Zucchini caviar for the multicooker Moulinex Cook4Me CE70 **

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Zucchini caviar for the multicooker Moulinex Cook4Me CE70 **


Zucchini (net weight) 1 kg
Onions (net weight) 200-250 g
Carrots (net weight) 200-250 g
Vegetable oil 50-60 g
Salt 10 g
Sugar 12 g
Garlic (fresh or dried in powder) 1/2 clove or 1 tsp without slide
Tomato paste 130 g
Vinegar 9% 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

Cooking method
Peel the onion, cut into cubes, pour boiling water over, leave for 10 minutes. Drain the water.
Peel the carrots, cut into small cubes.
Peel the zucchini, remove the seeds, cut into small cubes.
Simmer the onions in sunflower oil in a frying pan, transfer to a slow cooker.
Stew the carrots in sunflower oil in a pan, transfer to a slow cooker.
Simmer the zucchini in sunflower oil in a pan, wait until enough liquid comes out (do not evaporate!), Transfer everything to a slow cooker.
Simmer each pan for about 10 minutes with a minimum of oil.
A full load of a multicooker - 5 liters - will work if you take the ingredients in proportion, based on the weight of the zucchini 3 kg.
I draw your attention to the fact that the weight after peeling zucchini and carrots is significantly different from unpeeled. Consider this.
If you are in a hurry, you can not quench it, but keep in mind that in this case you need to take 30% less ingredients, that is, up to 2 kg of zucchini and in proportion to other ingredients, otherwise they simply will not fit in a multicooker in raw form.
After onions, carrots and zucchini were in the multicooker bowl, close the lid, set the cereal mode - rice (this is low pressure), time: 12 minutes.
After the expiration date, open the lid, carefully pour the contents into a bowl of sufficient volume. It is desirable that the bowl is as wide as possible, the volume of the bowl is approximately two times the volume in relation to the liquid. Grind with a blender (puree). A saucepan is less desirable than a bowl, since it is more difficult to control the quality of chopping due to the depth in it, the blender has a small depth of effective work.
After puréing, add salt, sugar, garlic, tomato paste. The tomato paste must be of good quality. I take Kuhmaster. Somehow I took another without looking in the store - the taste of caviar was noticeably worse, sour.
Once again, carefully purée until a homogeneous mass without streaks is formed.

Pour into the multicooker bowl, close the lid, set the cereal mode - rice (this is low pressure), time: 10 minutes. If, after warming up, the multicooker stops and writes that there is not enough liquid - DO NOT open the lid and DO NOT relieve pressure, just start the same mode again - and everything is prepared. There is actually enough liquid, it needs to be heated enough.
At the end, open the lid carefully, not completely, let the caviar drain from the lid back into the bowl, you can gently help it with a silicone spatula.
The caviar is almost ready. Stir (there may be a small amount of tomato paste at the bottom of the bowl, you need to distribute it evenly over the volume).
When a delicate consistency is required, I rub it through a metal mesh (sieve). This is a "restaurant option".
If rolling is planned, add vinegar, mix thoroughly. If necessary, you can adjust salt, sugar (depending on tomato paste and vinegar).I do not add vinegar without seaming, it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator and without it for several days. The caviar turns out to be so tasty that the first times it did not come to rolling. It remains to pour into pre-prepared sterilized jars, roll up, turn over, wrap, leave to cool.


- Cooking one full load (3 kg of zucchini, about 5 liters of finished product) together with cleaning takes me 3-3.5 hours
- Vegetable dicing blender greatly speeds up preparatory work
- When cooking in a saucepan on an ordinary stove: the first cooking after boiling (under the lid, stirring occasionally) - 2 hours, the second - 1 hour.

The recipe was based on the recipe for "UDachnaya" squash caviar:

Many thanks to the author of the recipe.

Thank you, Alexander!
And there is such a cartoon, eared, and we don’t know what to do with the zucchini, we distribute it to the neighbors' chickens ... Let's try this recipe too!
Be sure to write how you did it! We are all happy If you have any questions - ask!

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