Unold 68616 Skala. Technical characteristics of the bread machine with built-in scales

Unold 68511 Extra. Bread Maker Specifications

Unold 68425 Compact Plus. Bread Maker Specifications

Unold 68415 Top Edition. Bread Maker Specifications

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Unold 8695. Technical characteristics of the bread machine
Unold 8695 BACKMEISTER Onyx

Semi-gloss stainless steel is framed in black plastic.

Large LCD display with soft buttons and 12 programs.

Specialists can create their own individual program. ABOUT

Power: 510 W, 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Bakes bread weighing 750-1000 g
12 programs and 1 individual program
Delay time of program execution up to 13 hours
3 adjustable levels for golden brown
Easy to use LCD display and soft control buttons
Large baking control window
Automatic heat preservation after baking

Dimensions (LxWxH): 38.0 x 29.5 x 29.5 cm
Weight 5 kg
Operating instructions with recipes in Russian.



Whether it's a large loaf or two small loaves of cheb with different ingredients, the MASTER BACK ® EXTRA can handle any job and make bread weighing up to 1,800 grams.

Power: 700 W, 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Bakes bread weighing:
Large form 750-1800 g
Double mold 350-500 g (each)
9 programs and 1 individual program
Timer with a delay of up to 13 hours
3 adjustable crust levels
Control of programs on LCD display with backlight
Large baking control window
Includes 2 bakeware: make either 1 large or 2 small breads
QuanTanium non-stick coating
Accessories: 1 x large baking dish, 1 x double baking dish, 2 x small mixers, 2 x large mixers, special mixers for the double pan, hook for removing mixers from ready-made bread, measuring cup, measuring spoon.

Operating instructions with recipes in Russian.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 41.0 x 22.0 x 34.0 cm
White colour
Weight 10 kg
Miller, could you tell us more about the second bread maker (with two buckets). I am very interested in the individual program: how it is programmed, all the programming parameters, kneading by the minute, kneading, proofing and the possibility of canceling any item. Or give a link to the instruction, where all this is detailed. Thank you in advance
Electronic instructions are not available. I'll look at the printed one and fill in something ... but after the holidays.
Do you have such a bread maker or someone you know?
Quote: Melnichka

Electronic instructions are not available. I'll look at the printed one and fill in something ... but after the holidays.
Do you have such a bread maker or someone you know?

I have 3 of them, but not this one. I would like to replace 2 pieces with Yunold, but on condition. what will suit the individual program, since I bake with sourdough and I would like it to meet all my requirements: one of them is the opportunity to skip one of the stages. In clogged programs, this cannot be done, just turn off the stove and turn it on again after a while. I will wait for your information, you can take a photo of this page and post it here.
I'm interested too...
Specifically, on your question, I seem to have found
It turns out according to the instructions that you can cancel any phase, if I understand correctly

The duration of the respective program phases can be adjusted within the limits listed below:

Total time in hours 3:50

Set time Adjustable from / to
0:22 0-30 min

KNEAD (kneading test)
Set time Adjustable from / to
0:18 0-30 min

First rise of dough
Set time Adjustable from / to
0:45 0-120 min / (2:00 hours)

Second rise of dough
Set time Adjustable from / to
1:25 0-120 min / (2:00 hours)

Third rise of dough
Set time Adjustable from / to
OFF, 0-120 min (2:00 hours)

Bakery products
Set time Adjustable from / to
1:00 0-60 min / (1:00 hour)

Keeping warm
Set time Adjustable from / to
60 OFF Or 1:00 hour

Select EIGENPROGRAM / Individual program using the menu key.
- Select the appropriate program step using the PROGRAMMABSCHNITT / PROGRAM STEP key
- Now you can adjust and save the time by pressing the time change key
If you want to cancel a specific program phase, press the ZEITÄNDERUNG button until OFF appears on the display.
- When the time in the table corresponding to the program phase is exceeded by pressing the ZEITÄNDERUNG time change button, the display will show OFF. This will lead to the fact that this phase of the program will be skipped during the operation of the device.
generally not bad - 6 hours of proofing, if desired 6-30
Is there a crust color on the baked goods?
Is there a delay in baking?
and nv site 9? programs or is it 12? what kind?
yeah, black has 12, white has 9 programs
black 5 kg white 10 kg

9 standard programs
+ 1 individually programmable
Setting key for different weights of bread
Setting key for different browning levels
Timer up to 13 hours of preliminary waiting
Automatic heating phase support

Basic - This is the most widely used program for white and rye wheat bread.

Basic wholemeal - For making bread from wholemeal (wholemeal).

Basis dough - For making yeast dough.

Rapid - For quick preparation of white and rye-wheat bread.

Rapid wholemeal - For quick preparation of wholemeal bread.

Quick dough - For quick preparation of yeast dough such as pizza dough.

