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Kombucha drink


tea mushroom

Cooking method

  • I grow, nurture, insist, drink "Kombucha"
  • What is the composition of the drink?
  • 1. Black tea
  • black tea - 1 tsp. dimensional
  • boiling water - 1 liter
  • sugar (honey) - 100 grams
  • 2. Green tea
  • green tea - 1 tsp. dimensional
  • boiling water - 1 liter
  • sugar (honey) - 100 grams
  • The most delicious and healthy drink is made with green tea with honey !!!
  • How to make tea infusions?
  • Pour the required amount of dry tea into the jar, add sugar or honey, pour boiling water, let it cool to cold. To add to the kombucha, strain the filling through a sieve.
  • How to care for kombucha?
  • 1. Wash the jar with hot, clean water.
  • 2. Pour ready-made, cooled strained sweet tea into a jar (transparent jug, decanter).
  • 3. Gently dip the kombucha into the jar.
  • 4. Close the neck of the jar with clean gauze, a napkin, tie with a thread, an elastic band.
  • Kombucha drink
  • 5. Let the kombucha brew for 3-5 days, the time depends on the ambient temperature, it turns sour faster in summer, slower in winter, in cold weather. And it depends on the size of the mushroom itself.
  • 6. The finished drink is immediately felt by its hissing when poured into a glass, there are many sizzling and bursting small bubbles, the color of the drink becomes lighter than when pouring, and is transparent
  • Kombucha drink
  • It tastes like a carbonated drink-lemonade, a fizzy of sweet and sour pleasant taste, it stings the tongue a little.
  • 7. I pour the finished drink into bottles with a cork and store in the refrigerator until we drink it all. You need to pour the drink through a funnel, put cheesecloth inside in several layers. It is not necessary to drain completely, since at the bottom of the can there are spent scraps of the vital activity of the fungus.
  • Kombucha drink
  • 8. After draining the finished drink, you need to repeat the entire procedure from the beginning - wash the can, brew tea with sugar, honey, etc.
  • 9. Never top up a sleeping tea from the teapot (from which you drink tea every day) and do not fill up in a jar of mushroom, and especially raw sugar or honey on the mushroom itself !!! Thus, you can burn the clean surface of the mushroom, and the drink itself will not have time to infuse and ripen, and such wonderful healing properties of the mushroom that it possesses will not form!
  • You can spoil the surface of the mushroom, and the mushroom itself simply will not have time to prepare a healing drink, it will get tired of constant work. A mushroom is a living organism, it feeds on tea and sugar!
  • How does Kombucha work?
  • My mushroom is no more than three months old, and its cap has become white, oily, well-fed, and grows and grows in layers upward with each fill. An apartment for 2 liters of liquid is now enough for my mushroom.
  • Kombucha drink
  • Kombucha has two main parts:
  • - upper layer beautiful white, which is constantly growing with each feeding.
  • Kombucha drink
  • - bottom layer, torn, dirty, ugly.
  • Kombucha drink
  • The bottom layer is the “kitchen itself” of the kombucha! The lower layer is also called "beard".
  • It is here, in this kitchen, that a carbonated drink is born!
  • Touch the beard, do not cut it off! The beard will gradually grow and itself will fall off from the main mushroom when the main mushroom gains strength, it will independently produce a delicious drink. At the bottom of the can, with each filtering and rinsing of the can, you can see dark "scraps" - this is normal, the mushroom is working!
  • Now I have already come to such a time - a piece of mushroom is ready to separate, keeps on a "thread", next time I will transplant it into my separate apartment-bank, there it will grow from above, get fat.
  • Kombucha drink
  • It was such a layer, a piece of an incomprehensible color, rags, that I brought home a couple of months ago. )))
  • And what has grown out of this with good care and nutrition !!!)))
  • Keep the jar of kombucha should be in a bright place, but not in direct light, and not in the sun! And the mushroom must have access to air.
  • How and how much to drink kombucha?
  • Kombucha is an old, healthy drink! Many people remember the three-liter jars of kombucha on the window sills! And they drank such a drink all the time, straight from the can!
  • I don't want to rewrite all the useful information about kombucha from the Internet, or books - both there and there you can find a lot of useful and interesting things from the life of kombucha, its beneficial properties.
  • I know that kombucha can be cooked on infusions of medicinal herbs, milk, specially choosing them for yourself, your diseases. I have such infusions in the future, while the mushrooms are still small and give little drink.
  • Especially beneficial is the infusion of kombucha, and first of all, it affects the activity of the stomach, intestines and all that is connected with it. And also has a beneficial effect on the entire body, increases immunity. Try it and decide for yourself - you will feel the benefits immediately, but the kombucha will not bring harm!
  • If only, there is an incompatibility of the body with this drink, perhaps this happens, I did not observe the incompatibility myself.))
  • I use infusion of kombucha:
  • - be sure in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, 1/2 cup
  • - necessarily in the evening, 1-1.5 before bedtime, 1 / 2-1 glass
  • - the rest of the time, during the day at will, and how it goes.
  • I also want to try to bake bread on the infusion of kombucha - what will happen ?!))) I baked the bread, the result is wonderful, see the pictures in the topic Using infusion of kombucha for bread dough
  • Kombucha drink
  • Cook with pleasure and enjoy your meal!Kombucha drink
  • It's easy to take care of kombucha - it's nice to drink a delicious and healthy drink !!!))

