Turkey cutlets with zucchini and mint

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Turkey cutlets with zucchini and mint


turkey (or chicken) fillet 750 g
zucchini (peeled and seedless) 300 g
bulb onions 1 PC.
potato starch 2-3 st. l.
mint half a bunch
salt pepper taste
vegetable oil 2-3 st. l.

Cooking method

  • Thank you so much for the idea of ​​mint in cutlets Marine-MariS, it was very tasty, but it's certainly not for everybody!)
  • Pass the turkey through a meat grinder. Chop the mint and onion very finely. Add to the minced meat, salt, pepper, mix. Grate the prepared zucchini on a coarse grater. Add the zucchini to the minced meat and mix thoroughly again. Enter the starch. Form cutlets from the minced meat. Fry the cutlets in a skillet with heated oil until golden brown (on both sides).
  • Mint gives the cutlets a very light aromatic taste.

The dish is designed for

10-12 pieces

Time for preparing:

30-40 minutes

Cooking program:


Excellent cutlets! I am just a fan of mint additives
SanechkaA, Thank you!
Sanechka, what delicious cutlets!

And I fell in love with mint, thanks to your zucchini latkes and now I cook many dishes with mint, including - chicken meatballs.
Only they are without starch and with rice.

Mint in various combinations gives a unique taste sensation. Thanks, I will definitely try!
Thank you girls

Marina it was after your meatballs that I added mint to the cutlets, I read somewhere that cutlets are cooked this way in Morocco, but at the request of the Moroccan cutlets I did not see mint in recipes

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