Jam (Jam) - For making jam and marmalade.

Baking powder - For cakes and biscuits baked with baking powder (baking powder).

Yeast pastries - For making sweet yeast dough.

Individ. program (Individual program) - for individual programming of the baking process

Used to select the degree of browning of the crust: HELL / LIGHT / Light, MITTEL / MEDIUM / Medium or DUNKEL / DARK / Dark.
Thank you! the second time they don't give me a plus sign.
Miller, did I understand correctly that there is no separate baking?
and is it true that the manufacturer is Germany?
"Most programs, with the exception of BACKEN / BAKE (Baking) and TEIG (Dough), can be started with a time delay."

The program can be used as a "single bake":
"Rapid" - For quick preparation of white and rye-wheat bread.
But here I do not understand well. There is very little personal experience with a bread maker.

Manufacturer really Germany
no, Melnichka, this is different, what you wrote there - the cycle of making bread is shorter. clear - one baking can be done by removing the batch in an individual .... and another step in the ind program, probably by the minute? and if it's not very difficult, suddenly there is a table for programs, how much is the total time of the programs and for each number of minutes of mixing, how many mixes and rise when the additive is there a signal
BACKEN / BAKE (Baking)? I read it again and did not understand, sorry, but where is this program in the 9 listed?
"A beep sounds during the second batch of dough to remind you to add seeds, fruits, nuts and other ingredients."

The table fails. Here is the data on the lines for 12 points - 9 programs + 3 in connection with the choice of two sizes)

Basic (2 sizes - 2 columns)
Main + Wholemeal Bread (2 sizes - 2 columns)
Main + Dough
Quick baking
Quick baking + Wholemeal bread
Fast dough preparation
Jam (Jam)
Baking Powder (Baking powder)
Sweet baked goods (2 sizes - 2 columns)

Further, in accordance with the list above from the Main program to Sweet.

Total time in hours 3:20 3:30 3:30 3:40 1:50 1:58 2:08 0:45 1:20 2:00 3:09 3:20

Time in minutes:
Motor does not run 17 20 37 40 22 5 5 9 15 11 22

Slow mixing 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

First mixing to the right 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Second mixing to the left 13 13 13 13 16 20 20 16 45 16 and 8 13 13

First rise of dough 45 45 45 45 45 45

Smoothing dough 1 1 1 1 1 1

Second rise of dough 18 18 18 18 45 7 7 15 18 18

Smoothing dough 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Third rise of dough
Heating ON / OFF 45 45 35 35 22 25 35 39 39

Baking 55 62 55 62 55 55 80 56 56

Keeping warm 60 60 60 60 60 60 20 16 60 60
BAKE is not a program, but a program step. But in translation sometimes concepts are confused.

The time step is not specified exactly. But apparently, this is a minute
wow Miller !!!! Good girl, I will definitely draw another plus sign tomorrow! Thanks!
Melnichkathanks for all the info! All programs are fine, just the ones I use, nothing more! Especially the individual program.
Another request, perhaps your colleagues have this oven at home, I would very much like to see at least one photo of ready-made bread. Probably I will look for funds for this stove.
Glad I helped
And I myself understood more

Unfortunately, my acquaintances do not have HP. All my friends bake in the ovens like me
Quote: Melnichka

I'm glad I helped
And I myself understood more

Unfortunately, my acquaintances do not have HP. All my friends bake in the ovens like me

I also often bake in the oven, but this does not prevent me from having 3 more ovens, they help out a lot when there is no time to watch.
Unfortunately, I have not found any reviews about the Unold 68511 BACKMEISTER EXTRA, one of the messages said that it was impossible to cancel the backing up on the individual program. How a bread maker bakes, nothing is said about this either, and the price is far from small to buy a pig in a poke.

Miller, all the same, I would like the site to have more information and visual photographs of how this stove bakes.
Let's try to find out something else!
Olga from Voronezh
Miller, please tell me if you could post the instructions for Unold 68511, it's still better when there is a book at hand.
Unfortunately, there is no such possibility
Reviews on German "products" look at 🔗

Unold 68511

With shipment to the Russian Federation, this will cost 105.24 euros.
Hello everybody. Who has instructions from Unold 8695 please respond
Here is an instruction in a foreign language - I tried it allows you to copy the text, then translate it yourself with a translator program. will be clumsy but better than nothing. there you will see several languages ​​for yourself.
Thank you very much. I have not bought this stove yet, I wanted to see the instructions and find out the possibilities in order to finally make a purchase decision. In general, everything is translated quite clearly - this is a plus. If anyone has Unold 8695, share your impressions and experiences.
Help with advice! Unold 8695 BACKMEISTER Onyx with a maximum weight of 1000 g. That's a lot or a little. Enough for 5 people, given that they don't eat a lot of bread. For example store in 400 g -1 loaf for 2 days

and there 1000 grams is the maximum mass of baked goods? The oven is usually designed for two or three sizes of bread. Panas have three options: from 400, 500 and 600 g of flour (i.e. about 600, 750 and 900 grams of ready-made bread, respectively). And the maximum is declared up to 1200 (this is from 600 grams of flour + additives).

