Frozen corn

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Frozen corn


Corn, how much is there

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  • I share a recipe for freezing corn, I have been using it for several years, well, we have a very big fan in our family.
  • We choose corn, it is desirable that it be sugar, then it is cooked for 15-20 minutes.
  • In any case, the leaves should be green, not dry, not yellow. The ear itself should be light yellow, full, with no missing kernels.
  • We clean the corn, wash it, and blanch it, dipping it in boiling water for 5 minutes. I don’t salt water.
  • Then, quickly transfer it to ice water, it should cool down. I drain and put under a stream of water from an artesian well.
  • When it has cooled down, dry it on a towel
  • [Frozen corn
  • Dried up, put in portions in bags for freezing or evacuate, and load into the freezer.
  • Frozen corn
  • Do not keep it at room temperature for a long time, it may darken a little.
  • Bon appetit at any time of the year!

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30 minutes


No matter how much I prepare it, it’s not enough all the time)))
In the main photo, it is already boiled from the freezer.
The grain structure is dense.

Jouravl, Nadia, last year for the first time vacuumized and frozen corn, but raw cobs.
Now I will try according to your recipe.
Thank you for sharing your experience!
Tatka1, Tanyusha, thank you for your attention.
I used to also freeze it raw, but the child did not eat, I had to look on the Internet and, yes, he eats this one with pleasure. Apparently, the starch contained in the grains, when heated, regenerates and fills the grains.
Nadia, so you can eat it right after defrosting? Or will you need to cook for a while after the freezer?
Elena-Liza, Lena, it needs to be boiled, it's not completely boiled, but blanched.
How much to cook, it already depends on the variety, I cook sugar for 20 minutes, taking into account the fact that it is from the freezer.
Quote: Elena-Liza

Nadia, so you can eat it right after defrosting? Or will you need to cook for a while after the freezer?
I heat it up for steam, and before freezing I blanched it for about 15 minutes.
Now I bought another corn, boiled it for a longer time, until it was fully cooked, so that I would not mess around for a long time later.
Part of it froze in the beans, now it will thaw, I'll see what it looks like, whether it will go for salad.
Galina, Hope, I realized thanks . I will try to freeze this option.
Nadyusha, I love corn, but it's so difficult to find it good with us.If you can buy it, I will definitely freeze it
Tatyana1103, Tanyusha, thank you for your attention.
I wish to find you tasty corn: nyam: we have a field nearby, we used to collect it, but now we buy it))) but we mainly grow fodder.
Crown, Elena-Liza, thanks girls!
I boil until cooked and do not vacuum it (I have no such attachment), I freeze some in the cob, and some with grain. Then I warm the cobs in the microwaves, I just defrost the seeds for the salad on the table.
Elena, you can freeze and boiled corn. But I often make soups, and with such corn they are more aromatic than with boiled corn completely.
And so, of course, everyone chooses a convenient way to freeze.

Nadyushthanks for the corn!
I will definitely try to cook it your way. I rarely buy it, because I absolutely do not know how to bring it to readiness. That's how long it would not cook, but for some reason it is always tough for me.
Or such varieties always come across, or maybe I digest so that it hardens with me ?! I do not know
Nadyush, thanks! I will definitely try to cook it like that.
Rituslya, Thank you!
When choosing corn, you need to look at the leaves, they should be green, the cob is light yellow with full grains and fibers on top, in young corn they are light with slightly brown tips, and if they are dark, then this is already old corn "
You can also find delicious, the season will end soon.
Rita, look for sugar. I bought this one in Atak, cooked it for 15 minutes for a test, then my husband went and bought it for the freezer.
Try to cook with milk and butter (salt afterwards) for a delicate taste of cobs. I cook in a Shtebe (pressure cooker) until cooked, and then I vacuum it in the same way, defrost it in a micron, in vacuum bags. Thanks for how to define good corn.
petu, Olya,: rose: it tastes better in milk and with butter
But, unfortunately, the child has milk intolerance, so this option is not suitable for us.
Thanks for the advice, maybe someone will find it useful
Jouravl, Nadia, thanks for the way of preparing corn for storage!
A neighbor brought and treated a few ears of corn, she says. I want to freeze. Would have eaten it now, but I know myself - in winter I will be drawn to all sorts of seeds, nuts, and I can eat corn every day!
I really like Chowder with corn, but if you boil or then cut off the grains, does it sweat juiciness during cooking? What do you think?
I want to freeze a couple of cobs to save space with grains.
Rada-dms, Olya, here we do not boil completely, we only blanch in hot will, as if we clog the grains.
Having found it difficult to answer your question, I did not freeze it with grains, if in cheese, then it is probably better to boil it. Try it, then you will tell.
Rada-dms, I boil the cobs until tender and then peel the grains, they hatch well from the cob and do not need to be cut off. Delicious juicy after defrosting.
Jouravl, no, not in cheese, but in Chowder soup, and you are covered in cheeses and read Cheddar. : a-kiss: As I understand you, I can only talk about acidity and the right one! pasteurization!

