Liberton LBM 05-2. Egg white bread

Category: Yeast bread
Liberton LBM 05-2. Egg white bread


Wheat flour, premium 540g
Add water to eggs to volume 340ml
Sunflower oil 1.5cl
Fine salt 1,5 people
Sugar 3.5 people
Pressed yeast 6g
Eggs (small) 2 pcs

Cooking method

  • Eggs from the refrigerator, so I poured them with very warm water to the specified volume, then dissolved sugar, salt there, and added vegetable oil.
  • Flour on top, and yeast pounded with a spoon on it.
  • Watch out for the "kolobok" - you may have to add more flour.
  • Furnace Liberton LBM 05-2
  • Modes: "1 Main", "900", "Dark"
  • The execution time of the program is exactly 3:30 including the stages
  • 1. Warm up 20 min. (3:30 - 3:10)
  • 2. Kneading 20 min. (3:10 - 2:50)
  • 3. Getting up 1h.48min. (2:50 - 1:02 where at 2:06 and 1:48 - "gas exit" for 5 sec.)
  • 4. Baking 1h 02min.
  • The bread turned out to be fragrant, fluffy, with a crispy crust, very tasty - 841g.

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1 Main

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