Hello everyone!

I specifically come to you, with my problem, because where else will they help me, if not here?

I have a Binaton 2169 bread maker, a form with two stirrers. The stove is normal, it bakes pretty well, but the shape was unlucky. One of the stirrers falls, what to do?

The first stirrer is baked tightly, I have no problems with it, but the second one ... I would not say that it is very loose, puts on a pin tightly, and in the process of kneading it begins to scroll and rise up. It turns out that I have one shoulder blade kneading, the second dangling around. I press it down with my finger - let it work a little. If you miss it, it will fall off altogether and knead into a loaf in an arbitrary place.

Advise what can be done. Tighten the wire? Maybe there are craftsmen who have solved this problem, tell us. I'll show my husband - he will do it.
In short, I glued it. Superglue. And even if it is poisonous, nothing will happen from one drop, then it will be clogged with dough, baked and everything will be OK. But it will not be - figs with him, a bucket, I will replace it, it is still impossible to use with one mixer.

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