People, consult, pliz, is it worth wanting such things, is it convenient for them to make cookies on a manual meat grinder? In the photo - German ones, there are also Nashenskie ones made of aluminum and plastic ones came across (there are a couple of nozzles for pasta in the kit).
Crown, conveniently. But I have old Soviet ones and have not used everything
Quote: Niarma
But I have old Soviet
Plastic or luminous?
Crown, I have only plates left from such a Soviet set, the little thing into which these plates are inserted has disappeared.
Virgo, I bought a fixture stand for lids, ladle spoons, cutting boards. And it fit well as a smartphone stand.Tool for making cookies with a meat grinder
Quote: Oca

I remember that someone was looking for ... today I came across a Ladle for baking donuts, 350r in Moscow:
Tool for making cookies with a meat grinder
Girls, and who can buy and send me to Kazakhstan? I will cover all expenses. I have been looking for such a ladle for a long time. We don't have it anywhere.
Zakesha, Zauresh, in Saratov, perhaps there is.
Quote: Zakesha
I have been looking for such a ladle for a long time
Sorry, not in Israel. I miss this one. I would.
Moscow is not everywhere, but Dixie is in many cities!
Therefore, I will duplicate here, maybe someone will be interested:

Where, what and when to buy in Moscow # 16107
Igor, they are also in Okey and in Auchan and Crossroads, well, we have, at least ..
Quote: Igrig
Moscow is not everywhere
Gygygy ... well said !! Even we don't have it ...
Igrig, thanks for the tip, bought such a bowl in Dixie. I liked it very much.
ABOUT! So that's what this hole with a bullshit is for !!!

On business: I have such a Soviet, convenient, I like to twist cookies with it.

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