Moved a part of the mushroom to a new apartment a week ago

I already wrote about mushroom "rags" above, today I separated them and made an independent tea drink, and transplanted them into my jar.

Kombucha drink

Let it grow and please us with its wonderful drink!

Kombucha drink

Here, in the same way, a few months ago, I brought home such "rags", also put them in a jar with a tea drink, and began to nurture! The mushroom grows quickly, with good care!

It's only been a week! Look at how the mushroom has changed, it has picked up, the film has grown. And even "waste products" appeared at the bottom of the can

I want to write how can you still propagate kombucha.

If the strained kombucha drink, poured into a drinking glass, is left for a long time, for example, for 12-14 days, then a clot, so transparent, will begin to form in the infusion. Try to see it in a glass here.

Kombucha drink

Kombucha drink

And if this clot is given the opportunity to grow, put it in a separate bowl, make it a full-fledged drink from tea with sugar, only in a small volume, then gradually, and very quickly, you can grow a full-fledged kombucha !!!

And also, on the infusion of kombucha, you get a wonderful, tall, tasty bread!

Stay healthy!Kombucha drink
Tatiana, please tell me - have you encountered a problem when the drink becomes like jelly in consistency? Kombucha has been living with us for a very long time, but this was not the case before. Seemingly healthy mushroom. Thank you! And the drink is really very, very tasty !!! Nothing beats and useful! One drawback - drinks too quickly

Vladislav, I haven’t come across "jelly" yet
Although, this is not my first mushroom in my life.

Try to rinse the mushroom well from above and below, all its rags below, remove the dubious ones, make it a clean and correct infusion, remove it from bright light, see how it will behave further

Enjoy your drink!
Tatyana, thank you for such a complete, detailed information about Kombucha. I remember this taste from childhood.The first clear memory: my eyes are on the same level with the table top, on the table is a three-liter jar of mushroom, covered with gauze and they give me an incredible carbonated drink in a glass! ... No soda, Pepsi and Coca-Cola can compare with this drink. I have been looking for it for a long time already, I ask all my friends - no one uses this mushroom, and someone does not even know what it is. Can't you get it anymore, except from hand to hand?
Nice to hear it, thanks

Melanyushka, you can buy a tea mushroom on an Internet: make a request "buy a tea mushroom", you will find many offers. And looking at my mushroom, you already know what it can be.

As a rule, small mushrooms are offered, they are bred for sale.
But, after all, we need any healthy one, and then we ourselves will create conditions for him and grow a fat hog

I bought from an advertisement in a local newspaper on the Internet, and received mushroom "rags" from an old granny, I have already shown a photo.

Good luck, let's drink a healthy drink
Admin.thanks !!! : rose: If I can find a kombucha, it will be a happy day for me.
If you are in Moscow - I can share; I have a lot of it; even threw it away.
MariV, thanks !!! Unfortunately, I do not live in Moscow, but already on the advice of Admin, I started searching through the Internet. And how did it not occur to me before myself? I found a couple of ads, they may no longer be relevant, but I will call. I think I'll find a kombucha sooner or later.
Indeed, the taste of childhood !!! But I can't find it here yet. It is not very profitable to follow him to another city. While I am looking, I really want to, even a 5 liter can is there for him to live in. Thank you for such a complete description of the recipes.

nvk, thanks and join faster
hello acho do if i have a young tea mushroom covered with mold what to do

If the mushroom is slightly moldy, you can try treating it. Rinse the mushroom under water, remove the mold, make a new correct tea solution, pour in and start growing. Adhere to those simple rules that I gave at the beginning of the topic.

