New Year's sandwich salad "Red Hat"

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New year's sandwich salad red hat


loaf of bread 1
mayonnaise 100-150 gr
can of canned fish 1
bulb onions 1-2
boiled beets 1
cheese 100 g
slightly salted trout 1 package
tough egg 2-3 pcs

Cooking method

  • Prepare two salads for the layer: one of your favorite canned fish (I have saury) with fried onions and mayonnaise and the second - from grated beets and cheese, also with onions and mayonnaise. Cut the bread into three to four parallel layers 1-1.5 cm thick and cut out the shape of a cap from them according to the template. Alternately layer the layers of bread with salads, grease the top layer with mayonnaise and spread the trout slices. Sprinkle the pompom and the edge with grated egg.

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

20 minutes

dopleta, Thank you. I love these cakes. I've never tried it with beets. And the top of the tobiko? I like more and more puff pastry cheese and canned food. Thank you, I must try, honestly ... I can vaguely imagine the taste
Yes, Tanechka, I added tobiko on top of the trout for "more redness". But, as you understand, this is not necessary, therefore I did not describe it in the recipe (but you cannot hide it from your sharp eye).

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