Souvenir cakes

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Souvenir cakes


Easter cake dough

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  • Once upon a time I saw a photo of unusual Easter eggs in one of the women's magazines.
  • Since then, every year for Easter I give such gifts to relatives and friends.
  • The shells of the eggs used to make the cake dough can be used as
  • baking molds. Otherwise, everything is the same: we put the ball of dough in the shell, let it come up and - into the oven.
  • I pour coarse salt into a baking dish and put the dough shells in it. I check the readiness with a splinter
  • when they are reddened. The shell can be pre-painted, for example, in an onion peel hole, paint
  • food paints, decorate with a satin ribbon bow. You can put on a thermal sticker.

These are funny! It will be necessary to perverted Thanks! Oh ... and lambs and lambs, now also cake eggs ... and when will all this be in time?
Taramara, thanks for the interesting idea! I completely agree with Ilona - how can I do everything !!!
Taramara, thanks for the idea - very unusual! : rose: I will definitely try. I have already baked the sheep, now - this wonderful idea needs to be implemented. And how great is all this - to decorate your life and make holidays for yourself and others! Yes, I agree with the girls, it's impossible to do everything - we will cut off the unnecessary ...
Thank you hostesses. Positive emotions of those who are presented with such Easter cakes are guaranteed. Children eat with pleasure, some of my friends save it until next Easter.
Good luck and good mood to everyone!
Girls! I want to extract this Temko from the archive.

Souvenir cakes

I have been practicing this idea for several years now. I think it is very successful.
what a great idea!
Premier, OlyaThanks for pulling out. Probably, the Temka would be more noticeable if it was called "Souvenir Easter Cakes".
I took phased photos, but then I decided that everything was clear anyway. If anyone is interested, I'll post it. All spring mood and wonderful Easter cakes!
Tomochka, please post it !!!
Inna, tell me where the request to rename the recipe should go, something I'm confused.
I'll try to show the process.
Souvenir cakes
in the oven
Souvenir cakes
Let it cool down and start to decorate: paints, thermal stickers, glaze, sprinkles - whoever likes what
Souvenir cakes
We close the edge of the shell, with braid, ribbon, you can stick rhinestones (today I saw it in the store).
That's all, perhaps.
Souvenir cakes
Souvenir cakes
Souvenir cakes
Taramarawhat a lovely thank you. I'll try to do it, it's a pity the children have grown up.
Kirks, NataliaAnd how do adults react to such a gift! Check it out.
It is believed that adults differ from children only in height.
And one more small addition - it is convenient to use a dumpling maker (metal, of course) as a stand for the shells.
After being freed from the egg, the shells must be washed and the film lining them inside must be removed, then dried. Be careful, the shells become very fragile.
The dough ball should be about the size of a walnut.
I dip them in melted butter, dipped in sugar and spread over the shells.
And I threw out such a dumplings long ago, which is a pity. There would be no need to "bake" salt or cereals.
Thank you! I just noticed.
Who do I thank for changing the topic name? Thanks again.
Tamara, I also threw a lot of things in my life, but I adapted the dumplings. Actually, for this I only use it.
Maybe, if you bake the shells every year, it is worth worrying in the summer and a good sand to save for this purpose? Not to translate the cereal?
what a funny idea! will have to try!
sweetka, Svetlana, can you share your impressions?
It's like "consumer goods" used to be in large-scale industries: there are a lot of eggs in the Easter dough. The main thing is to gently crack the shell.
Happy baking.
Greetings to my small homeland (I am from Tsyurupinsk).
Quote: Taramara

Greetings to my small homeland (I am from Tsyurupinsk).
Aaaaaaaaa, the fisherman sees the fisherman from far away! Kruuuuuuuuuto !!!!!!!!
If I have time to take a picture, then of course I will share it!

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