold dumplings there too. Well, the meatballs too. And I use the remaining minced meat later.

And I already wrote the dough, I knead everything in Boshik except bread. Its immediately in HP. There are no options
Marina Voronezh
Girls, and you have a warranty book for the combine. I have a plump book in different languages ​​for the 6th series, an assembly insert in drawings, and where are the warranty cards? If possible, take a picture of someone, maybe you need to call OZONE and sound the alarm ?! Thank you in advance.
Marina Voronezh, here I will not help .... Mine is no longer under warranty and after the move I will find something navryatli.

Damn, you will laugh, but I can't find a duck. Bake in my sleeve

Why was she needed? Warranty repair by check
Natalia K.
Quote: Marina Voronezh
maybe you need to call and sound the alarm in OZONE?
Marina Voronezh, I called Ozone about the warranty book and check. To which they replied that the check can be sent by e-mail. The guarantee goes on it.
And they also told me that since the guarantee of my MUM is 2 years and they can see that I bought it from them, there will be no problems.
Although, call Ozone yourself and they will tell you everything.
Save the invoice so that there will be no confusion later.
Marina Voronezh
Thank you very much, girls! I put everything in one place so as not to lose it, but I hope it won't come in handy.
Today I tried the beater attachment - I made a charlotte. Liked. Ven chick at least one, but very smartly beat the mass.
Svetta, the pusher you need is in the Rosette. But on condition that you are ready to pay 400 hryvnia for it.
optimist, Lenusya, thanks, for such a price it is not necessary))) I'd better get Zelmer out of the locker)))
I have been using my friend since January. All 3 are certainly individual, everyone is accustomed to different cuts, so it's better to watch video reviews before buying. Of the minuses for me personally, this is minced meat, I hoped that it would replace my meat grinder, but no. I like chicken in principle, but pork is hard for him to cut, he must try to freeze the meat, I think this will save the situation. There were also cases with cocktails, he would grind everything, and leave a couple of berries whole and drive them around the bowl, I don't know what it depends on, maybe a lot of liquid. If you chop with a utility knife, a large amount can also leave whole pieces and drive around the bowl. I personally really like graters. The julienne disc suited me because I used to grate everything for frying by hand on a grater for Korean carrots. I don't really use the kneader either. I prefer to knead with my hands, the more often I make the dough viscous, in my dreams of buying Kenwood, of course. But now I only make a lot of cheesecakes in it, it perfectly removes all the grains from the cottage cheese. As for me, a coarse grater will go for vegetable pancakes, I also grated cheese on it. Shredder is a song! Now is the season of kebabs and I chop onions in a minute! Dense tomatoes for casseroles, sausage for pizza, cucumbers and peppers for salad, and much more, I thought that this attachment would be in my corner, but in fact I probably use it most often, I cook vegetable salads on it. Of course, the cabbage turns out to be not so neat, but it saves time very much, and for me this is important. The cubes are great. It's a pleasure to make okroshka now. The size is right for our family. Now I want to try large stews too. I used a fine grater once, rubbed the potatoes on dranniki, after the grater I pounded a lot with a knife, the result was fine. The whisk is excellent. Cream, cream, batter, he does everything with a bang. For me personally, it has more pluses than minuses. In fact, the biggest disadvantage is minced meat, the rest can be used and adjusted. I hope someone will find the review useful! And yes, I have nothing to compare with. There was only a meat grinder and a hand mixer. I used to rub and cut everything with my hands
Good afternoon, we have overcome the torment of choice. Want a good chopper to make date candies, do you think the 68885 Bosch will handle sticky dates? Well, all sorts of graters are of course a nice bonus for me personally. How does it differ from 64085 besides power? There is a temptation to save a little about 2.5 tr. I watched Kenwood, well, it's very expensive, and you will need to buy a food processor separately. So far, Bosch has decided and a good planetary mixer, since there is no HP and I do not plan. Now I'm going to choose a mixer
Quote: Juli-Lev
66665 Can Bosch handle sticky dates?
what is this model? If you are talking about the one in the subject of which you write, then specify which attachments do you want to use? I love dates, but I haven't gotten to sweets. I’m wondering, why make candy out of dates? If you just add something
lira3003, Rita, that's a typo, 68885 of course. I love dates, and no one else from the family likes them, but the sweets according to this recipe are just lovely Date truffle by Gala (I cannot give links yet) the children and my husband are eating them all.

