Vegetable pancake rolls

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Vegetable pancake rolls


Pancake flour 2 stkn
Water 2.5 stkn
Vegetable oil 50 ml
Sweet pepper 2-3 pcs
Long-fruited cucumber 1 PC
Rice for sushi 100 g
Soy sauce taste
Wasabi a little
Green onions with feathers for a bundle of rolls

Cooking method

  • Pour pancake flour (used Pre-Portion flour) into a deep bowl, add water (500 ml), mix thoroughly, add vegetable oil, mix again.
  • Bake thin pancakes in a wide, well-heated skillet.
  • Be sure to stack the pancakes. Pancakes, of course, can be baked according to your own recipe ... I took pancake flour to make it faster, because the recipe is not fast anyway. Again, I did not use other brands of pancake flour, so as not to spoil the taste. Predportovaya personally tested, the taste of pancakes from it is balanced.
  • Boil rice for sushi (cooking method is usually on the pack). Cut vegetables into thin long strips (about 5-7 mm thick): bell peppers (yellow, red), cucumber.
  • Put the rice in a continuous layer (thinner than 1 cm) on 1/4 of the pancake on the edge. On top of the rice, along the edge of the pancake, there are vegetables (about 3-4 straws each), lightly greased with wasabi sauce. I usually put 1-2 straws of pepper and 1-2 straws of cucumber. Roll the pancake into a tight roll so that the vegetables are in the very middle. Let the pancake and rice cool. Cut the pancake rolls into small rolls (like classic rolls) 2-3 cm high with a knife, as sharp as a samurai sword. Put the rolls vertically on a plate. To prevent the rolls from unfolding, they can be tied with a feather of green onions. Decorate with greens and serve it to the table (!!!!!) with soy sauce (in it and wasabi is the whole essence of rolls !!!). A sort of sushi rolls in the Russian way are obtained. Bon Appetit!!!

The dish is designed for

pieces of 20 rolls or more. Depends on the number of pancakes, the thickness and height of the rolls

Time for preparing:

1 hour


By the way, instead of vegetables, you can cut the red fish in the same way ... then the fish rolls will turn out ...
To make the recipe more exotic, you can bake Rice pancakes and wrap the rolls in them ...

Quote: Bread

to tie unwinding rolls instead of the green onion feathers recommended in the recipe, you can use a pigtail cheese ... Untwist it and you can also tie it up with these cheese strings ... If someone doesn't like onions ... :-)))

Well, damn it, Japan, hold on!
Quote: Medusa

Well, damn it, Japan, hold on!

Very accurate interjection in the phrase !!! You will not undermine !!! On the topic of publication !!!
And if in the center of the pancake-roll there is a piece of slightly salted red fish, all this is for the Pancake dish !!! Japan won't hold out!
Quote: izumka

And if in the center of the pancake-roll there is a piece of slightly salted red fish, all this is for the Pancake dish !!! Japan won't hold out!
in the recipe, this option is also indicated, read to the end.
Well, has anyone tried this recipe? Maslenitsa on the nose !!! You need to rehearse in advance, so that later everything would turn out OK ... Here you need skill ...
Who tried the recipe? Will you respond? How are your impressions? On Shrovetide - I recommend to surprise guests with exotic! We vote !!!
By the way, to tie unwinding rolls, instead of the green onion feathers recommended in the recipe, you can use a cheese-pigtail ... Untwist it and tie it up with these cheese strings too ... If someone doesn't like onions ... :-)))
Has anyone decided to try this recipe on Maslenitsa? How are your impressions?
Bread , I made up my mind. Thank you so much for the recipe!
Made with vegetables and salmon.Everyone was delighted! Cooking is not at all difficult, but it turns out very tasty and unusual. And what room for fillings! I will definitely cook more.
I wanted to cook rolls in pancakes, but they ate the pancakes separately, but the filling of carrots and white radish remained, what to do? There are crab sticks in the refrigerator. I unrolled them, put the filling and spun them over again. And now look what happened.
Vegetable pancake rolls
Vegetable pancake rollsVegetable pancake rolls
Well, this option has nothing to do with baking either in the filling or in the outer part, but for wit - 5+
Maslenitsa is coming! It's time to experiment with pancakes, or rather with pancake rolls
Today I wound up such pancake rolls
our answer to chamberlain
today we also rolled pancake rolls
Vegetable pancake rolls
with herring and mashed potatoes
Made with salmon and cucumber. A great option for the table, everyone is surprised, everyone likes it))

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