In Yunold, which is a hybrid-multi-cook, there are two sizes, bread from 450 grams of flour is a large size (I baked out of habit from 500 grams of flour).
Written • Bakes bread weighing 750-1000 g, weight is adjustable.
Anna, I appreciate all your advice. But initially I liked the Unold 8695 BACKMEISTER Onyx more. So I am trying to find her need in my family.
Instructions for Unold 68511_Backmeister_Extra


I have had Unold Onyx for about 6 years, my husband from Germany brought it at my request. I can say right away that I have never used the individual program - there were enough available ones. The stove is hassle-free - everything turns out great both with recipes from the manual and with recipes from various sources. The coating of the bowl is a little rubbed only on the screws that secure the handle, and there are not even scratches, although we use it quite actively. The scapula has suffered more - it is erased along the sharp edges, inside, where it contacts the pin, and a circle below. So the coating is very high quality, and you don't have to eat it with bread
When baking, two sizes of bread are selected - depending on the recipe for 480-640g and 730-1000g. And it's hard to say whether it is a lot or not enough for your family, homemade bread is eaten more than purchased one. But I can say one thing for sure - I have never regretted that I have this particular model, and not the widely advertised Panasonic. And if I ever get it out of order, I will definitely take Unold.
Thanks for your feedback. I have already ordered the Unold Top Edition 68415 from Germany. It is slightly larger by 1200 g.
Tata, as you get, write how she is to you, please. And then I like it too, but mine, with all its merits, is not eternal.
So I became the happy owner of a bread machine. I chose and compared different models for a long time and still settled on the Unold Top Edition 68415. There is no limit to my joy. The stove is very beautiful, made with high quality.
Rated power: 615W
Dimensions: .37.5 x 24.5 x 32.3 (L / W / H)
Weight: approx. 7.6 kg
bread size. 17.6 x 13.5 x 15.5 cm (L / W / H)
Bread weight: 750 - 1.200 g
Case: Stainless steel with mirror finish, semi-gloss plastic
Viewport cover
Touch control panel
Backlit display
The camera is equipped with lighting
11 programmable + 1 programmable individual program
2 weight levels 750 - 1200 g
3 levels of browning
Timer up to 13 hours delay start
Automatic heat retention 60 min
Manufacturer: Germany
I have not tried all the programs yet, but I was already baking sesame bread (although the roof fell a little, it rose very much, almost to the window) and kneaded the dough for corn buns (I did it on curled oatmeal porridge) from the "multicooker" site. And as a show of practice, you will have to bake almost every day. So tasty
Judge the results for yourself.
Unold bread makers
Unold bread makers
Unold bread makers
Unold bread makers
Unold bread makers
Unold bread makers
Elena Bo
Interested in Unold 68511 BACKMEISTER EXTRA. So the owners of this bread maker did not appear?
Hello everybody.
I would like to purchase one of these models.
I will take it either in Germany or Amazon or EBAY.
Where it will be cheaper.
Help me figure out the fundamental difference between these devices, except for the price and appearance.
I have a new assistant 68511. I baked bread with semolina in a large bucket from the instructions. Instead of 1 kg, I received 1 kg 200g. The taste and texture are very good. I added a little flour, but everything was kneaded without my intervention. The second time I baked two small sweet breads. I added ground walnuts to one bucket. I did not add flour at all. Both times everything was mixed without my intervention. I am happy with the result. Especially after Kenwood.
Is it possible to bake rye bread on this HP? In Panasonic, a comb-blade is provided for this. but there is no such blade in this
It has one pair of mixers for small buckets and two pairs for large ones (smaller and higher) Something like this ... I don't bake rye. I do not know anything. But I tried to program, I liked it.
Galina 0808
Hello! Can you please tell me what could be the reason that the dough is not kneaded in the bread maker?
Galina 0808
valerii1968What program are you using for baking bread?
Quote: Galina 0808

Hello! Please tell me what could be the reason that the dough is not kneaded in the bread maker?

What do you mean does not mix? Is the oven not working or is the dough very tough or runny?


Which molds from other manufacturers are suitable for the Unold 68511?
Hello, members of the forum!
Several years have passed since the theme was created. I would like to know the opinion of users of HB-ek Unold:
Is sourdough bread baked well on the customized program?
How is the dough kneaded on dumplings?
Is rye-wheat bread baked?
And in general, are you satisfied with the purchase of this HP?
Thank you

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