Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)

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Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)


Rice 1 glass
Bulgarian pepper 2
Carrot 1
Shrimp 250gr
Onion 1
chili pepper
Garlic 2 tooth
Soy sauce
Eggs 2

Cooking method

Delicious Thai food.
Since I don't have a wok or deep frying pan, I did it in a Ninja Foodi pot. The frying is quite hot in it, and although there were doubts, nevertheless the saucepan did an excellent job.
Oriental cuisine is fast cooking over high heat. Therefore, all the ingredients must be prepared in advance, because everything is fried quickly.
Boil rice in advance. I did it last night. I poured 1 glass of rice with two glasses of boiling water, slightly salted it and cooked rice in the touch program before evaporation.
She took out the shrimps and put them to defrost. She polished vegetables.
Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)
Since, according to the recipe, everything must be cut into small cubes, I used my alligator, and I cut everything on it. The only thing, the carrot was first cut with thin plastics with a knife, and then into cubes in an alligator.
The cubes turned out to be small, even. You can cut it with a knife, but it will take longer.
Next, mix two eggs and fry in a skillet, stirring continuously from the middle. It turns out such an omelet
Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)
All ingredients are ready, we start directly cooking.
Preheat the frying pan / pot. Pour in vegetable oil, put in garlic. Fry while stirring. Add chili or paprika for those who don't want to be too hot.
Add onions and carrots, fry, sweet pepper, fry.
Put the shrimps last and fry them until tender, when they turn white pink and pout.
Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)
It's the turn of the rice, put it in, mix well so that it is soaked in the juices of vegetables and shrimp, add soy sauce to taste, Just a little, literally half a spoonful of sugar, add an omelette, fry for a couple of minutes, stirring continuously.
Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)
We remove from the heat, let it stand for a couple of minutes and enjoy.
Thai Shrimp Rice (Ninja Foodi)
Bon Appetit!!


You can adjust the amount of ingredients to taste, add more pepper for a spicier taste, or vice versa. You can use fish sauce instead of soy sauce. Add or subtract garlic.
Add more shrimp.
I watched a lot of videos with similar recipes, someone makes with one carrot, someone only with bell pepper.
I combined pepper with carrots and did not regret it.

Lerele, Well done!!! This is delicious!! Because I have already imagined and felt the taste of this dish !! I have something similar, I have not posted it yet !!! But I will definitely cook Your Dish !!!
Did you cook something for me? How do you know how much I love shrimp pilaf! Well, it turned out gorgeous! Adapted to Ninzi, for which a huge thank you!
Cook, Thank you!! Try it, we really liked it. Juicy, delicious, delicious !!
Rada-dms, I would share, but no longer
Half went to the baby, the second we ... well, in short, it's all over
It can't be tasteless!

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