Marinated spicy zucchini "Bloody Mary"

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Bloody Mary Marinated Spicy Zucchini


For 4 cans of 0.75 l
zucchini 4 - 5 pcs (young, small)
dill 4 umbrellas
black currant leaf 4 - 6 pcs
cherry leaf 4-6 pcs
horseradish (leaf or root) a piece in each jar
garlic 4 - 6 teeth
bitter pepper 1 pod
sweet peas 4 things
peppercorns 20 pcs
carnation 4 -8 pcs
Bay leaf 4 pcs (small)
For the marinade:
water 750 - 800 ml
tomato paste 125 g
sugar 75 g
salt 30 g
vinegar 60 g

Cooking method

Prepare 4 jars. The author of the recipe suggests a 0.5 liter can, but I took 0.75 liter. Wash and sterilize jars with lids in a way convenient for you. I was sterilized in the microwave.

Bloody Mary Marinated Zucchini
At the bottom of the jars, put a clove of garlic, a slice of hot pepper, peppercorns, allspice, a clove each, and a small bay leaf each.
Bloody Mary Marinated Spicy Zucchini
Wash the greens, dry with a napkin and cut. Divide evenly into jars.
Bloody Mary Marinated Zucchini
It is advisable to take young, small zucchini. But if you have mature zucchini, then it's not scary, but then you will need to peel them from the skin and cut off the middle with seeds. I have small, young zucchini and I did not peel them. Cut into long slices ~ 8 - 10 cm.
Bloody Mary Marinated Zucchini
Spread zucchini slices tightly into jars. Pour boiling water into each jar, cover with a lid and let stand for 5 - 10 minutes.
Bloody Mary Marinated Spicy Zucchini
Let's prepare the marinade. Drain the water from the jars into the saucepan. Add tomato paste, salt, sugar. We put the saucepan on the stove and, stirring, bring to a boil. Add vinegar and let it boil again.
Bloody Mary Marinated Zucchini
We pour the marinade into each jar to the very top. We fasten the lid loosely and put the jars in a saucepan for sterilization. Sterilize 0.75 l cans for 10 - 12 min. If you took a 0.5 liter jar, then 8 - 10 minutes.
Bloody Mary Marinated Spicy Zucchini
During sterilization, the marinade may settle and the jars may not turn out full. Therefore, if you have a little marinade left, do not rush to pour it out. We take out the sterilized jars from the pan. And if you find that the jars are not filled to the brim, the remaining marinade can be poured into the jars. Seal tightly and turn the jars over until they cool.

The dish is designed for

4 cans of 0.75 l


The recipe for these zucchini was caught on YouTube.
The author of the IrinaCooking recipe.
The recipe interested me. And here, just this season, the zucchini were ugly, and they need to be attached somewhere, since we do not have time to eat them. We are not fans of zucchini preparations, but still decided to try it! I think it should turn out delicious! I have already closed 4 jars twice. We will appreciate the taste in winter!