lira3003, Rita, I plan to chop them with a knife.
Juli-Lev, Yulia., everything is clear about what kind of sweets we are talking about.
Hello everyone!
For a very long time I was choosing a harvester for myself, but finally I made up my mind on the choice -MSM 68885. I reread several threads of the forum. I got a lot of useful information. Many thanks to all members of the forum for the detailed reviews of graters and nozzles.

As a result, I bought the harvester, but it still stands with relatives (difficulties with delivery to Donetsk). In parallel, I was looking for what other attachments I would like to include in the kit.To all of the above (in terms of the codes for the various attachments), I would like to add codes for a centrifugal juicer. Suddenly it will be useful to someone. It comes with the MSM 64051 combine. I think that it will suit our Boshik:

Juicer body - 00752444
Cover - 00752443
Filter - 00572442
Pusher - 00481095
Girls, hello! Tell me, should the knives of this combine be firmly fixed on the leg? Or go freely? There is only 1 copy in the store, and the knives are very easy to put on and move freely to the right, left and up and down.
Enchanted, yes, that's right, you can put them on and turn a little to the side, there, as it were, the protrusions will not let fly off.
Juli-Lev, Thank you. So the dangling knives were designed by the manufacturer? I thought marriage.
On my inexpensive Vitek, the chopper knife is fixed on a stick to death - in order to disassemble / wash it, you have to try.
And another question, is it really that bad with minced meat? It was because of the mince that I wanted to take this Bosch. I really liked making minced meat for cutlets with a VITEK VT-1480 blender (with a chopper knife), and for some reason I thought that Bosch, which has a much higher power, would handle it even better. But the last reviews I read here, somehow stop me.

I also planned to make minced meat for dumplings in it
Don't worry, the knives in MSM are excellent, the power is good, the meat grinds perfectly.
I never had any problems.
The harvester has a problem when the minced meat is kneaded for a long time for ham, then the emulsion is sucked under the knife, but it's just normal for cutlets.
Girls, thanks!
I'll probably take it. The only thing very confusing is the freely moving knives on a stick, is this really normal?

I decided if I don’t like how Boshik makes minced meat, then I’ll buy a submersible BRAUN MQ 9037 X, I saw Olga Matvey chopping 2 kilos of meat on it in 2 doses in seconds. Initially, I wanted to take it. But the leg, and the fact that it must be held by the hand, and only one hand is free, led me to Bosch.

I have a powerful meat grinder, but the way I put everything in Vitka at once, and put the meat and onions and bread, I pressed the button 5 times and immediately the ready-mixed minced meat - now I don't even want to go to the meat grinder.

I've had Vitek for many years already, but I just got a taste of the stuffing in it. And what a fool I am that I haven't done this before
Owners of such a Boshik, tell me the disk numbers for potato pancakes and Julien!
optimist, according to the picture, discs from MUM are suitable:
- Bosch MUZ45AG1 - disc julienne or for Asian slicing;
- Bosch MUZ45RS1 - disc for potato pancakes or thorn
Quote: tatymo
add codes for centrifugal juicer. Suddenly it will be useful to someone. It comes with the MSM 64051 combine. I think that it will suit our Boshik:

I thought for a long time whether to buy this juicer or not. And after your message, I still decided

In general, I tested this attachment today. I liked her very much. I have a regular juicer with met. sieve philips. But it is bulky, it was sent to the dacha, because in the new apartment there is no place for a small kitchen at all. The nozzle takes up less space naturally.
Such a plastic construction came, I thought I wasted my money, well, what will this plastic ring squeeze out?