If things are really bad, then the mushroom just needs to be thrown away, it is sick and it is unlikely that anything will come of it.

But, you can still try to pour a little liquid (strain through several layers of gauze) from the mushroom, leave it alone, gradually a film of a new mushroom will appear on the surface, so you will gradually build it up according to the rules.
We had a kombucha, really drank in flight, this is at first, then less and less, and they almost stopped drinking, but he still needs to make a tea solution, otherwise it just turns out vinegar. Now, after reading the topic again, perhaps I'll make friends with this mushroom again.
My mother-in-law insisted on sea rice, which is also delicious.
The infusion is better and is drunk a lot in the summer, then we barely have time to insist, especially the cold one from the refrigerator
And now we drink much less ... we are waiting for the warming
I made evo out of tea, he was like that right away
and the mold of green color seems to me that she comes out of giblets
Who ever tried changing the proportions of tea and sugar? what does this affect? I put 2 tablespoons of sugar per liter, maybe that's why I almost never get it carbonated? although if it stands for 6-7 days around the mushroom, bubbles appear on the tongue, it feels like carbonated, but after pouring into bottles and cooling the gas, there is no feeling ... and by the way, the mushroom is in no hurry to grow too, because of the small amount of sugar? I haven't drunk a mushroom before and I don't know what it should taste like

For the normal growth of the fungus and its vital activity, a tea / sugar ratio of 1 liter x 100 grams is necessary, well, it can be reduced to 70 grams.

Kombucha drink to taste (with the right ratio) turns out to be delicious (not sour!) Sparkling soda, very tasty, vigorous! And it is imperative to make a completely new drink every 4-5 days, especially in summer.

Read the topic first, I wrote everything in detail
Eh! Where can I get this Kombucha.Sometimes grannies sell, but it's scary to buy from them. Suddenly sick or something.
Nadezhda, he can be revived, grown practically anew. I also bought it, by the way I posted an ad on the Internet and was looking for someone who was selling, apparently the lower part of the already divided mushroom, so dark and a couple of times went through the whole cycle, the solution was simply drained, and during this time a new white cap was growing at the mushroom and now it is already gave a very good drink. So everything is not so scary, you can take from grannies and not be scared if a moldy film appears on the mushroom for the first time, rinse and pour tea with sugar again.
Quote: nvk

Eh! Where can I get this Kombucha. Sometimes grannies sell, but it's scary to buy from them. Suddenly sick or something.

Grannies do not know how and do not want to care for the mushroom and do not want to spend sugar ...
Here I took torn "rags" from such a granny and then grew a normal mushroom out of them. The mushroom quickly grew, got stronger, began to multiply, grow fat - you just need to properly care for it, cherish it - the mushroom is worth it!
Quote: Melanyushka

and during this time a new white cap was growing at the mushroom and now it has already given a very good drink.

That's right, the cap grows very well! But you never need to cut off the lower part of the "beard" - this is where the mushroom "kitchen" is, which makes the solution itself tasty.
If you throw away the beard, then the drink will not be available for a long time until the beard grows back.
Thank you! Are there any contraindications for a person?
Quote: nvk

Thank you! Are there any contraindications for a person?

Well, you need to pick up the book and look. And so - personal intolerance. You can brew green tea / honey, black tea / honey / sugar, herbs, and so on ..
Quote: Admin

Well, you need to pick up the book and look. And so - personal intolerance. You can brew green tea / honey, black tea / honey / sugar, herbs, and so on ..
Thanks again! We need to tackle this closely.
The mother-in-law had a kombucha. I drank with pleasure in the summer .. but I myself somehow had no time to look after him. I went on business trips ... I just read about the mushroom, remembered a wonderful person, Tamara Alekseevna ...

