Schnitzel "Banquet"

Category: Meat dishes
Schnitzel Banquet


Meat 500 g
eggs 2 pcs
beer 0.5 st
flour 4 tablespoons
sugar pinch

Cooking method

  • This schnitzel is made from any turkey meat, chicken, beef, liver.
  • Any of the driest and toughest meat is juicy and soft.
  • The chip of this recipe is in batter.
  • The recipe was told to me by a neighbor, the mother of my school friend. She worked all her life in the Regional Executive Committee, in the canteen, where they fed the "top officials" of our city, so to speak.
  • I used to cook goose breast.
  • 4 large schnitzels are obtained from the breast.
  • Cut the meat, salt and pepper.
  • Beat through a sealed bag to slightly disturb the meat fibers.
  • Schnitzel Banquet

Natasha, an interesting recipe! Do you think you can roll the meat a little in flour to keep the batter better?
yes I somehow fry them,
good advice, thanks,
I will definitely try
Today I was frying a trout in this batter: STUNNING how cool. I carry my THANK YOU for an excellent recipe
I just want to make an amendment to the recipe: I took less than 1/4 cup of beer and didn’t pour everything in, and it WAS WONDERFUL. And not so long ago, last week I fried the liver, made it according to the recipe and my batter drained cleanly from the liver

super! I am glad, I very often do

so they taught me to drain

but it is not important,!
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