Valencian paella (Paella Valenciana) with dolichos (in La Cucina Italiana YBD 50-90) MariV

Quince jam Tanyulya
Frozen strawberry jam (multicooker Brand 701) Tyafa
Blue Plum Jam (Steba DD1) saqwer69
Chokeberry jam with lemon in a multicooker Redmond RMC-M70 Grigorieva
Apple jam Celestine
Raspberry jam (multicooker Brand 37501) Melisa72ru
Fruit and berry jam with citrus (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Admin
Apple jam Insalin

Vegetarian Coconut Curry (for Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH) lada-matushka
Oyster mushrooms in white wine in a multicooker Brand 37502 MariV
Oyster mushrooms in champagne and with cheese MariV
Oyster mushrooms stewed with mayonnaise (multicooker Aurora) ang-kay

Vinaigrette in a multicooker Cuckoo 1055 Zvezda askony
Grape compote with basil in the Steba multicooker Skifiya

Rosehip, Orange, Cinnamon and Berry Vitamin Drink in Oursson MP5005 Tumanchik
Cherries in their own juice in a multicooker Scarlett 411 * Anyuta *
Delicious stewed potatoes in the Oursson MP5005 multicooker Tumanchik

Hawaiian mix in a smokehouse euge
Hawaiian Shrimp Mix Aunt Besya
Lentil garnish with vegetables Mulinex Cook4Me OlgaMSK
Ducal potatoes shelma
Mulled wine in multicooker Philips HD3060 vernisag

Swiss chard cabbage rolls with couscous + Gala +
Peking cabbage stuffed cabbage with mushrooms and brown rice in a multicooker Redmond RMC-M 4502 Bianchi
Savoy cabbage stuffed cabbage with celery on a cushion of green beans in a multicooker Redmond RMC-M 4502 Bianchi
Cabbage rolls with mushrooms and yachka (multicooker Philips HD3197) Manna

Pea porridge (mashed potatoes) in the Oursson MP5002 multicooker Samarochka80
Pea flap (Polaris 0305) olga4166
Pea mash Galinka-Malinka
Hot eggplant appetizer (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) vernisag
Hot appetizer "Based on antipasti" (multicooker Redmond RMC-02) mirtatvik
Hot Sakura cocktail (multicooker Brand 701) Ksyushk @ -Plushk @

Buckwheat for garnish (multicooker Brand 701) (Manna)

Mushroom caviar in the Steba DD1 multicooker (and not only in it) Natalishka
Mushroom cream sauce in a multicooker Philips HD3095 Manna
Mushrooms in the multicooker Bork u700 tatita
Potato mushrooms MariV
Stewed mushrooms with potatoes (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Lerele
Mushrooms with red wine and balsamic vinegar (Brand 701 multicooker) (MariV)

Pear in wine Sous Vide Steba SV-1 Foam
Pears with orange jam using sous-vide technology in Steba DD2 multicooker pressure cooker gala10
Pears stuffed with chocolate (MV Steba DD1 ECO) Mar_k

Tomato Fried Zucchini (Dex-40) Lozja
Zucchini baked with gruyere cheese MariV
Zucchini with cheese in a multicooker Element FWA 01 PB El Nymph
Zucchini with minced chicken "Lodochki" Gala_Z
Zucchini with pepper in tomato and sour cream sauce (Aurora multicooker) ang-kay
Zucchini stewed with vegetables and rice in the Philips HD3036 multicooker celfh
Squash casserole Galinka-Malinka
Zucchini casserole with Adyghe cheese Tanyulya
Zucchini casserole with mushrooms (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Elven
Squash caviar Andreevna
Zucchini caviar (dietary) in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH 10 Raspberries

Fried cabbage in a multicooker Brand-37502 gala10
Farm-style fried cabbage (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Fried cabbage with steamed eggs julifera
Cabbage, like fried, with pork belly (pressure cooker Polaris 0305) Shelena
Stewed sauerkraut tatjanka
Young cabbage stewed with rice SchuMakher
Old Polish cabbage (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH) Babushka
Lean cabbage in the combined mode (in the multicooker-pressure cooker Polaris 0305) Shelena
Stewed cabbage Carolina7
Stewed cabbage SchuMakher
Braised cabbage in Brand 6051 Tanyulya
Braised cabbage in a multicooker Brand 701 Elena Bo
Stewed cabbage in a multicooker Scarlett lana light
Cabbage stew in one step (Polaris 0305) inka_kot
Stewed sauerkraut Zhanik
Stewed cabbage with raisins, apples and ginger in a slow cooker Omela
Stewed cabbage with sausages Aunt Besya
Stewed cabbage (light) in Brand 6050 pressure cooker Elena Bo
Braised cabbage (pressure cooker Brand 6050) VS NIKA
Cabbage stewed with chicken (multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18) Gall
Cabbage casserole Tanyulya
Cabbage filling for pies or just cabbage in Oursson MP5005 Tumanchik
Cabbage pizza Tanyulya
Cauliflower and broccoli for garnish Tanyulya