In summer, the drink is drunk a lot and quenches thirst well! Such a gorgeous pop!
And in winter, you don't really want to drink
Girls, I don’t remember where I got this information, but I copied and saved. Unfortunately, without a link (well, I honestly don't remember where I got it, but, in any case, thanks to the little man who posted it)

So I quote in full:

Tea mushroom
So, we take a can (I take a liter). Mine is good, but no chemicals. Pour boiling water over.
Let it cool down.
We measure out natural apple cider vinegar. Shake it well before that, there technology
sediment is provided, if any - even better. We need a glass or a little more -
it does not matter. The main thing is that the volume of the can allows you to add the same amount of sweet tea and
there is still at least a third of space left.
We brew tea as usual with boiling water, add sugar, stir well, let it cool
to room temperature.
Mix with vinegar, cover with gauze. I cover the top with a cut-out plastic lid
the middle. We put it in a dark place. I put it in a kitchen cabinet, which I rarely open.
In two weeks it will be possible to see what is happening there. The process itself usually takes
from two weeks to two months. I already transplanted mine in three weeks.
A thin and completely transparent film forms on the surface. Let's keep it
until it thickens to 1 - 1.5 mm. Then carefully, so as not to break,
rinse (directly in the jar) and transplant into a 3-liter jar with sweet tea.
First, we will pour a liter and a half and drain only half, adding a new one
sweet tea. In two weeks he will already get stronger and will be big, healthy and beautiful.
I think that in this way you can actually grow a mushroom. I have a memory from my childhood - our neighbor grew grapes in his garden.And since in our middle zone the weather is not very suitable, he used these grapes for the production of homemade wine. And once he completely accidentally grew such a mushroom. ... Apparently, his wine fermented into vinegar, well, a mushroom grew in a mixture with sugar (can you imagine how a person broke off, he was counting on a completely different product).
I also love this mushroom. By the way, he helped me when my throat started to hurt. Quite by accident I noticed, and then read that it really is. Only he got sick a few years ago and so I couldn't get out of it.
Admin, I read from the very beginning, I just put 2 cans of mushroom at once, about 5 liters it turns out a pound of sugar is needed at a time, I don't have so much sugar at home, and on the Internet they write different amounts of sugar everywhere. have to go for a bag of sugar

Well, they write all different things, even about the tea that has been drunk directly into the jar. Therefore, the mushroom gets sick and turns into a rag.
I give the normal scheme for keeping mushrooms. For me, too, 100 grams per liter is a lot, it's sweet, so I make about 70 grams per liter, I don't need less.
See by trial method how much sugar the mushroom will take so that it is pleasant to drink and the mushroom grows healthy
If we take 70 x 5 liters = 350 grams per week, we update the drink every 5-6 days.
After all, you are making a drink for yourself and for your stomach.
And today I just got it !!!)))
By chance yesterday I met a school friend and happened to be with her!
She brought it back from Crimea last year, first used it, and then it became boring ...
Then I came across to her ... by accident!))))
In this regard, the question: he is so plump, more cm in thickness ...
Do I need to separate it somehow?
It has already half exfoliated there, and the other half is still holding.
For now, I'll just gurgle it into a nutrient medium, so that it comes to life ...
I'll watch)))
Shl. A frequently recurring accident is a sign of a pattern))))
And another question:
and you can not always fill it with the environment, but just leave it in water for a short time, rest?
And for how many ... days?
oh and I had such a mushroom. similar to kvass in taste. cool. but for some reason it is relevant in summer and in winter you don't want to drink it

AlenaT, prepare a drink for health, let it live and please

Yes, it's not that the mushroom is resting! The mushroom needs food for life!
I think you can hold it in plain water for a short time.

Fnushka, the mushroom is relevant in the summer, because it tastes sweet and sour and it is a fizzy! And fizzy is good to drink in the heat, in the summer, so it is drunk a lot in the summer.
It's like eating okroshka and cold beetroot in winter - you don't want to
Admin, questions are ripe!)))
Today the mushroom has been standing for two days.
I understand that it is still not enough.
But ... I smell a normal pleasant leavened spirit, I decided to try it.
I expected everything, in particular, that it would be very vinegar, since the mushroom stood idle for a long time with a friend ...
And he turned out to be ... BITTER !!!!
Admin, save me, I don’t understand yet what the matter is.
I'll watch tomorrow.
Maybe he is fat? Maybe after all it is forcibly divided into two parts,
and leave the lower one for the production of a drink ...
Are there any recommendations?
And another question: for a three-liter jar, how much to fill in the nutrient medium (tea) - 2 liters, more, less?
Should the mushroom float on the surface?
I have it diagonally immersed in liquid ...
And what is 1 teaspoon? I put 1 tsp. infusions with a small slide.
I look forward to hearing from you.
I do not want to ruin the fungus (((
Calm, only calm

Everything is going fine! The mushroom has got into a new environment, especially as you say it is thick!
Leave the mushroom alone, at first the mushroom will stand upright for a long time, then it will turn as it should and will begin to grow on top with a new layer of white. It will stand for a little, a few days, it will begin to build up like a film, you can help it turn as it should.
Optimally, the mushroom needs to be infused for 5-7 days, before the infusion will be tasteless, none. Let the mushroom beard grow.