Food processor Bosch MultiTalent MCM68885

In general, I made almost a glass of juice from two apples. The juice is almost transparent, little foam, little thick. Maybe it depends on the variety, I took a honey crunch. The cake is of course moist, in a conventional juicer it is dry. But there the juice came out too frothy, I didn't like it. The sieve quickly clogs up in the combine, that is, you need to squeeze out a glass of juice and clean it. But I don't need it anymore, I took it because a child asks for juice, I'm tired of taking the purchased one.

Food processor Bosch MultiTalent MCM68885

Food processor Bosch MultiTalent MCM68885
Girls, please tell me if such a nozzle is suitable from bosch 5380 to 64085, 68885 and so on.
Food processor Bosch MultiTalent MCM68885
And I will join the question. We really need a wiping sieve, harvesting season ... What no one knows? Silence since February
Quote: zaika444
Girls, please tell me if such a nozzle is suitable from bosch 5380 to 64085, 68885 and so on.

I have a similar sieve in the photo, it fits to 68885, I don’t remember how I chose, but I ordered a Bosch on the website and checked the correspondence of the models
Quote: Venera007

I have a similar sieve in the photo, it fits to 68885, I don’t remember how I chose, but I ordered a Bosch on the website and checked the correspondence of the models
Thank you, otherwise in the spare parts stores the correspondence is indicated only with the 5th generation, and the service says - "we select only according to the model" I am looking now where you can try on
Another question, is the nozzle itself a yellow sieve and a white stirrer (knife)? And all this is inserted into the main bowl of the combine?
Quote: k.alena
Is the nozzle itself a yellow sieve and a white stirrer (knife)? And all this is inserted into the main bowl of the combine?
I have a different Bosch model, but wiping from the same two parts - a knife and a sieve.
I really love this rub and meditate on it so that I live longer ...
It is this sieve that is in the photo above, it does not fit the MSM 5380 combine and the MSM 68885. I went today with the combine, tried it on ... it does not fit into the bowl to the required depth. And the service responds that by the 6th generation there are no wiping nozzles. There is a similar nozzle for MSM 55 .. series It is of 2 parts, the sieve is not round but 12 coal and the knife looks more like a propeller. Has anyone tried to adapt it? I don’t have one to try on
Quote: k.alena
the sieve is placed on the cube cutter pin!
I'll come home to take a picture, otherwise I myself began to doubt
I will be very grateful
Quote: lira3003
the sieve is placed on the cube cutter pin!
I'll come home to take a picture, otherwise I myself began to doubt

Oh yes! I bought for a long time, I could not remember in any way. The combine has two pins. This nozzle exactly fits on one. Yellow sieve and white impeller.
When I put it on, it was not the pin that did not allow me to sink into place, but the ribs inside my bowl I know about two pins and I took both with me. But since the bowl itself was in the way, I didn't even try with the second one. The native pin of the 5380 is similar to my main one. In any case, I'm waiting for a photo, maybe I was wearing something like that ... at a very good price you can take it
This is a sieve! Food processor Bosch MultiTalent MCM68885
It fits exactly with MSM 68885
Thank you, I can only order this by mail. Or you can have a photo in the installed form, so that I understand how it should be.
Yes, and I bought such a multifaceted sieve for 68085. Perfectly fits on a pin for a cube cutter. As far as I remember, it consists of two parts, each with its own article. Somewhere in this thread, I gave all the codes for all the additional attachments that I bought ..
Found a photo "assembled" in the topic about attachments for MUM It seems from the photo and the bowl there is exactly like mine ... I ordered it, I will report back
there is no limit to my happiness. Received a nozzle - everything worked! Thank you very much for your help in choosing. I've already made red currant jelly, it's interesting that the% of waste is less than I wiped with a hand sieve with a handle. In all this, the position of Bosch is completely incomprehensible - there are no such attachments for the 6th series, this one fits ... but they do not know this. They are completely unaware of compatibility. Maximum can only order a part at the buyer's responsibility

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