Potato tortillas at Samboussa maker

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Potato tortillas at Samboussa maker


ready-made mashed potatoes 550 grams
premium wheat flour 200 grams
egg C-O 1 piece
salt pepper taste
baking powder 1 rounded teaspoon
fried onions optional
vegetable oil for lubricating the mold

Cooking method

  • Recycling mashed potatoes.
  • Put the egg in the puree, season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Add flour and baking powder. Mix everything well.
  • Grease the cells well with vegetable oil. I use a non-stick lubricant.
  • Spread the potato mass evenly with a slide.
  • This amount is just enough for a full bookmark.
  • Bake 7 + 3, then if necessary, turn over and bake for another 5-7 minutes.

The dish is designed for

24 pieces

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:

Samboussa maker


Trying to feed my little grandson.
Dad and grandfather also pulled up.
The child ate just like that, the older generation with sour cream.
They said it was very tasty
I barely managed to take a picture, they quickly began to disappear

It will be much tastier with onions.
I didn't add it because of the baby.

Helen, what wonderful cakes and I'm sure they're delicious. And it's so sweet that I'm trying hard for my granddaughter.
I do not have such a device, I just could not pass by and not speak.
Podmosvichka, Lena, I pecked right at the name. I think, what kind of flat cakes, aren't they potato pancakes? It turns out - no, really cakes
Dragged into the bins.
Gaby, Vikulya, Ilmirushkathank you girls
My bunny carried everything until evening. It is convenient for him, just fits in the palm of his hand.
Instead of onions today I will add finely chopped ham.
Podmosvichka, Elena, and if there is no such device, how can you cook? In general, I don’t want to eat potatoes, but doctors recommend including them in the menu at least a little.
Tashenka, I'll fit in a little bit, Lenochka forgive. I recently made a type of pie-pizza-casserole - I don't know what to call it more correctly, I didn't expose the recipe, it's too simple here
Can I get in too?
Tashenka, look here else
Potato tortillas at Samboussa makerPotato pancakes with cheese and bacon made from potato flakes

I do this with the remains of regular mashed potatoes and in a skillet.
Rick, Zhenya, our pancake pies are good, no doubt about it. I love kartosu, and how much I love Samsushka that their union still wins for me.
Podmosvichka, Lena, your cakes will bake the same!
Tashenka, Natasha, the girls have already answered
Thanks helpers

Rick, Zhen, I first roasted with cereal in 1990.
After the birth of her son, she received humanitarian aid.
By the way, these cakes are still hot, very tasty with milk
Thanks a lot, everyone! I will try.
Podmosvichka, Lenochka, pretty
Quote: Ilmirushka
I will bake your cakes the same!
Quote: Tashenka
I will try.
Marysya27, Allochka, I'm waiting with a report
Quote: Podmoskvichka
Rick, Zhen, I first roasted with cereal in 1990.
I didn't make cereals at all. Only from leftover puree)
And I like flakes even more, they turn out more tender

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