Nelya, I wonder if you take a spicy sauce such as a bamboo stalk. I think it will be interesting.
NM, HopeThanks for your interest in the recipe! You first !
I don't know anything about a spicy sauce like bamboo stalk. I have never seen such a sauce and I do not know its taste.
But I had an idea to try the second batch with Chili ketchup. And then compare. But I didn't want to specially go to the store for this ketchup. And I thought that there are enough seasonings and spices in this recipe. I decided to do it according to the author's recipe, though with my minor changes.
Nelya, I tried something similar from cucumbers (a neighbor treated me last year). I liked it very much! I don’t remember the proportions, but she didn’t have tomato paste, but ketchup. And she warned - to take quality, not cheap. We must try with zucchini, it will be more budgetary.
Tanya, I also made cucumbers with ketchup before. I know that good cucumbers turn out.Therefore, this recipe interested me. I have always strained with cucumbers, and now I close all the cucumbers from my harvest, one at a time, just to the recipe. But with zucchini, we are not lovers of winter preparations, so I decided to try this one, I hope they will. I also liked the small jars, opened and ate, they do not hang out in the refrigerator.
Quote: nila
I also made cucumbers with ketchup before.
Nel, thanks to your recipe, my memory has been shaken. I also remembered making zucchini cubes in ketchup. We need to refresh our memory this year, and do everything little by little.
Tanya, I have a recipe for cubed zucchini in tomato sauce. There was a clipping from a Soviet newspaper somewhere. And I did them more than once. But it turns out zucchini like a salad like Uncle Bence. For lovers of salads, that's it. It turns out tasty. But for some time now we have generally stopped eating salads with zucchini and eggplant in tomato in winter. Therefore, I stopped doing it. And here marinated zucchini like cucumbers. Eats with a bite. And this is still in demand with us.
Nelya, bamboo stem is pepper sauce. Delicious spicy cucumbers are obtained.
Nelya, I will definitely do it, we have no alternative to zucchini this year, cucumbers, tomatoes are a horse price, and zucchini this year is not cheap when compared with past years.
Zoya, yes, this year you will not close much from the bazaar. I think the price will drop for tomatoes, but at least there were tomatoes for juice. It's the same with cucumbers, you can't bring a lot from the bazaar to be served. Therefore, I decided to replace it with zucchini. I hope for a worthy replacement!
Nelya, thanks for the recipe! I'll try to prepare it like that.
There are already a lot of zucchini, tomatoes are still only for food, but I have a lot of ketchup, I will use it.
Nelya, just closed 3 liters of such zucchini, a friend gave the recipe. There is just with Chile ketchup. Cucumbers in tomato sauce are completely tasteless to me and my friend is the same, but it is the zucchini that tastes differently than cucumbers. She rolls these zucchini with chili a lot, says that it is very tasty. Now I'll try your recipe too, I'm sure I'll like it.
Quote: Svetta
Nelya, just closed 3 liters of such zucchini, a friend gave the recipe.
Who will give us a recipe? Svetochka, we need it too
Nelin's recipe is also a must for cooking.
Quote: selenа

Who will give us a recipe? Svetochka, we need it too
Nadia, it is incorrect to give other recipes in Nelina's topic. I'll try to post mine separately, but first I'll check a similar one on the forum, there are a lot of similar ones. And I don't like to upload recipes that have not been personally verified.
marika33, Marina, Svetta, selenа, Hope, I will be glad if you try the recipe for pickled zucchini and share your opinion.
It is interesting, of course, to compare the taste of closed in tomato sauce or ketchup. I had a jar of a good volume in stock. pasta, and all my ketchup was gone, but the store did not buy. So I made a recipe. I don't even know, I want to try it with ketchup, but I have already closed 8 jars and my husband shouts that we have enough. I'll look at the next harvest of courgettes.
Quote: nila

I have already closed 8 jars and my husband shouts that we have enough.
Hihi, I also closed 8 cans of zucchini, and my husband is shouting that this is very little!
I never did it in ketchup. I'll have to try. Thank you.
Nelya, today I rolled as many as 5 half liter cans, thanks, quickly
And I, too, just like the author - 4 by 0.7, of course I did not have such a luxurious "garni bouquet", some spices and garlic, but I think everything will be ok.
By the way, the filling is calculated exactly, the tablespoon is superfluous.
Nelya, thank you for the recipe.
zoyaaa, Zoya, selenа, Hope, thanks for trusting the recipe and reporting on the topic. I would like to see your jars too
Zoya, yes, fast seaming, no problem. I also closed + 4 jars. There is nowhere to put the zucchini, the husband is already moaning from eating them every day. Already endowed the relatives, and closed, and froze. And they grow every day.
Hope, trampled badly! I didn't even have a tablespoon of marinade left. For the last time, 1 jar for 0.750l was not enough. I had to take a 1 liter can. And there was no tomato paste, I took a 0.5 liter can of my house. ketchup. And I just have ketchup with apples and basil. In short, I smiled with the marinade, so a little of it remained. Let's see what happened in the winter, compare.

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