For a 3-liter can, 2 liters of a new drink are needed, and so the mushroom will be spacious and a place for building new layers.
For a liter of boiling water, I put 1 tsp. a measuring spoon from a x / stove, you do not need to make a very strong tea drink.
Another unexpected question on this site)))
A 1h. l. measured from a bread machine is how much?)))
I don’t have it999
Is it like an ordinary teahouse or not?
Thank you so much for your answers)))
We will treat)))
Quote: AlenaT

Another unexpected question on this site)))
A 1h. l. measured from a bread machine is how much?)))

This is usually 5 ml. volume. They differ from ordinary tablespoons. Just don't make strong tea, keep it in a normal slightly reddish (not dark) color, like in a drinking cup.
Thank you!!! We start to save ourselves)))

I grew up like this fat man! Today we will arrange a bath day!

Kombucha drink

The upper light part is the mushroom itself, fed on sweet tea

Kombucha drink

The lower part is a torn and ugly "beard", this is the mushroom cuisine itself, which makes the drink delicious. Take care of your beard!

Kombucha drink

Today, the mushroom was divided into two parts, both the upper and lower parts, and put all this stuff in different three-liter jars.

I made the drink in such a color, in the process of infusion it will become slightly yellow.

Kombucha drink

Housewarming! Now we will wait for a new drink with separated mushrooms! During this time, a new white beautiful film will appear on top, which will constantly grow.

Kombucha drink

Kombucha vinegar. This bottle has been in my refrigerator for about a year! As you can see, the peroxide infusion is good, the sediment is very small and it does not grow.
I use this vinegar for white and especially wheat-rye bread, instead of purchased vinegar, 1-2 tsp each. for 400 grams of flour.

Kombucha drink

If the mushroom needs to be preserved for some time (not for long!), Then you can fill it with plain clean water

Kombucha drink

Prepare and drink kombucha drink! It is not difficult, but very healthy and delicious!
Cook with pleasure and enjoy your meal! Kombucha drink
Admin, thank you so much for the consultation and "peace of mind" !!!)))
I did it too!
I have it as plump as half of yours, which you shared.
It seems, too, half stratified, but I do not want to tear it myself, "I'm waiting for it to come off by itself!")))
He sits in my three-liter jar.
The only thing is that it seems to me that you have more liquid in the can.
How many liters of gas do you pour him?
Maybe 2 liters is not enough?
And tell us more about vinegar.
I know. that if the mushroom is not changed for a long time, then it will become very vinegar.
How did you make your vinegar?
I'd like to try and make for mayonnaise ...
Thanks in advance for your answer!)))
I'm so glad he came to life!)))
You have such intelligible and visual photos)))

Alyona, Thank you!

If the mushroom is divided or still small, the beard has not grown, then 1.5-2 liters of water is enough. If it's already fat, then I pour 2.5 liters, no more is needed, otherwise the mushroom is sucked up the can to the neck and remains dry.
A large mushroom also does not need to be kept, it will drink tea very quickly, practically feed itself.

For kombucha vinegar, I do not change the mushroom tea for a long time, about 3-4 weeks, the drink becomes very sour. Then I drain and filter the sour drink into a bottle and put it in the refrigerator, brew for about a month or two. What happened can be seen in the photo. So I don't drink it - sour as it should be

I only use it for baking.
Another question: you divided it into two banks.
Is that half of the top and half of the bottom to be put in each jar or what?
I mean, two parts to the bank?
Or in one of the top, and in the other, the bottom?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
And the top and bottom in each can, I made two cans of 3 liters each, cleaned the excess and threw it away. Already a new film has gone from above, white and clean!
It's a pity to vinegar it on purpose.
And there are no other methods?
Thank you!
We will grow!)))
Quote: AlenaT

It's a pity to vinegar it on purpose.
And there are no other methods?

Well, it's not all the same time for him to get fat. Sometimes a hungry diet is good for him.
Admin, summer has passed and I don't feel like drinking kombucha. How do you store the mushroom? I received it from a friend just last winter and baked bread and pancakes on it all winter. I made a drink in the summer. Now how to store it? It's just that there is no way to do it yet.

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