Pumpkin Curry with Raisins (Steba DD1 ECO) Robin bobin

Idaho potatoes in the Steba DD2 multicooker pressure cooker gala10
Biyron potatoes Luysia
Potatoes "Dauphine" MariV
Dauphine potatoes in a slow cooker * Katerina *
Fried potatoes lira70
Fried potatoes (Steba DD1) ElenkaM
Fried potatoes in Philips HD3134 / 00 vernisag
Fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms in a slow cooker SchuMakher
Baked potatoes with cheese in a slow cooker Lar4ik
Paille potatoes baked with cheese and sour cream (Brand 701 multicooker) MariV
Jacket potatoes Tanyulya
Potatoes in sour cream with mayonnaise and cheese Tanyulya
Potatoes with homemade sour cream (multicooker Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH) Babushka
Potatoes in milk with cutlets (multicooker Supra MCS-3510) Natalie178
Steamed potatoes celfh
Potatoes on the Buckwheat program at Cuckoo 1051 vernisag
Boiled potatoes Admin
Potatoes baked in Swedish in a multicooker Cuckoo 1055 Roza_Irina
Baked potatoes with rosemary in a Panasonic multicooker ASYa
Potatoes baked with tomato MariV
Austrian potatoes (Polaris Floris 0508D and Kitchen 0507D) Ligra
Berlin-style potatoes in a slow cooker Omela
Village potatoes in a slow cooker V-tina
Peasant potatoes (multicooker Brand 37501) Melisa72ru
Potatoes with broccoli Omela
Potatoes with mushrooms Nevushka
Potatoes with mint and rosemary in a slow cooker Kseny
Potatoes with cumin in a Panasonic multicooker Pistachio
Potatoes stewed with mushrooms (lean dish) in a pressure cooker Polaris 0305 Shelena
Stewed potatoes with chicken fillet and mushrooms in sour cream sauce (Polaris 0305) Shelena
Stuffed potatoes with vegetables Tanyulya

Potato casserole in Cuckoo 1051 vernisag
Potato casserole in a multicooker Polaris 0508D floris and PMC 0507d kitchen lisa567
Potato casserole (lean) and with cheese (Steba DD1) Omela
Potato casserole with cream (Steba DD1 ECO) inna86
Potato "porridge" in "Manual" mode (Brand 502) Shelena

Mashed potatoes in a multicooker Bork U700 Vei
Mashed potatoes in a multicooker with pressure Polaris 0305AD tysia
Mashed potatoes in the Comfort Fy 500 pressure cooker Sandy
Mashed potatoes (from my childhood) in a Scarlett multicooker vitaokstep
Mashed potatoes (Brand 6050 pressure cooker) Lerele

Potato dumplings with vegetable filling (multicooker Philips HD3095) Manna
Potato chips (Brand 6060 smokehouse) Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Potato gratin in a slow cooker myhappyself
Mashed potato soup in a multicooker DEX-60 ang-kay

Potatoes in a multicooker Redmond Grigorieva
Jacket potatoes in MV Scarlet 411 lana light
Fried potatoes Tanyulya
Baked potatoes with mushrooms julifera
Hunter-style potatoes in a Panasonic multicooker KuzyaSchechkina
Potatoes with mushrooms zvezda
Potatoes with chicken (sauce) in the Scarlett slow cooker lana light
Potatoes with cream in a Panasonic multicooker kortni
Potatoes with champignons in the Comfort Fy 500 pressure cooker salen
Potatoes, stewed with cream, with mushrooms izumka
Baked potatoes in a Panasonic multicooker Dashulya
Potatoes with mushrooms (another variation) for Cuckoo 1054 Omela
Chestnuts boiled in a multicooker or Brand pressure cooker MariV
Sauerkraut stewed with frozen minced meat pieces (Polaris 0305) Shelena
Sauerkraut stewed with dry mushrooms in the Philips HD3036 multicooker celfh
Ketchup with plums k @ wka

Quinoa - chisia mama (multicooker Brand 701) (MariV)
Kissel (pressure cooker Polaris 0305) inka_kot
Chinese cabbage in a multicooker Stadler Form V-tina
Eggplant quiche (DEH-50) rusja
Potato-oatmeal cutlets Tanyulya

Compote "Childhood" for multicooker Redmond RMC-M70 Grigorieva
Dried fruits compote Admin
Dried fruit compote in the Comfort Fy 500 pressure cooker LLika
Dried fruit compote with star anise and anise (multicooker Panasonic SR-TMZ550) Manna
Dried fruit compote with rose hips NataliARH
Siberian compote (for Zigmund & Shtain MC-DS42IH) lada-matushka
Berry mix compote (multicooker Brand 37501) Ksyushk @ -Plushk @

Envelopes of salad with mushrooms and chicken fillet dopleta
Concentrated compote "Vitamin" (Brand 37502, 502) Shelena
Coffee liqueur. Analog of Kahlua (Kahlua) in Sous vide Steba SV1 Foam

Red cabbage stewed with pork in Redmond M-70 galchonok
Stewed red cabbage with apple and beets in a slow cooker zalina74
Boiled corn SchuMakher
Boiled corn in a Brand 6050 pressure cooker Lerele
Steamed corn on the cob Tanyulya

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