Silyavka, Helen! Thank you for the advice, because if you peel it off, then it will remain juicy, and if you cut it off, then all the yummy will boil out during cooking. In a timely manner!
Girls, thanks a lot!
Girls,try to look not for sweet corn, but for super sweet. The difference between even the most delicious sugar and super sweet is very big. But the price of seeds and of course on the cob is also more expensive. She grew it for two years, while a neighbor gave part of her garden and then planted fruit trees there. I planted sugar and super sweet seedlings. Super-sweet is eaten by children and even without cooking at all. Sweet, very soft, juicy. If you want to freeze it with grains (I just froze it to save space in the fridge freezer), then you boil it for only 5-7 minutes and immediately, like Hope makes, under cold water. Since the grains of the super-sweet are much more tender than those of the sugar, the first row of grains at the cob is cut from both sides with a knife cone-shaped. And then the grains are easily peeled just by hand.
Hope, the recipe for harvesting corn for the winter is great!
Borkovna, Lena, thank you very much!
But where to get the super-sweet? This year I planted a dessert sweet, but it is not yet ripe. Last weekend I took off two cobs, they are not completely filled, below is a beautiful yellow one, above is unripe ... 8 more pieces are generally thin and will not ripen already, it's cold for her here, we would have a bigger sun. and the problem with seeds, I have not seen such. But, thanks, now I will be more careful in choosing and planting seedlings
Girls, from super sweet corn I advise you Dutch Dobrynya F1. I've never eaten so sweet. The only advice is to soak the kernels before planting, despite the fact that they are processed. We did not soak this year, but the heat went up sharply and it did not rise well.
I have frozen corn kernels (boiled ears and collected grains) go well over the winter in pizza. The acquaintances whom she treated, adopted such an addition to the pizza.
OlimaOlya, before planting, I also soaked the seeds and waited for them to sink to the bottom. Our climate is still not the same as yours, so there is no success to ripen, and in the days of frost they promise.
Thank you very much for the advice on seeds, I will look
Quote: Olima
We did not soak this year, but the heat went up sharply and it did not rise well.
I soaked and planted the seeds that had already sprouted in the well-shed soil, still the corn sprouted poorly this year.
Hope, although the topic is not about seeds .. but once the conversation started .. I hope I will not offend you in your topic, that I will write about them. Moreover, the question was asked where to get them. You need to buy only from trusted suppliers who are representatives of foreign seed companies from you. And it is advisable to buy from large professional packaging, which many stores are already opening and selling at the request of buyers. Plus, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the seeds so that the brand name is indicated on the packaging, and not on top of a small piece of paper with a new expiration date, which hides the real expiration date of the seeds. Expired seeds are sold during the season or before it for a penny from suppliers, so many even specialized stores (or rather their owners) buy them with pleasure. After all, the seeds will not bring back ... they will not have problems with this.
Here is a small list of super-sweet corn that members of the forum bought at a specialized, international, very large forum this year. Pay attention to bicolors and white, it is the most delicious even among the super-sweet hybrids. Often, sweet corn is simply sold as super sweet.
Sugar sweet corn (type sh2)
Landmark F1 (Clause) 70-73 days, yellow
1707 F1 (Lark Seeds), type Shamo 71 days, yellow
Sweet Paradise F1 (Lark Seeds) 72-74 days, yellow
1010 F1 (Lark Seeds) 72-74 days, yellow
Testi Sweet F1 (Hild Samen) 75 days, yellow
1708 F1 (Lark Seeds), type Excellent 78 days, yellow
Aloisia F1 (Semo) 75-80 days, yellow
Overland F1 (Syngenta) 85 days, yellow
Hero XR F1 (Harris Moran) 71 days, bicolor
Anthem XR F1 (Illinois Foundation Seed) 73 days, bicolor
American Dream F1 (Illinois Foundation Seeds) 77 days, bicolor
Xtra-Tender 277A F1 (Illinois Foundation Seed) 77 days, bicolor
EX08767143 (Seminis) 81-85 days, bicolor
Glacial F1 (Abbott & Cobb) 76 days, white
And again ... since your corn does not have time to ripen, try growing it by seedlings. Warm the seeds for 5 days in the sun or at a temperature of 25 degrees. If in doubt about the freshness of the seeds, soak them in warm water for 24 hours. If in doubt, immediately sow in glasses. Seedlings should be 25 days old, plus 5 days for seedlings. That is, 30 days before disembarking in the exhaust gas (according to your disembarkation time) Sow 2 grains in 0.5 cups (you can do less, but you will have to drink more often) and put in a warm place. Water and feed as you feed and water your seedlings. If the sun is not enough, there are many cloudy days and the seedlings will begin to stretch strongly, give long leaves, cut them in half. Stronger plants can have more. You harden it and when the time comes for disembarking in the exhaust gas, take it out of the glass, gently wiggle the roots at the very bottom and plant it. The members of the forum and I experimented, cut the bottom of the woven roots, before landing in the OG. The flight is normal. If 1 seed out of two sprouted in the cup, it means that 2 cups of 1 pc are planted in the hole. seedlings.
Sorry for such a large post ... but it might come in handy for someone.
Borkovna, Lena, thank you very much for the list and tips for planting!
I always buy seeds in trusted stores, so I will look for these varieties. Very useful information, I think for all corn lovers.

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